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Trying to save a marriage worth saving.

No longer was he trying to seduce her but instead was now telling her how their relationship could never be, how it was wrong.

But that wasn't what made her gasp.

In the rewritten dialogue the character was no longer addressed as "Jennifer", now she was "Ellie".

Reading it again, Ellie realized that these words came from his heart, as all her father's words did. But these words were telling of his feelings for her. Through the character he was declaring his love for her, his desire for her, and of his struggle to subdue those feelings.

Ellie held the papers in numb hands as she let the implications of the new dialogue sink in.

Did her father desire her? Did her father have sexual feelings for her?

She shook her head. This couldn't be how her Daddy thought of her. The words on the pages were the words of a tortured man, one who was struggling with feelings he declared "wrong" and "unnatural". But one who was failing to convince even himself.

Her heart clenched as she thought of the torment her father must be enduring. Her heart hurt for him in a way she had never thought possible. She loved her Daddy with all her heart, but he was her Daddy. This relationship he was writing about could never be.

Suddenly she realized that if her father discovered she had read these scribbled words he would know she knew of his feelings. And she knew the shame of that would destroy him. And she could never be a party to his destruction. She leapt from the bed and pulled open her bedroom door, glancing towards his study to make sure she would not be seen as she returned the papers to the kitchen.

Running lightly down the stairs she scattered the papers over the table, taking a moment to try to simulate the way they had been when she had gathered them up. Feeling her heart pounding as though it was about to jump through her chest, she hurried back to her room and closed the door in relief as she heard the sounds of her father moving around in his study.

Throwing her robe over the chair she climbed into bed and pulled the comforter around her face, her heart still racing and her breathing fast and shallow. She lay rigid in her bed, not knowing what to think or feel as she heard the sounds of her mother coming upstairs, closing the door to her bedroom and the sounds of the house settling.

Despite her determination that she would never sleep, Ellie felt her eyes flutter closed as the heaviness of sleep overcame her, taking her thoughts and concerns away.

Ellie's eyes opened with a start. She looked at the illuminated face of her bedside clock and saw that she had been asleep for several hours. She listened carefully and heard a creak as her bedroom door was slowly and carefully opened. Screwing her eyes closed she feigned sleep as her father crept across the deep pile of the rug to stand at the side of her bed.
Letting out a low, sleepy moan Ellie threw her arm over her eyes, allowing her to peek from under lowered eyelashes to see what he was doing.

She saw him standing, looking down at her, his face mournful. He reached down and gently caressed her cheek with a single finger before leaning down to kiss her lips so very gently. He stood up once more and stood for several minutes looking down at her.

"Ellie," his whisper, barely audible, "my beautiful Ellie." His voice cracked as he spoke and as he turned to leave she saw that his cock was pushing against the material of his pajamas. His cock was erect for her again.

She let out a short gasp and froze as he stopped to turn and look back towards her. She could see the fear on his face that she had awoken. Groaning gently she turned slightly as though in sleep and saw his expression relax before he turned to leave her room.

As the door gently clicked closed Ellie's eyes shot wide open. Her heart was racing and she could hear every pump of blood through her body in her ears.

For the next couple of days she had stayed out of her father's way, finding reasons to stay in her room, last minute assignments presented as excuses when her mother asked if sh

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