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A new game for new friends.

"Someone who exposed and ridiculed phony team-building coaches. Team-building nightmares."

Dashing Derek shrugged.

"I don't make shows. I axe them."

"You're mean."

"Guess so."

"Wanna go upstairs?"


They went to Dashing Derek's room on the fourth floor. Bunny leaned in to kiss him once inside, but he backed off.

"I wanna show you something first."

He pulled out his suitcase and opened it. Inside was a fucking treasure-chest for the wicked: Hand-cuffs, chains, whips, butt-plugs, gag-balls, you name it.

Bunny sighed.

"Uh. Do we have to? Can't we just fuck?"

Dashing Derek didn't reply. He took out a pair of cuffs and walked over to Bunny. He locked it around her wrist, put her hands behind her back, and locked the other one as well.

"It'll just take a second. It'll be worth it. Promise," he said.

Bunny didn't mind. It'd been a while since she'd been tied up.

Dashing Derek went back to the suitcase and returned with a pitch-black silk scarf. He tied it around her head so she could no longer see.

"How do you feel?" he said.



He led her to the bed and sat her gently down on the edge. She was still wearing her short black cocktail-dress and her shiny black heels. She felt the anticipation build inside her as long seconds passed in dark silence. Finally there was a gentle touch on her cheek. His cock. She turned her head and wrapped her lips around it. Gave it a good, erotic suck. He pulled down her shoulder-straps and released her big, gorgeous titties from the clutch of her dress. He squeezed them gently, felt her hard nipples between his fingers. He withdrew his cock and gave her a gentle slap across the cheek. Then one across the other. Bunny made no effort to object.

He grabbed hold of her throat and made her stand up, squeezing her neck gently. It turned her on. With his free hand he reached underneath her dress and stroked his fingers along her crotch on top of her underwear.

She gasped. Opened her legs slightly to let him in. He went for it. Jammed his hand down her panties and rubbed her pussy with his fingers, sliding the middle one in and out of her wet slit until it was fucking foaming.

"Fuck, yeah!" Bunny moaned with his other hand still firmly around her neck. She jerked her groin eagerly against his hand to make him go harder, faster, further. She was almost there, but just almost, when he suddenly released her and pushed her down on the bed.

"Gah! Fuck!" Bunny panted. Her crotch was fucking aching for it.

He flipped her over on her stomach and lifted her hips up onto her knees. Then he slid the dress up around her waist to reveal the full glory of her juicy round ass; the shape of the buttocks perfectly framed by her black thong. When he removed it her juices still clung to the cloth.

"Fuck me!" she moaned. "I fucking want it!"

He took his sweet time, positioning her just right, adjusting the height, allowing his hands second and third servings of felt-up lady-butt.

"Please!" she groaned. "Fuck me! I want it so bad!"

He stroked his dick-head along her pussy until it slid inside.

Bunny gasped and squirmed as he started to hump her from behind.

"So good... so good..." she whimpered. It didn't take long, a minute or two at the most, before electric jolts started to travel up and down her spine, and the orgasm she'd been cheated of earlier washed over her with twice the strength. Yeah. She came loud and hard, her pussy pumping and gushing all over his cock. He slapped her ass and fucked her some more, and before long, she came again.

It felt like the darkness had obliterated the world outside, and all that was left was the pleasure bestowed on her by this strong, silent force that liberated her from the weight of her own will.

"Ah, I love it," she gasped, "I love being tied up... I love being your slave!"

He turned her over on her back. Grabbed her thighs and folded her legs back against her upper body, spreading her out before him. His dick slid across her pussy, and further down.

"Yeah!" she gasped.