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Long time friends finally hook up.

She pretended not to notice as she sipped at her beer and lit her cigarette. My pussy was itching, not just from the shave, but from the excitement of the prospects of the events to come.

We continued watching the video, taking "notes" and as I looked at Sandy, I noticed a slight motion of her left hand against her crotch.

After a while of the watching, during a "non-action" scene, I suggested that we pay a visit to a new sex-shop that opened down near campus, to "study" the different types of sex toys that are available and used by lesbians and bisexual women. Sandy agreed, so we went to the store.

We were kind of jittery about going into the store, but we finally mustered up the courage and entered. We were mortified when a bell jingled announcing our presence. We were turning red when we saw that the clerk was a woman in her late 20's or so. She was thin, nicely built and gorgeous with red hair framing her well made-up face (her bright cherry-red lip stick really set her face off).

She asked if she could help us and we sort of just let out a nervous sounding "no - - just looking." She said OK. We were looking at the different magazines (its really amazing what is shown...guys fucking guys, women fucking women, women solo, it goes on and on).

We went into the next section (actually only an aisle over) when we saw some of the sex toys...most of them looked like they we for masturbation and not for couples. Mostly single dildoes and vibrators with a few strap-on types and kinkier looking things that I have no idea what they did and neither did Sandy. Being a bit buzzed from the beers made us a bit giddy and boisterous in the store, asking each other in a loud whisper "What do you think THAT does?"

Well, apparently the clerk overheard us because she walked over to us. She said in a bit of a British accent. "If you'd like some help, I'll be glad to show you how those items work..."

She startled us and we turned around. It was then that we got a real good look at this woman. She was about 5'8", about 120 pounds with nice firm grapefruit sized tits under a see through white blouse (no bra, either as we could see her tiny nipples poking through the sheer material) and a "wet look" black leather mini skirt with zippers up each side. Her red hair was shoulder length.

"It's time for me to lock up for the night, but since you're already here I'd be glad to give you the demo show."

I looked at Sandy and Sandy looked at me. The beers were still having their effect on us and we decided that we would stay for the "show" and told Danielle (the clerk) that we would stay and what we were doing (the college work on lesbianism and homosexuality and whether or not they are born or "made".) It was then that Danielle told us that it would be difficult to offer her honest opinion because she herself was bisexual, she would suck a dick as soon as eat a pussy (MY kind of girl, and as I was to later find out, Sandy's also).

After Danielle closed and locked the door and pulled the shade on the window, she turned the lights down and offered us into the back stock room for the show.

When we got into the room, we saw a tantalizing array of all types of toys, jellies, lotions and creams. Most of the items were out of their boxes and a more-than-faint aroma of sex pervaded the room. It was obvious that we weren't the first ones to have this "special" personal demonstration. Danielle started by asking us if we had any questions. Sandy and I looked at each other with sparkles in our eyes and nervous grins on our faces. We looked back at Danielle and she also smiled.

"Well, its obvious that the tension is a bit high about loosening up some and maybe it'll lighten a bit." she said. With that, she took a joint out of her purse and lit it, inhaling deeply and offering us some of it. We each took a hit off it and were immediately more at ease.

Danielle then began by showing us a basic vibrator and demonstrating how it is used, through her leather skirt.

Definitely hot.

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