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Twins forced apart by life discover each other

Our tongues pushed at one another, our lips working and sucking. I could feel her heart pounding, her considerable chest heaving up and down against me with her deep breaths. She gave a little moan against me, and my hand on her back caressed down to grab her ass. She scooted in closer.

After a few minutes, she began making whimpering noises, and I thought it meant one of two things - either she was getting really turned on, or she was going to start crying again. Fortunately, as my hand slid up her side, the whimper became a pleased coo, and that sound intensified as I reached her breast, and gently squeezed.

She moaned my name, so I moaned hers back, which made her abruptly stop kissing me. "Did you seriously just call me 'Hannah'?"

"No," I lied. "I moaned and then said 'Anna.'"

She smirked at me, saying 'You're so full of shit,' without using words.

Embarassed, I shrugged, intending to say 'Sorry, it was loud and you were crying when you told me your name.' She studied me for a moment, then she shrugged, too, returning my gesture.

We went back to sucking face, and in no time at all, my hands returned to their place on her tits.

This went on for a few minutes, with my hand still over her shirt, and I realized we were still standing by the door. I didn't want to break the kiss, so with some pulling, I guided her, as I walked backwards, sat down in one of the wooden desk chairs, and pulled her onto my lap. The chair was armless, and she dangled both legs off one side of me, still kissing and sucking my mouth, still cooing and whimpering as I caressed her full breasts.

I was hard, so hard. It had been a while since I'd gotten any action, and I was terrified she would call it off. But, with her on top of me, pressed against my body, my fear melted away, and one of my hands boldly moved under her sweater, to find the soft squish of a breast.

Anna giggled. "Want me to take it off?"

I didn't respond, but her question had been rhetorical anyway. Over her head went the sweater and the t-shirt, leaving her in a plain white bra, which displayed her curves and a ton of cleavage. I leaned in, planning to kiss along the cups of her bra, but she pushed me back.

"Uh-uh. You've seen me. Now it's your turn." She finished the command with a little sniffle, which undermined the confidence she was displaying with her body to me.

I leaned back, trying to keep my movements deliberate and slow, dropping first my jacket, and then pulling my shirt over my head.

"Hmph. You would be hairy, wouldn't you?"

I shrugged, feeling a little put off. It wasn't like I had said anything disparaging about her body. But I kept my cool. "I told you the whiskey would put hair on your chest."

She laughed. She had a cute laugh. And she ran her fingers through my chest hair, and up through the hair on my head. "It suits you."

I kissed along the top of her bra, her collar, her shoulders. And within a few minutes, she had shifted to having her legs straddling me. Finally, I unhooked her bra, and her large, smooth breasts spilled into my hands.

"Kiss them," Anna whispered, and I obliged, kissing and caressing down her neck, and the tops of her breasts, first one and then the other, finally sucking a nipple into my mouth, and swirling my tongue around it. Her breath caught, and her pink nipple, which had started wide and flat, was now hard and textured, a mound sticking out from the areola.

Fingers caressing my chest and stomach, Anna kissed my ears and cheeks while my mouth was down on her tit. I caressed her breast with one hand while I gently kissed and licked her other, switching every few minutes, then pausing to kiss her lips. Soon, her hand found its way down to touch the bulge at my crotch and down my leg.

My hand made its own way down, to the hem of her skirt, but Anna stopped me.

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