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As the hunt drags on Seras learns to simply stop thinking...

I started to give her a back rub, slowly working over her shoulders and upper back, discovering an obvious lack of bra straps. She purred quietly, and after a while she shuffled her shapely bottom on the seat, pushing it deliberately back into my growing erection. With both hands I reached around under her loose tee shirt and fondled her breasts, her nipples grew firmer under my gentle stroking.

Her breasts were magnificent; soft and smooth yet pert and full and her nipples were the size of my index fingers and about a quarter of an inch long!

Without much ado, Chrissy reached back and started stroking my erect cock through my shorts with one hand and then unbuckled my belt, released the button on the waistband of my shorts and lowered my zip.

I whispered in her ear. "How do you do that? I struggle to even do that with two hands!"

She laughed. "Years of practice; don't worry, it gets better."

My hard-on sprang out of my tight bikini briefs as she pulled the waistband forward.

She whispered over her shoulder. "I'm glad you're not wearing boxer shorts, I can't stand them."

Chrissy began to stroke my cock, now slightly oozing with its own lubrication. She used the pre-come to help rotate her thumb gently around the head, stroking it with ever firmer pressure.

I withdrew my hands from under her tee shirt to push my pants down further, allowing me to slip the briefs down below my swollen balls, which she now explored with her questioning hand.

Lubricating her fingers even more with her saliva, she alternately rubbed my balls and massaged the head of my cock. My hands were now free, and I hungrily reached forward for her erect nipples, shortly afterward sliding my right hand down her belly and slipping it under the loose elastic waistband of her jogging pants.

She was wearing no panties underneath and the crotch area inside of the cotton jogging pants was already wet with her juices. I delved lower to stroke gently over her mound, which was shaved but for a narrow strip, soft and fleshy and a little slippery by now.

As I stroked her pussy, her lubrication welcomed my fingers into her warm wet cunt as she opened her thighs slightly to expose herself to my probing fingers.

Rubbing the juices on my fingers, I began to circle her clitoris and then used my fingers to stroke in and out of her pussy while my thumb tickled and pushed against her swollen clitoris.

She was breathing harder now and she could not stop moving her ass around on the seat, first bucking her soaking pussy against my right hand, then pushing her ass back against my cock through the jogging bottoms.

Just then, a stewardess came down the aisle, paused noticeably as she came up to our row, glared at me (me? why me? there are two of us here, you know!), almost said something, then apparently decided that since we were bothering nobody else, she would keep moving.

Thank God! While we were both close to fully clothed at that time, there was little chance she could do anything under the guise of legality, but who needs the embarrassment, or the hassle for that matter?

As the stewardess left, Chrissy turned to me and whispered. "She knows exactly what we are doing, and she's jealous! Now I want to have your hard cock inside me. I'll keep quiet, but I need you to fuck me now."

With this, she lifted her ass off the seat slightly and slid her bottoms down below her knees under the blanket. She separated her legs slightly and moved back so I could slide into her dripping pussy from behind.

I moved slowly in and out as she purred and pushed back onto my cock quietly so we would not wake our neighbours. At the same time, I reached back around to stroke her clitoris easily but steadily.

The appearance of the stewardess had startled me, and most of the urgency for release that had built up from her stroking my hard-on had subsided, so it was a nice, long, easy fuck, punctuated by her gentle spasms in orgasm three times before my cock pressure bu

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