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Man's life takes a left-hand turn, and he wasn't driving.

We all chatted about nothing in particular through dinner. The time after dinner was uneventful, I was assigned pot-washing duty while Olga loaded the dishwasher, but we still polished off a small bottle of a late-harvest dessert wine. Ruth and I were tired from a day of work, the long drive and late dinner. The alcohol from the wine was also making us sleepy, so we headed off to bed pretty soon after finishing the cleanup.

I had folded out the couch into a bed and just finished stripping off my street clothes when my wife asked me to massage her back, saying she was tense from the drive. Massage is one of my talents and massaging my wife is one of my favorite pleasures. I grabbed the scented oil from my bag and started working on her neck and shoulders. When she took a moment to slip out of her panties, I assumed that she wanted a full-body massage. I moved my attentions down to her lower back and cheeks, admiring her round bottom. I have always liked her bottom, she says it's too big, but I think it's pretty. I think her whole figure is still pretty good, even after two kids and over 20 years of marriage. After a moment or two, her hand came over to me and tugged on my shorts. I stopped my massage just long enough to toss them aside and then went back to work. Every so often she would raise her hand slightly so it would brush against my equipment, arousing me to a semi-hard state. Then came the big surprise. After about ten minutes, there was a knock at the door. "Just a minute." I called, heading for the pajama bottoms in my bag.

"Come on in." My wife contradicted me.

"What?" I was so startled by this turn of events that I dropped my pajamas. My shy wife lying there naked and inviting someone else into the room? Had I heard her right?

The door opened and there was Olga, wearing only a pair of sheepskin slippers. I'm certain by this time that my mouth was wide open in surprise. Was my jaw hitting the floor yet? Without a word, Olga walked on in and over to the bed where she grabbed some oil and started massaging my wife's back, like this was the most normal thing in the world. I tried to say something, I don't know what, but all I could manage was an inarticulate gurgle and some stammering. Ruth motioned me back over to the bed and pointed at her back. I closed my mouth with a gulp and went back to massaging again. But I couldn't keep my eyes off of Olga. This was the first time I had seen her nude and she looked just as good as she did in her faire garb. Her legs were long and lanky, but a little bit chunky right at the top, and her bottom was well shaped. Her belly was flat, with no sign of any paunch and I confirmed that she was a real blond. Her pubic hair was rather sparse, giving me a good look at her sweet outer lips. She had apple-sized breasts, very firm with aureoles as pale as her lips. Her skin was naturally very pale, with hardly any tan at all, even the parts that her Ren Fair outfit didn't cover. Her nipples were the best surprise, they were a normal diameter, but twice as tall as any nipples I had ever seen.

The power of speech finally returned to me. "You two planned this, didn't you?" I accused.

They both confirmed my suspicions with giggles. I continued the massage, but moved my hands down past my wife's pretty bottom, focusing my strokes on her plump upper legs. First one leg then the other, occasionally letting my fingers brush against her sex, feeling her wetness start. She had just let out a contented sigh when Olga announced that it was her turn for some massage. Ruth hopped off the bed on the side away from me and Olga plopped facedown in her place. Ruth oiled up her hands and started to work on Olga's neck and shoulders. I went to work on her lower back.

Under the care of four hands she soon relaxed enough that I could feel the difference in her muscles.

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