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Two guys spend a weekend at the cabin.

"Which suit did you wear, Peg?"

"The blue one."

"Oh shit! You are out to seduce, aren't you?" Her blue bikini was really four very small triangles of material held together with cord. Two triangles just barely covered her nipples and the other two covered her pussy and asshole, but just. The cords of the top tied with an easy to untie bow behind her back and the bottoms at her sides. It was a suit designed to come off easily.

"Seduction is the object, isn't it? Let me guess, you went with the white one, didn't you?" My white bikini was almost as revealing as Peg's blue one, but where hers tied, mine had straps that fastened with velcro, also easy to shed. Peggy was right, seduction was the goal.

Carrie took us out to the pool and introduced us to Bonnie. She was in the water and when we came through the gate she swam under water to the side and poked her head up to say hello. She had a cute face with soft brown hair, that didn't quite reach her shoulders. She smiled as Carrie introduced us. "Come on in. The water is great."

As we pulled off shirts and shorts, Carrie told us she had to get some grocery shopping done. We swam for a while and then agreed it was time to get some sun. As we climbed out, Peg and I got our first actual look at Bonnie's body. Carrie had described her as petite. Not even close! I was sure a size 0 would be loose on that tiny frame. I'm pretty sure that Carrie had told us she wore a 30A bra. I was willing to bet it would be loose, too! She probably had to shop for jeans in the kid's department.

"Wow, Bonnie, you have got an awesome body!"

Her smile quickly faded and a look of total frustration replaced it. "It's a damned shame the guys don't seem to agree with you."

"What?" Peg and I were in unison.

"The guys are afraid of getting arrested for statutory rape, or child molesting. The girls I work with tell me I've been nicknamed 'Jail Bait' or just 'JB'. It is so frustrating! I'd do anything to get laid, but the men are afraid of me! I'm sorry, I shouldn't unload on you like that."

"It's okay, we understand, don't we Peg. A fresh set of batteries every week. We've had the same problem, for very different reasons, ourselves. There are plenty of guys around that would be happy to fuck us, and some of them have, but we got tired of buying our own drinks, waiting for the cheapskate to buy the last beer at closing time, expecting to get a piece of ass for next to nothing. We spent more than a few evenings with our favorite vibrators, too. That is until a couple of months ago."

"What happened then? Did you find guys?"

"Well, sort of, but first we found each other."

"Oh! You mean you're lesbians?" She looked somewhere between shocked, embarrassed and curious. It was the curious we had hoped for.

Peggy laughed. "No, Bonnie, we are definitely NOT lesbians. But we do enjoy sex with each other, and a few other women as well. I can tell you for a fact that an afternoon with Cher will cure you of that horniness for several days. She can satisfy your pussy itch better than anyone else I know."

"And," I added, "Peggy is damned good, too. If you're horny, we can solve that for you in a hurry!"

"I - I - I" Bonnie was clearly flustered. "I don't know ..."

"What, Bonnie? You don't know how to have sex with a woman? Trust us, baby, we will show you everything you need to know."

"I mean, I never, well, thought about doing it with another woman."

"That is very obvious, but now you have. And you have two very willing teachers, right here. Why don't we get these suits off and we'll show you how good sex can be."

"Wait, you mean now? Out here? Now?"

"Yeah, why not?"

"But we're outside!"

"This is a privacy fence. It gives privacy. So why not?"

"Well, what if my stepmom catches us?"

"Don't worry about Carrie. She's shopping. So let's get that suit off."

"Oh, shit!"

"Would you feel better if Cher and I took ours off first?"

"Well, I guess ..."

"Come here, Peg.