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Stormy night proves to be Berry interesting.

As the kisses became more urgent so did our libido. Both of us were groping at each other's bodies and clothes started coming off. Laura was not wearing a bra so once I got her top off her beautiful breasts were inviting me to suck on them. I fondled and sucked and got hotter by the minute. We made a few adjustments and my tits were set free and Laura gave me the same treatment. I love to have my nipples sucked and she did such of good job. Next we took turns removing each other's pants so we could play with each other's pussy. We kissed each other as we fingered each other's pussy. This raised our horniness to a fever pitch until I couldn't stand it any longer. I gently pushed Laura down on the couch and kissed my way down to her very wet pussy. I caressed her inner thighs as I gently ran my tongue along the sides of her pussy. I was teasing her and she loved it. My desire finally got the best of me and I plunged my tongue into her pussy. She was so wet and I loved the taste of her. I licked and sucked every inch of her pussy and had her cum on my tongue twice. Laura is not a squirter but she does secrete a lot of love juice and as I tasted her I got even hornier.

Laura's pussy was super sensitive and needed a break so she sat up and made me lie down so she could play with me. She remembered how I had teased her so she did the same to me. She just flicked her tongue around the lips of my pussy and would occasionally use it to tease my clit. All the while she was caressing my legs and genital area. I was going out of my mind with the desire to feel her eating me and I finally begged her too. Then she moved her lips to my clit and began sucking on it. Oh my god did that feel good. Then she alternated between licking and sucking and I could feel the orgasmic build up. When she finally put all of her efforts into licking me I finally had a body shaking orgasm. It was so intense and I just lie limp on the couch. Laura knowing how sensitive I was at the moment gently blew on my pussy and would gently lick it for a moment. When she sensed the extreme sensitivity had passed she again began licking and sucking. It didn't take long for me to have another cum. It felt so good but she wasn't through yet. She repeated her pussy eating talents until I had experienced 5 orgasms and my body lie limp on the couch. Then she moved up and tenderly lowered her lips to mine and kissed me. She continued to hold and kiss me until I regained my senses. Once I could move again I pulled her to me and kissed her and thanked her for the incredible loving.

We were both a little mellowed out so I got up and got a couple of soft sexy bed jackets for us and refilled our wine glasses. As satisfying as our love making had been we both sensed we wanted more. As we continued to talk I wanted her more so I took the bull by the horns and asked her if she needed to be anywhere tonight. She told me she had no plans so I asked her if she would like to spend the night with me. A huge smile graced her face and as she said yes she leaned toward me so she could kiss me again. I suggested that we grab the bottle of wine and our glasses and get more comfortable in my bedroom. After putting the wine and our drinks on the night stand we both removed our bed jackets and fell into each other's arms on the bed. For about the next half hour we contented ourselves with kissing and fondling each other, it was so tender.

When our desires got to the, I need you now point we found ourselves wrapped in a 69 position as we savored each other's pussy.

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