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When the parents announce their divorce, kids get involved.

She swam after him saying, "I wanted more."

Standing on the side of the pool with his cock standing erect, he said "It gets larger out of the water, plus, I want to check out where its going."

When Victoria got out of the water, he dried her with a towel and led her to the bedroom.

Burying his face in her pussy his tongue did the exploration and checking out the canal, his cock would soon fill. Once he was satisfied that she was adequately wet, he again started the process of burying his cock within her pussy. This time he didn't go as slow and by the time he was all the way in, she felt like she might pass out. Once she got used to the size of his cock within her she started to grind and had orgasm after orgasm. After he had deposited his load deep within her pussy, he rolled over on his back and she began to clean him with her tongue.

Even limp, his cock was huge. The longer she licked, and sucked on his cock, the more it started to grow till she could only get the head in her mouth.

He told her how Rita could take the whole thing down her throat and she said "I need to get some lessons from her."

She positioned herself above his cock and gradually lowered herself on his spear. Her pussy had been conditioned by the first time and this time it went in much quicker and deeper because of position. Although she had several orgasms, he did not lose his erection and the changed positions with him entering her pussy from the rear.

He reached into the night stand and got the KY jelly and started probing her ass with his fingers.

Without warning, he withdrew from her pussy and was entering her ass.

She said "I don't know if I am ready for....."

However, it was too late. He had already entered and was working short strokes going deeper each time. This was a new experience for Victoria, however, she found her self pushing against him driving his cock deeper until he was all the way in. She started contracting the muscles of her ass which finally brought him to an explosion of cum which filled her to overflowing.

While she was taking a shower, he retrieved their clothes from pool-side when they had stripped.

He came back in just as she was stepping out of the shower. Taking a towel, he dried her body observing the beauty of it.

They returned to pool-side to wait for the others to return.

As she was sipping her drink, Victoria said "So how did you become the 'Stud Plumber'?"

Sort of by accident, Sampson said. I have been doing plumbing work in this town, mostly for white couples and had never been propositioned or attempted to put the make on any of my white customers until recently.

I was at a house doing work for one of the couples who attend Pastor Sarah's church. The woman was watching me work on the pipes under the vanity. She was sitting on the edge of the tub wearing a skirt with nothing under it. She knew I had the perfect view. I suddenly had a hard on I couldn't hide because I was lying on my back, working under the vanity.

"It must be true." She said.

"What must be true?" I asked.

"That black men are hung better than white men."

Since I didn't hang out in the showers with white men, I really didn't know.

"Without saying a word, she unzipped my pants, pulled my cock out and before I knew it, it was down her throat."

"It surprised me so much, I shot my load almost right-a-way. She stood up and asked me if I could come the next day at the same time even though I would finish her project that afternoon. "When I got there the next morning we went to her bedroom and had sex in may different positions."

"I noticed tonight, you are very good at that." Victoria said.

"Somehow Pastor Sarah got pictures of us. I got a call from Pastor Sarah to do some minor project at the parsonage. The next day in church, she publicly thanked me and said If any of you ladies have any blockages while your husband is away Sampson has just the tool to take care of your needs".
"I thought she was talking about my new power roto-rooter machine, but Candice told me on the way home that she

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