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Small town girl awakens sexually.

Even so, she felt a bit shy, like her body didn't measure up to theirs. Strictly speaking, of course, it didn't; her breasts were only small B-cups, after all, though her nipples were just as hard as theirs, and she didn't have a lot of curves. At least she had a smooth, flat belly and shapely legs. She hoped the wetness of her pussy wasn't as obvious as it seemed to her that it must be.

Susan and Ann didn't seem to be judging though. They had her walk around the room a few times while they watched her, made her spin around slowly with her arms held up above her head so they could see every side of her. It was funny, they seemed a bit distracted; they kept squeezing their legs together, and licking their lips, and their hands seemed to run over their own breasts a bit more often than seemed normal. After a short whispered conference between themselves, they turned back to Elizabeth.

"Okay honey," said Ann, "We are going to have so much fun! Let's start with the depilatories. Shaving is such a hassle, isn't it? And Wills-Power makes some wonderful creams that do away with that whole problem!" Susan, meanwhile, had selected a couple of jars from the table. She handed one to Ann and removed the top from the one she kept. They each scooped out a big glob of sticky white cream and moved over to her. Susan had her raise her arms again and started smoothing the cream on underneath them. Elizabeth suppressed a gasp at the sensation; it was cold at first, but quickly warmed up and started the same sort of tingling that she'd felt with the face makeup. Meanwhile, Ann had knelt down and started the same process on her legs, beginning at the bottom and working her way up. Susan quickly joined her and they each took one leg. They rubbed their hands firmly and slowly over her flesh, making sure the cream covered every inch.

Elizabeth was quickly slipping into a confused and erotic haze. She couldn't believe what she was letting them do -- she'd only met these women the day before! -- but she had neither the desire nor the willpower to stop them. Susan had told her to keep her arms raised while the cream did its work, so she was standing in the middle of her studio with her hands clasped above her head, looking down with her wet lips parted at the two women at her feet. Her eyes kept going to the cleavage she could see so clearly from that angle.

Relaxed as she was, she did jump and start to speak when she felt Susan's hand go right between her legs, but Ann stood up and kissed her hard on her open mouth just at that moment. She moaned as she felt Ann's tongue push in between her lips and touch her tongue, and completely forgot what she'd been about to say. Ann pulled back an inch or two, looking straight into her eyes. "It's important to get every bit, isn't it?" she asked seriously.

Elizabeth whimpered slightly as one of Susan's hands moved directly over her pussy and began rubbing the cream into her bush. Susan's thumb seemed to have strayed into her slit, rubbing gently on her clit. Her other hand was between her ass cheeks. "But I'm wet," she whispered to Ann.

She just smiled and moved in for another kiss. "That's okay dear," she answered, "I'm sure Susan doesn't mind. Nothing wrong with feeling nice, is there?" Then her tongue made an answer impossible.

It was probably only a few minutes later that she became aware of Susan's voice saying that she was all finished with that step.

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