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A little rain makes everything wet.

She was pumping the base and sliding her hot mouth up and down my tool as I just gazed up at her trim black bush momentarily. I could feel my orgasm immediately beginning to build again and briefly considered just lying there, staring at her pussy, until I did but, the longer I stared, the more I wanted to taste it again.

I raised my head and started to lap up the nectar that was still abundantly flowing within her hot pussy. She moaned but maintained her focus on expertly sucking my cock, which was beginning to swell even more as I got closer to cumming. As I changed my own focus to licking and sucking her clit, causing her to moan again, I slipped a finger into her juicy pussy and began to slide it in and out. When I was right on the verge of cumming, I did momentarily stop licking her clit, though I continued to finger her pussy. I let out a moan as I started spurting into her hot mouth and she continued to suck my cock, milking all of my cum out. Once I was spent, I raised my head and started in on her clit again. She tried to continue sucking my shrinking cock, but soon had to let it fall from her mouth as she was moaning continuously. Even though she'd cum twice already and I'd only cum once, I still wanted to make this another intensely pleasurable orgasm.

As I continued pumping my finger in and out of her pussy, it was slathered with her flowing juices. I thought I might be able to provide her with even more pleasure, based on personal experience, so I started slipping my finger from her pussy and massaging her asshole, while also spreading her natural lubricant around it. She definitely seemed to react positively when I was doing this so, once I figured her asshole and my finger were both well-lubed, I slipped my finger in. Almost immediately, she let out a cry and her body started trembling violently. I was still licking her clit as I fingered her ass and brought my other hand around to slip a different finger into her pussy. This orgasm was definitely longer and appeared to be even more intense than her previous ones. When she finally went quiet and still, I slipped all of my fingers free and lowered my head. She remained over me, catching her breath, so I just gazed up at her pussy above me.

"That was absolutely amazing," she finally said, "I don't know if I've ever cum so hard so many times."

While I was trying to figure out how to respond, she moved around and started kissing me, her naked body lying on top of mine. We lay there together for a little longer before she climbed off of me and helped me up.

"It's getting late," she said, "and you still need to get packed up so we can head back downtown."

"We can just stay here, if you want," I replied, thinking it might be easier and that we could just keep fucking.

"Then we'd have to get up early so that I could go back to the hotel to get done," she reminded me, "If we're going to get up early, I'd prefer it be for more orgasms."

"You make a compelling point," I said, then kissed her and headed for my bedroom.

"Should I wait out here?" she asked.

"I'd prefer you came with me and rolled around naked in my bed while I'm getting done," I told her, "That way, I will still be able to smell you even after you're gone."

"Won't your other girls mind my smell?" she asked, though she was following me.

"You mean all the girls who have been blowing up my phone and pounding on the door in the time that we've been together?" I replied. She didn't say anything but I assume she got my point. As I went to my closet, she pulled back my bed covers and slipped under them. Although I was still expecting to enjoy her physically quite a bit before she headed back to Seattle, I was also thinking about slipping into my bed and thinking about her once she was gone. I was also thinking about Skype.

"Should I just put on what I'm going to wear to work tomorrow now?" I asked, thinking it would be one less thing to pack.

"Well, I can't guarantee that, when we get back to the hotel, I won't be so hot for you that I tear off your c

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