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Jason pops another in the start of a wild weekend.

when you came?"

"I heard you squealing with pain and pleasure being stabbed mercilessly by that monster cock, your hands gripping his back and heels dug into his ass pulling him into you deeper, and I felt Lexi's pussy milking my cock and her huge breasts being mashed under my gripping hands, I felt her ass when I reached down and grabbed her intense, so fucking vivid it is like it all just happened. You liked it too, I've never felt you so wet."

"I think you like this, I think you are one of those guys who needs this, no, don't argue with me, look who has is getting an erection again, look who can't seem to get enough." Anne reached down while pulling off James and grasping his slimed cock rocked her pelvis forward and pushed her asshole down onto this fully erect cock, "Tell me you've had enough...and I'll get off your lap, tell me you want to hear more and I'll drop down and you can go where no man has gone before..." Anne rocked her hips feeling James' penis open her sphincter, "Tell what you want me to do." Anne urged.

James grabbed her hips and pushed his cock into her ass, "Talk to me, tell me about how big he is, how deep it goes..." he panted thrusting into her. "Oh God, you are so tight."

Anne winced feeling him rip into her, but soon the pain went away and his pubic bone banging against clit was taking her into a new and interesting set of feelings, for nerves stimulated and excited to their peak levels. Ripping off her top, she leaned into James and hissed, "Ssssuuck my nipples, bite them, I'll tell you but I need you to ravage me with your powerful cock." She moaned when James attacked her ass. "You will be leaving me for two weeks, two weeks alone, you know I have needs, my fingers will not be enough, alone in my bed at night, yesssss...yesssss, pound my assss, ah, you can't believe your sweet little wife won't pick up the phone, uh...uhh...uhhhh, right there, two fingers, yessss, God! 'John, can you come over and look at my plumbing? Not that plumbing. Yes, you look at the plumbing and you can also check out my plumbing.' John is so nice, he comes over and checks everything out very thoroughly, you saw how careful he was today covering all of me with sun screen, ohhhh, yessss...I like it hard, he'll open me up and probe me with his big meaty fingers, his tongue and after he makes me get his cock totally wet with my mouth, Oh fuck...uuuhhhh...uuuuhhhh." Anne writhed all over James as he roughly pulled his fingers against her slimy twat and pounded her ass.

She collapsed on James' chest and felt his hands grab her ass cheeks and began pounding her harder while lifting and pulling her back down which induced another explosive orgasm from him, spewing cum deep into her rectum before letting go and sprawling back on the chair. She pulled herself off his cock and stood up, kissing him she stiffly went down the hallway to shower, regretting letting James back door access.

When she got out of the shower thinking no one ever again will get near her ass, she peeked out and saw James sound asleep in bed. Brushing her teeth and not bothering to put on her tee shirt, she exhaustedly crawled in next to her sleeping husband wondering if she really would try to fill that spot while he is gone for two weeks.

James came into the kitchen looking glum. "Morning, are you alright?"

"I'm having trouble sitting comfortably, that was fun, but trust me, you're not going to experience that again," Anne groaned, "How are you?"

"I'm good, but I need to ask, are you really thinking of sleeping with John Davenport while I'm in the Bahamas?" James asked quietly.

"No, no I'm not, I thought it was fun to get you all excited, but I wouldn't call him, no." Anne said.

"That's a relief, it was exciting, but I'm not sure I could handle it in reality, in a way it would be really great if I could." James replied, "But a thought just came to me, Davenport knows you will be alone and I'm pretty sure he wants...wants to do you, if he calls you, asks you to lunch, or...what will you say?"

"I see why you are so glum, I c

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