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Your bedtime fantasies come true.

"I know what you mean, Lissa. They'll provide some good cover for us, while we're coverin' for them, don't you think?"

"It sure will," I giggled. "We might suggest splittin' up at the theatres, so they won't see me kissin' you, Rick. 'Course, bein' in the dark, they might not see it anyway, 'cause they may be too busy kissin' each other."

"That might be right," he chuckled. "But I still think we ought t' split up at the theatre. We can say we're givin' 'em a little privacy, t' do their kissin' an' cuddlin'. Not t' change the subject, but what's on your schedule, for Saturday? I need t' drive down t' Gilmer an' talk to Mike Davidson about a summer job, an' thought I'd do it, that mornin'."

"If you're goin' there, I want t' go, too," I answered him enthusiastically. "I haven't seen Laura, in a few weeks, an' I'd enjoy catchin' up with her. I want t' see what she thinks about her new mama, an' how they're gettin' along. The last time I saw her, at Patsy's weddin', she was really happy about her dad gettin' married, again. Judgin' by the way she talked on an' on, about her, the times we'd go to visit Aunt Maggie an' Uncle Charles an' she an' I'd go for a walk so's we could talk in private, she really loves Mike's mama, an' really wanted t' be her daughter.

"Apart from catchin' up with Laura, I'd like t' spend at least a few minutes talkin t' our cousin, Mandy, about the differences between high school an' college. It'd probably be good for you t' be in on some o' that, too. Mama an' Dad've both told us college'll be a lot different from high school, but they haven't gone into a lot o' detail. I want t' see what Mandy says."

"That'd be a good idea, Lissa, an' I guess - while we're out there - we could drop in at Aunt Maggie's, for a little bit, an' catch up with what's goin' on with her an' Uncle Charles."

"Why don't we do that, Rick? While we're at it, I'll try an' sneak a blanket into the back o' our car, an' maybe we can stop by the campsite some fun an' games, 'fore we come home. I'm really wantin' t' make love with you, outdoors, the way I did with Daddy an' you did with Mama - an', with their new 'not outside your bedrooms' rules, I think somethin' like that'd be our only chance t' try it."

"What about the key t' the gate? You'll have t' get it from Dad, an' I'm sure he'll want t' know what's goin' on, when either of us asks for it."

"Don't tell Daddy this, but I have a key. The weekend he an' I camped out there, he had me get out an' unlock the gate, an' I was so excited by what I knew was goin' t' happen, shortly, that I just stuck it in my pocket after I got the padlock off the gate. I guess he was caught up in what we had planned, an' just forgot about the key, 'cause he never asked me t' give it back. It was still in one o' my pockets when we got back home. Last Sunday, when I ran into town t' get that new lipstick, I stopped by at McKelvy Hardware, an' had a copy made of it, 'fore I gave it back to him, an' that copy's on my key ring, now. We're all set."

"You're gettin' kinda sneaky, ain't you?"

"No sneaker than we're havin' t' be, around the house, t' grab a kiss or a feel outside o' our bedrooms. The more time I spend in your lovin' arms, each night, the more I want you, Rick. That 'no foolin' around outside your rooms' rule is gettin' old, already, especially with Mama an' Daddy always makin' out in front of us. I'll be so glad when we go off t' college an' we're livin' together, so I can kiss you anytime I want."

"I know what you're sayin', Lissa. If we couldn't spend our nights sleepin' together, I don't know what I'd do."

"That's easy, Brother. We'd just have t' move out. There's absolutely no way I'd ever givin' up makin' love t' you, an' we'd just have t' find a way we could be together."

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Lissa and I awoke - as we had every morning, since that last night in Mama and Dad's bed - lying in each other's arms.

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