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Mother & son make out as if they're boyfriend & girlfriend.

"Who will stick it up Nina more like," Thomas hissed.

I felt him thrust and in that one movement he went right into me. I cried out on the gag again, but only the odd head turned in my direction. Thomas started to fuck me as I was held there bent over. I knew that any struggle was quite useless, but after a few of his excited thrust, I found myself relaxing. I'm not saying I gave in; I just didn't want to strain my neck or hurt my wrists. I was wet I knew that, but that didn't mean I wanted him fucking me. Not only that, but the bastard was tormenting my nipples, tweaking and pulling them hard!

"See you fucking prick teasing slut, there is only so much a man can take. God I'm fucking loving this. Hey what would hubby do if he saw this, fight me off or cream himself?"

Again I groaned on the gag, and this time Andy seemed to take more notice of me. Thank god he was coming over. I started struggling again, and trying to send him messages with my eyes. I suppose he couldn't see with my hair over my face.

"Hey you are really getting into the part. Don't worry they won't really hang you."

I growled again through the gag as Thomas fucked me harder.

"God you are all sweaty. Don't worry Christine, dad won't take long, and then it's my turn. Hey have you ever been fucked in the ass?"

"Nearly finished boy," Thomas hissed in a whisper.

I started screaming into the gag. Thomas had now grabbed my hips and was pushing in much deeper. I heard him gasp and grunt and then he let out a long sigh. He pulled out giving my ass a sharp slap. Andy had gone, and I soon found out where too! I felt his finger trail over the crack of my ass. I pleaded through the gag for him not fuck me. Thomas now appeared in front of me, with a satisfied grin on his red face.

"Why don't you keep quiet, and let my boy give you a good stuffing. If you just let this happen he won't do your ass."

I wanted to tell them both to go to hell. I felt Andy start to finger my asshole. I nodded at the smiling Thomas.

"Just fuck her pussy Andy, OK?"

"Oh, dad, please?" he asked, sounding disappointed.

"No son, besides your aunt Judith will be home in a few days, and you know she likes it up her bum."

My eyes closed in exasperation, at this fucked up family, but they soon opened wide, as Andy shoved his cock in my dripping pussy with one single thrust.

"Now you just enjoy my boy you whore," Thomas hissed with a grin.

I didn't mention the padding around the holes in the stocks before. But I was grateful for it now. I suppose my poor neck and wrists would have been rubbed raw. My feet were up on tiptoes now. Andy was taller than his father, and his thick cock seemed to almost lift me off my feet! I could hear him grunting and snorting behind me, and I could now feel his bloody fingers scratching at my clit! I tried to wriggle away, but he just gave a quiet dirty snigger.

"Oh no sexy, you should have some fun too," he groaned.

"Oh that's a good boy, always thinking of the slut he's fucking," Thomas whispered with a chuckle.

Again I just gave in as Andy banged me harder. God to think I actually sucked him, and then begged him to fuck me a few days ago! My body started to respond to his bloody fingers now, it just sort of shot through me. I climaxed and pushed myself back on his cock. I could hear little pants coming from him. I just felt my pussy give up and let things flow! Andy followed soon after, just as the landlord announced that Nina should hang. This brought a loud cheer, and covered the yelping Andy as he filled my pussy! The crowd of men filed out as Thomas pulled the gag off.

"You fucking piece of....."

I couldn't get the words out, as the gag had been stuffed back in my mouth.

"Now you listen to me slut, you deserved that for teasing me all this time," Thomas spat, "we are going to take you outside, and just remember, kids are out there, so no fucking screaming, clear?"

I nodded after a few seconds.

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