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A continuing tale of slavery and surrender.

Her black hair was frizzed up to a frightening effect and she was ready to go.

Chad, the Lam-O president, came by carrying a cash box. She couldn't help but notice the smarmy smirk on his face while he thanked Carol for volunteering. Then he told her that the other girl who was to be her relief tonight had gotten sick and she'd have to do the entire evening without a break.

Tim and Chad led her over to the head hole. There was a chair for her to sit on so she wouldn't be forced to stand and bend over for several hours on end. They showed her the handgrips attached to the wall to give her support. Chad showed her the headlock that would slip over her neck, and explained why it was necessary; otherwise customers would be able see around her neck and into the backstage area, spoiling the illusion.

As opening time approached, Tim put on the rest of his costume and told Carol that he would be nearby in the maze-way. Squeezing her plump titties one last time, Tim told her to get into position.

She sat in the chair and stuck her head through the hole. The headlock was lowered across her neck. To her surprise, the set up wasn't uncomfortable at all. A few moments later she saw Tim in the maze-way dressed in his ghoul costume and she was immediately comforted.

The maze-way filled with sounds of a horror house, moans, groans, shrieks, thunder, rattling chains, banging noises, and evil laughter. She was just getting used to the arrangement when the first customers came walking by.

She cried out plaintively, "Help me! Please help me! Ohhhhhh, somebody please help me!"

Of course everyone just looked at her, maybe smiled or shirked away, and then continued through the maze. It soon was apparent to Carol that the fundraiser would make lots of money, as a steady stream of students and parents with little kids filed by.

Someone or ones placed her hands on the handgrips and slowly pulled the chair out from under her, forcing her to stand, bent at the waist. She tried to pull her head back to see what was happening, but the headlock prevented her from moving out of position. Then she felt the hands, stroking her tits, stroking her outthrust ass. She felt the snaps of her costume being undone one at a time until the garment fell down around her arms. Unseen hands took each arm from the handgrip and pulled the robe from her arms, allowing it to fall around her feet.

As cool air embraced her nearly nude body, her eyes got wide as panic set in. She pleaded, "Help me! Somebody help me! Pleeeease, somebody help meeeee!!!"

Next, Velcro straps secured her to the handgrips.

"Help! Oh please, somebody help!"

The little kids laughed and the adults smiled as they walked on by.

The unseen hands mauled her tits and pulled at her teets as still another set of fingers hooked under the elastic waistband of her panties and slowly pulled them down to her ankles. She let out a blood-curdling scream as a hand stroked her now bare pussy. Tim looked over to her and waved.

"Oh, please!" she whined. "Somebody! I need help!!!! Please!!!!"

As her hands were secured to the handgrips, her only defense was to blindly kick at her attackers, but the panties and the robe tangled in her feet until she managed to kick them clear. Powerful hands held each of her ankles, removed her tennis shoes and slowly pulled her bare feet about two feet apart.

Mouths began suckling her luscious tits. Soon her body began tingling with unwanted desire. A hand slid down her butt crack until it rubbed across her pussy. Immediately she felt herself gush. Then she felt the head of the first cock rake up and down her wet pussy slit. She screamed desperately, "Oh gawd! Please! Please nooooooo! Somebody help meeeeee! Please!" Closing her eyes, she cried mournfully, "Ohhhhh, ohhhhh!" as she felt a nice hard cock sliding into her wanton pussy. A finger found her clit and began to rub it while she was raped.

Her eyes became glassy as passion rose within her like a rising river.

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