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Husband finds cure for a snoring wife.

Her mind was panicked and she was begging inside for mercy...for release...for an end to his switching. But he continued, cane against her thighs and calves in the back and then the front.

And tears filled her eyes as she hung from the frame, the cords now pulling into her wrists. She was weak and unable to support herself adequately to hold her arms up high. She prayed for an end to this.

She became aware that he was no longer switching her and she looked around to see where he was. Out of the corner of her eye, she saw him stretching out a bright fabric cord. he strung it out on the floor then rolled it up in a loose loop over his arm. When he had it all played out and then looped, he came to her and started to wrap it around her breasts.

He pulled the fabric tight around her breasts and then connected the loops together. Her breasts were constricted and held tightly in the strips and made to stand out from her chests in pointed cone shapes. She could feel the tightness and easily see her tits standing out in front of her in some grotesque cartoonish fashion.

When he had used all of the strips, he took his thumbs and forefingers and pulled her nipples, stretching them out. Then he pinched them, squeezing and tightly gripping them, flattening them. She closed her eyes, hoping to get lost in some memory that would take her away. But there was no escape as he abused her captive nipples.

He soon tired of the nipple game and went back to the table. He returned after a few seconds and clamped clothespins to her nipples. They were already so sensitive and tender from his pinches and pulls that they pulsed and throbbed with pain under the pressure of the clamps.

He left the room for a few minutes as she stood there, racked in misery.

She was aware of his presence next when she felt him releasing her ankles. "Stand up correctly" he said. She struggled to move her legs together, but was stiff and any movement brought pain. He then released the rope from the frame and undid her wrists. She staggered to gain her balance. He held her until she was steady, then took her hand and led her to his chair.

She stood there waiting for instruction. He went to the table and brought a few items which he set down beside the chair. Then he sat down, and pulled her across his lap. She lay face down, her ass up in the air, and her upper body hanging down as were her legs.

His hands felt the fullness of her ass, and then down her thighs. She started to relax a little. After a few moments of touching her, he stopped. She looked back to see him pulling on a pair of very tight leather gloves. She looked away quickly.

The first blow on her buttocks surprised her. The second blow knocked the air out of her lungs. The third blow jarred her all over. Each sucessive blow on her ass shot pain through her body. Her ass was on fire as he spanked her unmercilessly. His hands were almost orchestrated and choreographed as they slapped and spanked her ass over and over and over.

She cried uncontrollably as he spanked her naked ass. Pink welts rose on her as he continued. Her ass heaved in the air as he rained blow after blow on her. Minutes passed until he finally stopped. She had lost all sense of time and was only vaguely aware that he had ceased.

He removed his gloves and examined her ass to be certain she was not bleeding or hurt other than red bruises. His hands massaged her round buttocks and she felt him gently and tenderly caressing her, almost as if he were apologising for his spanking by those caressing touches.

His hands covered her and she felt his finger slip down between her legs, almost tentatively at first.

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