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my mood and said, "Is your brother worried? Maybe you ought to give him a call?"

"No that's not necessary; he lives in a small rat-hole of a garret with two other guys. It's about the size of your room and I am not staying with him so he doesn't know I didn't come home last night." I said. When Dave asked me where I was staying I suddenly realized that once you start making up lies you had to keep going and you had to be consistent and remember what you had said. I answered, "I'm staying with my father at the Hotel Crillon, but he had to go to Stockholm on business yesterday and won't be home until later tonight or tomorrow."

Around five in the afternoon we went back to the Crillon so that I could put away my new clothes and change for dinner. At the desk the desk clerk asked me to wait a minute and the hotel manager came out and asked me to come into his office for a minute. I turned to Dave and told him I would be just a minute. I did not know what to expect when I went into his office and then the hotel manager said, "I am afraid that I have some very bad news for you. I have been contacted by the police in Stockholm and your father has suffered a very severe heart attack."

I sat there totally speechless at first stupidly thinking how could this man no my father has had a heart attack and how did my father know I was here and then suddenly it hit me. Martin!

The hotel director continued, "The Crillon will be of as much assistance to you as we possibly can Mrs. Jaspers (my last name since marrying Jeremy). We will do everything in our power to try and help you in this painful time. Our concierge is at your disposal to help you in booking a flight to Stockholm and we would like to offer you one of the hotel limousines to take you to the airport..."

"How did they know Martin was a guest here?" I interrupted.

"Mr. McAlister had his room key card still in its brochure that we give them to the guests in. He was found by a woman he knew from long ago, a Gisela Hojer who he had spoken to the day before. I think she lives in the same house where your father has an apartment. When she asked how long he would be staying in Stockholm, actually I think it is a place called Stocksund just outside of Stockholm, he told her only a few days as he would be rejoining friends that he had left behind at the Hotel Crillon in Paris. When Madame Hojer called the ambulance the police got that information as well as the information from the brochure and simply gave us a call as did Madame Hojer."

"How serious is it?" I asked.

"Here is our dossier that we have compiled for you. You will find the phone number of the doctor in charge at Carolinska Institute, a map from the internet with directions to the hospital from Arlanda Airport and a map with directions from the hospital to your father's apartment. You will also find enclosed the phone number of Gisela Hojer. She offered to be of any assistance she could and she said she was looking forward to meeting you as she had thought that Martin had no surviving relatives. I know I have not answered your question, but I think it would be better if you called the doctor and spoke to him directly." The manager said in a serious and grave enough manner to indicate to me that Martin was in real danger.

"Thank you" I said still in shock at what had happened and at how I was not put in the position of playing daughter to an ailing and perhaps dying father.

After a few minutes I said, "I am getting my new passport from the embassy tomorrow morning so the earliest I can fly to Stockholm would be in the afternoon."

"Our concierge will make arrangements for your approval tomorrow morning, and although your room and your father's room are reserved for four more days we will not charge you for the days remaining after your departure under the circumstances. However, may I suggest that you apply those funds toward the storage costs of the automobile?" The hotel director asked.

"Yes, that would be fine." I answered as I stood to leave his office.

In the hotel lobby Dave knew immediately that som

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