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What a Spa Indulgence should include.

Yes, I definitely approve."

The dress was literally skin tight, but somehow the material was such that it allowed her to move freely. This dress must have cost her a fortune; it was probably from one of the Paris fashion houses and would not have looked out of place on any of the well-known models that they employ. The colour began with a midnight blue from the top, and then, as it went down her body, it changed through a rainbow of increasingly lighter blues until it finished just above her shoe-line in a shade of teal. I knew this colour well; it was the shading on the tale-plain of an Air New Zealand jet.

Her breasts were accentuated by the way the material clung to their beautiful lines; and, it was obvious that she was not wearing a bra, or if she was it was it was not making any tell-tale lines on the dress. At her waist there was a simple white leather belt. It had a gold clasp that allowed the belt to be held, and then the remainder of the leather was twisted to create a swirling loop that went around the opposite side of the belt. She looked unbelievable. The other patrons of the bar were equally impressed, and there were men and women included in those that stared.

When she sat beside me all I could say was, "How on earth can you look this gorgeous when I only left you just over an hour ago? You must have spent most of that time in the car. What's the secret?"

"Dave, I like you... a lot. I am quick to make up my mind about many things, and you are one of them. I did not want to waste too much time, so I change quickly and join you for this soothing Australian elixir made from the Grenache grapes." She gave a grin that altered, and lit up, her face. It made her look like a cheeky schoolgirl. I had not seen this side of her in the short time I had known her. She had had on her business face all day, with me, the Japanese and her colleagues. It was obvious that this woman wanted to play this evening. My brain started to do cart-wheels at the thought of this. What was I in for with this absolutely gorgeous looking woman... perhaps something really special, who knows?

Vivian's favourite restaurant turned out to serve Chinese food. Only the French can make a Chinese restaurant seem like anything other than a Chinese restaurant. The food, the service and everything about the meal was superb. The waiters and waitresses were French Vietnamese and did not speak a word of English. In fact looking around me and listening, I think I was the only English speaking person in the restaurant. It obviously had a great reputation; it was full to the doors, and most, if not all, were locals!

As time passed our conversation became more and more intimate. It seemed only natural later in the evening that I invite her back to my hotel for the nightcap that I had been thinking about offering the evening before. The invitation was accepted. It was good that the last thing that Vivian had arranged before our business meeting closed at 6.00pm was to organise a mid-day start the following day. As far as anyone else was concerned this was to give me time to read the geological survey information the Japanese had provided during their presentation. The fact that I had read this same information on the plane coming over to Tahiti was a bonus. It allowed us to put all of our available time between now and mid-day tomorrow to better use. As we left the restaurant there were more than a few stares from the people left dining. There was no way they were staring at me; it was all reserved for the stunning female on my arm.

When we got back to the hotel, I opened the door to my room and, taking Vivian's hand, I pointed her toward the inside of what was the lounge.

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