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A coach gets in over his head by an overly ambitious student.

I quickly rinsed any remaining soap off of me, and shut off the water. The two girls had moved towards the door, and were making their way out of the bathroom, towards the bedroom. I grabbed a towel for myself and headed out immediately behind them.

Jenny turned towards me, "Mike, will you please grab us something to drink? No more alcohol though please, just grab a few cokes or something."

"Sure," I said, and turned to head to the kitchen.

"Will you grab me one too?" Dawn asked.

"Of course, you two go get in the bed and I'll be right there"

I reached the kitchen and opened the fridge, my swollen cock leading the way. I wanted to get the drinks as quickly as possible so there was no chance of them "losing the mood". I grabbed a couple bottles of soda, then turned and headed towards the bedroom for the second time tonight.

I walked in, and instantly realized my worries were unfounded. Jenny had grabbed her overnight bag from the corner and had gotten out a large, purple vibrator, which I know is her personal favorite. She then turned to move towards Dawn, who was lying on the bed, with her legs spread, waiting to be satisfied. She was once again rubbing her pussy and had a look of desperation on her face. She was still clearly very frustrated and wanting to get fucked, and soon.

Jenny reached for the bottle of Coke and took a long sip. She then offered up the bottle to Dawn, who quickly refused, clearly too horny to be concerned about anything but getting something stuffed into her waiting pussy. I opened the bottle and took a long swig myself, debating my next move.

As horny as she was, I decided that it was my turn to get in on some of the action as well. As Jenny moved towards her on her left side, vibrator in hand, I moved to Dawn's right and placed my hand firmly on the back of her head and pulled it towards my throbbing cock. As I looked down at her, she had a look of surprise, but that look quickly turned back to lust as she grabbed the thick shaft and wrapped her lips around it, taking it in as far as she could.

At nearly exactly the same time I was stuffing my dick in her mouth, my wife shoved all 8 inches of the vibrator into Dawn's dripping pussy.

"That's right, suck my man's dick while I fuck you! Do you love it? Come on tell me, do you love it?"

Dawn's mouth was stuffed to the brim with my cock, so all she could do was let out a vague, muffled "yes", and nod her head a few times.

I watched as Jenny got up on all fours to get a really good angle, and jam that large, plastic cock into her. She then turned on the vibrator and returned it to the depths of Dawn's aching cunt. This was perhaps the hottest of all the things I had done, ever. Believe me, there have been some hot, crazy things that have gone on in our sex life, but this one was at the top of the charts.

I was fucking my ex-wife's mouth, while my wife Jennifer fucked her with a huge plastic cock. This was incredible! This was everything I could have ever imagined in my wildest dreams, and here I was living it out, right here in this hotel suite. We continued fucking her mouth and pussy for several minutes, and I even reached down and spread her pink pussy lips nice and wide as Jenny slid the rubber cock in and out of her hot, pink hole.

As great as it was, I decided to turn it up a notch.

"Jenny, stick a finger in her ass, she loves it," I said, urging my wife to help me "airlock" the horny little slut we had spread out on the hotel bed.

She did as she was told and Dawn quickly responded by bucking her hips and letting out a series of profanity-laden screams.

"Oh yeah, fuck my little pussy and ass, come on you two, fuck me," she urged. "I want it, I want it so fucking bad, come on, treat me like a fucking slut, like a fucking whore, I don't fucking care, just FUCK ME!"

She had removed my cock from her mouth when Jenny stuck the finger in her ass, I went to move back towards her and stuff my cock back in, but

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