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Joseph takes Rachel on a date, and learns to power bottom.

or! "Jesus, Boo! Those things are huge!"

Britnee grinned, "An' they ain't even hard yet! Hey... Why ain't you morons hard? You been tweakin' again? Don't lie to me!"

"No, Ma'am... Maybe a little..."

"But we only done it what fer to make sure the products we sells meets our cushtomer's satisfaction and what not!"

Britnee felt the anger building inside and balled her fists, "If I gotta get up an' slap the piss outta you two, you both gonna be sorry! Now get them dicks hard! Yer bein' rude to our guest!"

Almost instantly the twin fools had raging hard-ons! Lara picked her jaw up off the floor and exclaimed, "Jesus, they really are huge! MotherFucker!!"

"Guys, turn sideways so she can get a better look," Britnee ordered, tweaking a nipple as she gazed at her favorite cocks.

The twins turned towards each other, holding their dicks out and making runway model poses. Lara swore again as she saw just how long and fat the two dicks were and started rubbing her cunt. Britnee shifted her ass closer to Lara and put her legs in the air.

"Git over here an' eat our pussies, you stupid mopes! Don' just stand there," she called out! Whispering in Lara's ear, "I found out the more you insult them, the harder they fuck!"

Lara giggled and pulled her legs up as Jayden and Jed fell between their thighs and began licking and sucking the hot cunts before them. Britnee groaned in delight and leaned over to kiss her friend as Jed slowly lapped up and down her wet snatch. Lara squeezed one of Britnee's fat, ripe tits as Jayden sucked on her clit. The two girls began kissing as the men continued their oral moves. The kissing soon turned into a heated game of tonsil hockey as Britnee and Lara grew more and hornier, caressing and massaging each other tits and bellies. Jayden began using his tongue like a penis, flicking it in and out of Lara's cunt, which rewarded his efforts with a faceful of hot juice!

When Jed slipped a finger up her ass, Britnee cried out and grabbed his head in both hands, mashing his face into her pussy! Both girls were moaning and wantonly humping the faces of the twin idiots who grunted and slurped and sucked on the horny cunts! Jed began chewing on Britnee's engorged clit which set off a chain reaction in the petite fuck doll!

"OOOOHHHHShit! FUCK! I'm Cumminggg!! AAAIIIEEE," She wailed, flooding Jed's face with girl cum! Her body jerked spasmodically as the orgasm ripped through her!

Lara felt her own orgasm building and shoved Jayden back, "Shit! Shit! Shit!," she cried, going completely still then, thrusting her pelvis like a mad woman, screaming as she erupted!

"Jeeezzzzuuuuzzzz fuckfuckFUCKKK!! I'm CUUMMIINGGG TOO!!"

By the time the Goth girl recovered, the men had switched places and Jed was in the process of rolling her over on her side and splitting her legs wide apart so he could lick her ass! Lara groaned as she felt his tongue teasing her tight hole and his fingers molesting her cunt! She opened her eyes to a huge tit and she began licking Britnee's hot flesh, searching for the rock hard nipple! Finding it she bit down hard, making her friend scream in pleasure.
Britnee let go with another earth shaking orgasm as Jayden stuffed his tongue as deep as it would go up her drooling cunt. He practically choked as she flooded his mouth with her juices! Lara came soon after moaning into the tit flesh filling her mouth and pushing Jed's fingers out with her quaking pussy as he tongue fucked her asshole! After what seemed like eternity, the girls calmed down, panting and gasping for air, the boys sitting back, wiping their sticky, wet faces and grinning like fools.

"Damn, Boo," Lara gasped, staring at the twins with awe, "Where'd they ever learn to eat pussy like that?

"Aww, baby," Britnee replied, reaching for the bottle and taking a few swallows before passing it around, "I make sure they gets lots a practice! Would you believe they never done it 'fore they met me?"

"Truth," Jayden coughed, "Now we's some cunt lickin' perfesshunals!"

The group relaxed and shared a joint and some cocaine before Bri

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