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A handsome man wants to tie Bunny up.

She wasn't stupid, she knew what any boy wanted, and she wanted it too, so she usually liked to skip the bullshit and get right to the fun. If only more girls did that.

When they got to the field, it was a beautiful, green, grassy field with all assortment of beautiful flowers. Through the sunshine, you could see the pollen floating about in the air. And the smell! The smell of this field was indescribable. It was like Daniel and Aubrey's private little slice of heaven with nobody around; it wasn't actually heaven, but it was close enough for them.

Daniel had always had somewhat of a foot fetish, and Aubrey knew this because of a past event. One day, they were sitting in class, and at this time, their desks were next to each other. So, during this time, Aubrey had once requested to use his phone so that she could text someone. This was one of the most embarrassing moments of Daniel's life. He had accidentally left the browser open, and worse yet, there was porn on it. It was of feet too! He didn't think about it until it was too late. She just found it somewhat funny, but it looked like he might be permanently red-faced after that.

"Sorry!" was all Daniel could manage to get out of his mouth on that particular day; he considered that to be one of the worst days of his entire life.

"It's fine, really, it's fine." Aubrey had said.

Thinking about that day, she untied her shoes, and removed them, followed by her socks. She knew he would be eyeing her feet, and that's exactly what she wanted; she wanted to tease him.

Within the span of five minutes, she'd caught Daniel looking at her feet multiple times, but she didn't say anything. She was flattered that he found her feet to be so beautiful. This reminded Daniel of a fantasy he had one time where he had gone into the bathroom to find that Aubrey was naked in the bathtub, and the soles of her bare feet were sticking out and facing him. He could hardly believe that he was finally realizing that fantasy! Her feet looked even better than he had imagined; he immediately started to get hard.

Aubrey could see him obviously shifting himself so as not to show his hard-on protruding out of his jeans. She looked down, and pretended to finally notice, even though she had noticed before. He saw her looking at his hard-on, and he instantly got red-faced, but he tried his best to try to hide it because he wasn't sure if she had actually seen, and he didn't want to accidentally make it more obvious than it already was.

"It's okay." Aubrey said.

"What do you mean?" Daniel said, trying to play innocent.

"You know what I mean..." Aubrey said.

His face immediately turned bright red. She had never seen him so embarrassed before since she had seen the porn on his phone, which really turned her on more than anything else.

He moved his hand nearer to his jeans, but then restrained himself. She could see that he was getting horny and wanted to play with himself. In a way, she felt very flattered, and in another way, she felt bad for him that he was so shy around her. She would've been fine had he just pulled it out of his jeans and started stroking it.

"It's okay, go ahead." Aubrey said.

"Are...are you sure?" Daniel said, confused.

"Yea, silly." Aubrey said.

He started rubbing himself through his jeans, and then unbuttoned his jeans, and pulled them down, revealing his erect manhood in all it's glory. The head was swollen and there was a little bit of pre-cum oozing out of the top. She felt like bringing his cock right into her mouth, and giving him a blowjob, tasting his manhood, but she didn't want to startle him or make him uncomfortable; more uncomfortable than he already was, being so shy, that is.

She could feel herself getting super wet between her legs, it felt like she had gone to the bathroom in her pants. "I'm probably turned on enough to squirt!" she thought to herself. It was true.

As Daniel strok