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College girl submits, unwillingly.

"Well I want you to be safe, you boys find a place to crash, and let's call it a night. Good night boys."

"Good night Mrs. T," they replied in unison.

In the shower Jill thought about Tim, masturbating while watching her sleep, she remembered how it felt for his manhood to poke at her opening when he fell on her, and she imagined what the rest of the boys' cocks looked like. Being young and athletic she knew their bodies would be trim and firm. Would their cocks also be firm? What would they be like as lovers? She massaged the soap onto her breasts and followed the suds as they washed down the slight swell of her mons and over the cloaked hood of her clitoris.

Her fingers lingered there, lightly brushing over, then pushing between the lips, touching almost apprehensively, her left hand pinched at her nipple already standing out on high beam. Almost instantly she writhed in orgasm, she had never come so quickly when pleasuring herself.

Sated she patted herself dry with the towel retrieved a clean T-shirt and headed toward the bed. As she walked toward the bed it occurred to her that she should check on the boys.

Jill tiptoed down the hall in the dark and peered into the quiet living room, every piece of furniture hosted a sleeping teen, their heavy breathing and faint snores assured her they were down for the night. Content she returned to the master bedroom, and fell asleep immediately on closing her eyes.

Jill had the most erotic dream she ever remembered, in it a mystery lover appeared between her legs kissing along each thigh from her knees to her crotch stopping just short of her vagina. Hands then lips pinched, kissed, licked then nibbled at her breasts. Fingers teased her swollen clit, then invaded folds, while a tongue lapped from side to side before focusing on her little man in the boat. She wanted desperately to wake and embrace and encourage her faceless lover, but escaping the dream was not to be.

Finally her dream lover arose and impaled her with a great unmerciful thrust burying himself fully into her in a single blow, she simultaneously shuddered as a powerful orgasm racked her sleeping form. Then she was alone, but only for a moment before her lover returned, again she was teased, pleased and tormented. In her dreams her lover had unimaginable prowess and stamina, and seemed to be everywhere in and on her at once, ejaculating in her numerous times, bringing her to a collage of climaxes where one began before the previous ended.

When she awoke the dream was so vivid in her mind, she lay there trying to recall every detail, trying to mentally view the face of her dream lover, getting excited in the reliving. As her hand pushed below the sheet to caress a nipple the soreness upon the touch puzzled her.

"It is not my time of month," she thought aloud.

As her hand reached between her legs, the matted pubes and still swollen and sore vulva caused her bolt upright, throwing the sheet off her and off the bed. Love bites dotted her torso from her breasts to mid-thigh, and she lay on a wet spot that covered a quarter of our king-sized bed.

She ran to the bath, started the shower and looked in the full length mirror, the hickies extended above her breasts as well with lengthy marks following the muscle on either side of her neck.

"Oh my god." She sighed, "who?" before realizing that I would be home soon and that there was no way she could hide these from me.

She tried vainly to wash away the evidence of her violation but no soap could remove the bruises that covered her. She douched and could not believe the volume of semen deposited within her.

After her shower she put on a turtleneck blouse and long house dress, before heading down the hallway to check on the boys, knowing one of them had taken liberties the night before, wondering which it was, and how she could face him. Upon reaching the living room she was surprised to find it empty, all the boys were gone, even Eric.

Poor Jill spent hours agonizing, how to tell me about last night and deciding to confess to her affair with Coa

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