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Two friends try to improve their game.

Her eyes haven't left my face, where as mine have traveled all over her body. She always studies my face like this. She has great expectations every time we're together, and I think it's good she's probably not in town much. I have enough trouble living up to her expectations the one or two times we see each other each year.

When my pants and underwear are in a pile on the floor, her gaze moves straight south to my penis. She claims it's on the larger end of those that she's experienced even though I assure her it's pretty average. Her hand starts moving a bit faster as she views it semi erect. Suddenly, she's no longer warming up; she's ready to go.

I climb between her legs, scoop her thighs into my hands and pull her soft, naked mound to my face. My tongue slides over her already wet folds and up to her clit in long, wide licks. The more into it I get, the more she wriggles above me murmuring and moaning her approval. I slide a finger slightly into her vagina and hunt for the magic spot. Within seconds she tells me I've found it, and at a moderate speed I circle the tip of one finger and then two inside her. My left hand reaches up and plays with her right nipple. As her right hand snakes back down toward her clit, I catch the tip of her fingers in my mouth and wet them for her. As she rubs, she verbally directs my actions. I tug on her nipple more roughly and move the fingers in her with more pressure. She knows her body and minutes after I follow her directions comes the quiet whisper of "Joseph..." with the soft J sound she uses as cums hard and fast.

I bury my face in her folds again. She's sensitive everywhere now and she closes her thighs firmly against my ears. After several long insistent kisses to her genitals, I move in again, this time a finger in the vagina, more deeply, and one in her anus. I move them at an incredibly fast rate. Her thighs tighten and she's panting like crazy. Her hands run through my curly, graying hair. She's not guiding any more. She's trying to hold the wave of orgasm back.

In a panic, she lets go of my head both with her hands and her thighs, sits up and slides her hands under my armpits.

"Up-Here-Now!" She demands in gasping breaths.

I slide up her body and my penis slides into her. I'm not rock hard and ready yet, but I can still feel her muscles close all around my penis as my lips find hers. I begin to move in a moderate in-and-out pattern as we kiss. Her hands are on my face, then moving down my back, over my ass and up my sides again. She pushes her hips back and her legs bend and slide over my lower back allowing me deeper penetration.

I open my eyes in mid kiss. Her eyes are closed tightly like she's concentrating. I kiss down her jawline toward her ear and speak to her.

"I want you to hold off. I want to climax together. Can you do that?" Her eyes open halfway and we gaze at each other as I completely withdraw and insert myself again.

She nods, kisses me and starts to turn her hips to the left to change positions. When I'm on my back, she inverts herself so she's straddling my chest facing my feet. I lift her knees back so I can suck on her clit as she goes down on me.

I've had girlfriends who gave fine blowjobs before, but this girl, she's not only willing, she's eager to please, and I will admit I'm certainly happy to receive.

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