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The effect of beer on a girls mind and bladder.

It was called 'Feed me'."

I stared blankly,I'd forgotten that she read my Literotica stories sometimes Especially this one.

"Uhhh yes well..."

"Do you remember writing the story, do you remember what it was about?" As she questioned me, she was humping her open vagina over the head and shaft of my cock.

"Yes, I remember."

"It was about a guy and his wife, how she sucked him, and fucked him, and how he wanted to eat her after he came inside her. Do you remember that? Do you remember that he ate and sucked his cum out of her open vagina?"

"Uhhh...Yes....I remember, but it was a story that I made up, I don't really...."

"Shhh...." she said. You just licked and sucked the pre-cum off of my nipples didn't you? Didn't you want that, didn't you love it?"

"Yes but..."

"But what?"

"I't s not cum, it's just precum..."

"Do you like how My pussy is fucking your cock-head right now?"


"Do you want me to be fucking you, and making you cum?"


"Then you can't lie to me. You are going to cum inside me, deeply inside me, and then I and going to pussy fuck your face and your mouth, and you are going to eat and suck your cum out of me until I say it is all gone. Do you understand?"

"I...I don't want to eat..."

"Shh...yes you do, you will want a mouth full of cum, and I am going to help you. I read all your stories, in half of them you expressed a desire to suck your cum out of me. And tonight, darling, is the night."

All of a sudden I was scared, but terribly excited. I had wanted this to happen, I knew I did. I wanted her to cunt fuck my face and force me to eat my hot cum and now it was going to happen and I couldn't stop it. I was bound to the bed and couldn't just get up and leave. She had planned this very well.

She slid up and down my cock, and leaned forward and kissed me. She held my face as I sucked her tongue. She made it stiff and began to tongue fuck my mouth. " If I had a penis I would fuck your mouth like this. Mmmm and I would squirt cum on your lips..." she licked down to my hard nipples and began to suck and nibble them. I was so hard and excited. She moved down and impaled herself on my cock. She slid down and back up while sucking my nipples.

"Do you like that? Do you like your nipples sucked?"

"God...yes I love it."

She impaled herself again, then she slid off.

"And that?"

"Yes, Oh, I love it."

She slid up and positioned her vagina over my mouth. Then she lowered herself so her slightly parted lips covered my face. I lifted my head to suck her. She pressed down and pussy fucked my mouth as I licked her.

"Mmmm oh yes lick up inside me.... Yes like that...yes..." I continued to stab my tongue into her. She slid down my body, her breasts slapped my face.

"That is how I'm going to do it next time," she said as she licked my lips tasting herself there, "but by then I will be full of your juice. Jay, If you ever want hot sex with me ever again, if you ever expect me to suck your cock again, if you ever want to feel this excitement again, you are going to eat my cum filled pussy. Do you agree?"

I admit I had never felt this way with her. She had never done these things earlier in our marriage, only recently since she read my stories had she been this way, and I believed everything she said. And anyway it was my darkest fantasy.

"Yes, I agree.," I said still tasting her vagina on my tongue, my heart pounded with my excitement. I loved having this new raw dirty sex with her. She slid down me again, licking my nipples and sliding her vagina lips over the head of my penis. Pre cum oozed and made the contact super slippery.

"Oohhh baby, your cock-head is so hot on my clit, I want to fuck myself on your cock. May I please? May I? May I fuck myself with your hot cock?"

"God yes, oh God please."

"I will baby, I will now, I will fuck myself with your cock, and then you will squirt hot thick cum into me, the same cum that you will be eating very soon. Say it!"


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