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You fall asleep in the theater, and they take advantage.

"Say it louder, bitch," the trainer roared. The sound of a riding crop slapping against the girl's back made her naked body jolt as she cried out.

Meanwhile, on a bench sitting right in front of Peyton sat Sandra, Peyton's mom. The big-breasted woman made her daughter's tits look tiny by comparison. Her dark brown hair cascaded down her back as she sat on the bench with her legs splayed wide, giving her older daughter easy access to her cunt. Between pleas for her father to fuck her, Peyton was eating out her mother's sex, all thanks to the simultaneous demands from her brutal trainer.

"Yes, keeping sucking mama's pussy, little whore. I want to see her juices glistening all over your face," the trainer shouted. Peyton lapped frantically at Sandra's sex, her nose buried in the pubic thatch of her mother's crotch. The deepest possible shame tainted Sandra's look of mounting pleasure.

To round out this awful scene of family intimacy, there was Avril, the younger daughter. She was more petite and shorter than her sister, except for her larger breasts, which took more after their mother. The 20-year-old captive had been tied to a stool which was anchored firmly to the concrete just beside Sandra. On the stool someone had affixed a long, pink dildo. Poor Avril had been tied with her pussy impaled right on top of it. Even worse, someone had attached two electrodes to Avril's nipples and a third electrode to her clitoris. A bright red cock-shaped ball gag had been stuffed into Avril's mouth. Her wrists and ankles were tied to either side of the stool with just enough slackness in them so that she could pump her pussy up and down that shaft, but not enough for her to free her pussy from the rigid, ribbed length of the dildo.

Sandra held a tiny remote, occasionally flicking the switch on. Each time she did, Avril made a keening, desperate wail as the electroshock surged through her cunt and nipples. Her naked body writhed on the dildo. Her supple cones shook as her pussy twitched uncontrollably.

"PLSSS! NNN!!" Avril screamed through her gag, but her Mom looked sadly at her and proceeded with the electroshock torture.

"That's good, Mom. Keep it up. Keep giving your little girl's pussy and tits the attention they deserve," said the sex trainer Mr. Fells. "You keep that up, I may not brand your daughter's ass after all." Clearly wanting to avoid having her daughter permanently burned with red-hot metal pressed to her tender skin, the mother continued to reluctantly administer the electroshock to her daughter's sensitive parts.

At the same time, Mr. Malone's testicles were jostling with each deep penetration of his older daughter's sex. Suddenly Mr. Fells' riding crop slammed into Mr. Malone's ass. Then the next loud SMACK sounded as the riding crop came up from underneath, striking Peyton's left breast.

"OW!" Peyton groaned. Her father merely jerked with a grunt of pain.

"You can do better than that, Dad. I want your cock stretching your daughter's PUSSY. Let's see some hard FUCKING. Come on, you lazy, worthless slave. Can't you see your owner is here watching? Show some extra motivation."

Keisha looked at Jose with utter shock. She had no idea he'd been working the Malones quite so hard. She also noticed something else: The older daughter, Peyton, and the mom, Sandra, both had nipple piercings which glinted nicely in the sunlight. Even the dad had nipple piercings. His hands now gripped Peyton along her flanks as he fucked her savagely, his cock pounding at her core.

"Please Master, I'm fucking her as hard as I can. Don't hit us," he begged. Mr. Fells relented, watching with satisfaction as the loud smack of father and daughter's bodies joining echoed beyond the pool.

"So," Jose said, smirking. "What do you think?"

Keisha gaped. This was cruel, even for him. Forcing the father to fuck his older daughter while forcing the mother to use electroshock on her youngest daughter's pussy and breasts? It was so deliciously nasty. The black girl couldn't help but smile.

"I must admit, Jose.

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