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Biography of a cum drinker.

Where are we going?"

I was caught off guard. " like Italian?"

You frown and arch a blonde eyebrow at me. "I thought you understood how it was Mike. Was I wrong?" Your arms are crossed in front of your lovely breasts.

The click was almost audible. "No," I said. "We are going to Luigi's. Right now." You pause for a second and then stand up. No. You glide up unleashing your deadly weapon of a body. You raise you hands above you head and stretch. Your breasts strain at your black blouse, a hint of pink showing between buttons. You lean over the cube wall behind you telling Barb you are going to lunch. Your skirt rises showing the tops of your stockings and clings to the curve of your perfect ass. My aren't wearing any panties. My cock is suddenly straining against my pants.

You turn back to me and arch that sexy blonde eyebrow again. "On second thought," I say. "Are there any conference rooms free right now?"

Your lips purse and I wonder if I fucked up, but no you were thinking. "Yes, room 213 upstairs."

I take a breath. " I'll get take out and you go to 213 and wait for me." You turn to go. "And Donna." I step close and lean in, my mouth almost touching your ear. "You will be leaning on the table with your skirt raised and your legs spread for me."

Your breath catches. You sigh. "Yes sir," you whisper and my balls almost unload in my pants right there.

I watch as you walk off toward the elevator your ass swaying and I decide right there how I'm going to have you. I need to kill some time so I go to the break room and heat up some cup-a-soups and grab some sodas. I can't believe nobody notices my bulging crotch or at least I guess nobody stares. The ride up on the elevator and walk down the hall take hours. I finally reach the door and pause for a moment. The 'In Use' sign is slid up. Good. I take a breath, open the door and enter closing the door quickly and locking it just in case.

You are bent over the conference table just like a good girl. Your legs are spread apart, knees slightly bent and I can see a glimmer of moisture at your pussy. I can't believe this is happening.

I set the food down on a side table. "You are a good girl Donna," I say. "You did just like I told you and you are going to get a special reward." I slowly and deliberately take off my shoes and drop my pants to the floor. You begin to shiver causing your ass to jiggle ever so slightly. My boxers follow the pants releasing my hard cock. Finally. It was about to snap in half. I step over to you. "Such a good girl," I say. "Such a hot sexy beautiful obedient girl."

Warm hands grab your ankles and roughly spread your legs farther apart. God you asked for this I say. Hands slide up your calves and caress your bare inner thighs spreading your legs out a fraction more. "Don't move a muscle. I love your perfect ass just the way it is."

The hands slide around to the smooth skin of your butt caressing it, gripping and releasing, massaging and slowly spreading you apart. A gentle wet touch flicks around your hole. It circles then drags across the rose probing in a tiny touch and withdraws.

"God. "Sexy Donna...I love your ass it's so beautiful. I've never done this before but I can't help it." You moan and push your ass higher into the air. I told you not to move...but I'm too far gone to care right now.

Hands grip your ass hard and force you apart as far as you can go. The wet presence licks up, down, and circles. Mmmm . I love your taste. You push back against my tongue...a second of hesitation and it plunges into your hole. Your body shudders, you gasp. "Yes...yessss. You squirm at the feel of my tongue circling around inside you and thrusting in and out; fucking your ass.

My tongue pulls out. I can't take this; my cock is going to explode! "Fuck my ass," you say. "Fill it with that cock...please." A soft stiff presence pushes against your hole. Ungh! My cock starts to move in to your tight wetness. It goes in to the head and I stop. You push back.

"I want it all.

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