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Exhibitionism-curious MILF finds an eager young partner.

He leaned in and kissed her thigh again, this time further down. He could feel Melissa's breathing quickening, knowing what was coming. But he drew it out, slowly kissing her more than a dozen times, alternating between her thighs, moving closer and closer to her pussy.

Finally, his mouth hovered over her clit. He purposefully breathed heavily, covering her pussy with his warm, moist breath. Melissa whimpered and her whole body shook with anticipation. Leigh laughed and said, "John, just do it, she needs it."

"YES," Melissa practically shouted. "Please, I need it."

"Say it." John said. He remembered back in the day when he wanted more than anything else to hear her ask him, beg him, to lick her pussy. "Tell me you want me to eat you out. Beg me to lick your pussy."

Leigh breathed in sharply. John could see she was turned on, loving how he was playing with her. "Do it, Melissa," she said.

Melissa hesitated, tensing up. John continued to rub her pussy, and they could both see she was building herself up to say it. She breathed in deeply and exhaled a long, slow breath.

Melissa looked down and stared directly into his eyes. John could feel the blood rushing to his face, his heart quickening, his breathing accelerating. He could see from Leigh's face that she knew what was running through his mind. He saw her muscles tighten and saw her hold her breath.

"Please," Melissa whimpered. "Please lick my pussy. Please make me cum. Please."

John beamed at this. He'd never said that last part, but no one needed to ask him twice. He leaned in close and touched his lips to hers, pushing his tongue between them and brushing her clit.

Melissa's back arched, she thrust her tits in the air, and she screamed "oh my GOD!" John held his head against her, moving in rhythm with her body. He watched Leigh grab Melissa's head and kiss her, passionately. He could see their tongues massaging one another, heard them moan into each other's mouths. He pushed harder, licking and kissing, massaging her lips and her clit with his lips and his tongue. She tasted delicious, sweet and wet, very wet. If he had any doubts about whether she was turned on and enjoying this, they were resolved when he felt her juices on his tongue and his face. She wanted him, and he was giving it to her.

He moaned into her pussy, loving the wetness of it on his lips, his cheeks. She was grinding her hips against his face, moaning into Leigh's kisses. He opened his eyes and saw her massaging Melissa's tits, rubbing her nipples between her fingers. Melissa had one hand on Leigh's head and the other on John's, pulling them both in tighter into her body.


Leigh pulled back and breathed deeply, catching her breath and taking in the vision before her. Melissa's naked body writhing in pleasure, both her hands now on John's head, pulling him deeper into her pussy, her tits bounding with every thrust of her hips, her hair in her face, her chest heaving with her passionate breathing.

"Oh my God," Melissa said. "I'm...I'm...I'm..."

She could see that Melissa was getting close. Leigh could understand, knowing what John could do to her. But she still couldn't believe that Melissa could cum so quickly. Then again, maybe she was wrong, maybe that's not what Melissa was going to say, maybe-

"I'M CUMMMMING!" Melissa screamed. Her back arched and her eyes and her mouth opened wide. The moan coming out of her, again, sounded more like a growl. She kept repeating "I'm cumming, I'm cumming, I'm cumming," occasionally interrputed by a "don't stop" or an "oh my God." John kept licking and Leigh kept massaging her breasts, drawing out the orgasm as long as they could. It went on for over a minute before her muscles relaxed and her body lowered, her back returning to the bed. She whimpered softly, her eyes fluttering and her body convulsing.

Leigh took her hands off Melissa's breasts and softly kissed her.

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