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Sam bumps into the woman in front of him.

I told him "oh really and just what would that be." Rick told me that they talked about finding me on the river. They said that they would have all taken turns fucking me right there on the side of the river while the other one feed me their cock.

As Rick told me this fantasy he slid his hand down my bathing suit bottom and he began to slowly insert his finger in me. He was delighted to find that my pussy was wet as he finger bang me. When he got to the part of where the other guy would feed me his cock I gushed all over his hand.

Rick took this as a clear signal that I wanted to be with him. I wrapped my arms around his neck and I kissed him as we held each other tightly.

Then I pulled away from him and I sank to my knees to where I was staring at the obvious bulge in his shorts. I looked up at him as I pulled his shorts down revealing a beautiful cock. I wrapped my hand around the shaft and as it harden in my hand I began to bathe his cock head with my tongue.

Rick grabbed the back of my head and he pulled my head forward telling me without words to swallow his cock. I followed his instructions and I began to suck his cock giving his shaft a stroke as I pulled back from it.

Rick gave out a low groan as I did this. I could tell that if I kept this up he would loose it shortly, but before I could stop Rick pulled his cock out of my mouth and he pulled me up to my feet. He must have known this as well.

As I stood in front of him I smiled at him as I whipped my drool off of my mouth. Rick pushed me back on the bed and he pulled off my bottoms exposing my clean shaven pussy to him. He told me how much he liked that fact that I still had a little patch of pussy hair. He told me that he did everything he could earlier today when he first saw my pussy not to get a hard on in front of me.

I told him that I wished he would have because I was trying to let him know that I wanted him then. He told me that he thought about it until he heard about my husband.

Rick moved toward me and as he fell onto me I helped him guide his rock hard tool into me. As his cock passed my pussy lips I gave out a whimper letting him know how wonderful it felt. He waisted no time in beginning to pound my pussy with his cock. I wasn't sure if it was because he was afraid his buddies would wonder where he was or the fact that he might not have another chance at doing this with me. No matter what it was I loved it.

As Rick fucked me I couldn't help but begin to moan louder. At the same time I could feel and hear the motor home rocking. It turned me on knowing that everyone outside knew what we were doing.

Within a couple of minutes I heard the door open and Rick's friends coming in to see what was going on.

I was later told by my husband that while he was sitting around the fire he tried to keep the other guys occupied with small talk, but their attention was more on why no light had been turned on in the motor home and why we had been in there for so long.

My husband told me that when they could hear me moaning they knew something was up. The other guys started to look at each other smiling and wanting to know what was going on in there. They looked at me as if waiting for me to get up and charge into the motor home upset.

He told me that when the motor home began to rock they all started getting excited and they all looked on waiting for someone inside to scream.

He said that he told the other guys "I guess my wife is giving your buddy the grand tour." They all started laughing and getting more turned on.

He told them that they might want to go in and see if Rick needed some help. They weren't real sure if they should, but he said that when he told them that I wanted them they all got up and headed for the motor home.

When the guys came in my husband turned on the light so that everyone could see exactly what was going on in there.

As I looked over Rick's back I could see all the guys smiling with bulges in their shorts.

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