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Three times she gave me a gift you can only give once.

My sex moistened, aching to be given the same attentions.

"Lower, Fez..." I beseeched him, nudging my hips towards his chin. He shot me a wickedly sexy smile and shook his head.

"First, these boots have got to go." Fez declared, and took my right leg in his hands. "They are stunning, but you are more naturally beautiful without them." He slipped the boot from each of my calves and dropped them to the floor. His hands ran themselves tenderly over their shape, admiring the petite arch of my bare feet and the siren red nail polish on my toes. I watched, enraptured as he squeezed a thick line of cold chocolate syrup slowly, tortuously up the entire length of my leg, all the way to my sex. I squirmed underneath the sensation of his tongue licking syrup from my toes, taking each one in his mouth and sucking leisurely. My senses were on fire as Fez licked his way up my inner thigh, flicking his tongue along the sensitive areas, sending bolts of pleasure burning through my nerve endings. I started to moan in anticipation as he drew nearer to my tingling sex, only to work his way up to my stomach. As he ran the tip of his tongue lightly along my side, I jumped and threw my head back, thrusting my body against his from the heat of passion. Fez laughed lustily at my reactions.

"What's the matter?" He asked innocently, kissing along the side of my neck and biting my earlobe. "Don't you like it? Aren't you enjoying yourself, Jackie?"

I groaned softly and rubbed myself against him. "Touch me, Fez." I sighed, writhing on the counter as I did so. He chuckled in a lusciously sinister way. "You've been a bad girl, amour. So very spoiled in public, and so sadistic in private. I think someone needs to be taught a lesson."

The tingling inside me flourished into a torturous longing. "I've been a good girl," I pouted, playing along if it would get me my way. Fez laughed in a voice deepened by desire and traced his tongue along my earlobe. "Mm-mmm. I don't think you have. You've been a very selfish girl. I think you need to be put in your place." It was then he produced the feather I had forgotten about from downstairs. My eyes widened. I hadn't even noticed him pick it up. Then he let me see the silk napkin.

"What are you going to do to me?" I inquired nervously. There was that infuriating smile again, sending butterfly wings flapping against my stomach walls.

"I told you. I'm going to teach you a lesson." Fez replied. He reached over nonchalantly and tied both my wrists together, weaving one end of the napkin through the cupboard's handle. I watched helplessly as he retrieved a fancy dishtowel from under the sink and blindfolded me with it. I couldn't see anything through the fabric, but I soon felt his lips and his hot breath brushing over my chest and neck, sending shivers all through me. "Fez..." I whispered timidly as he backed away. I had no idea what he was going to do next, and it both scared and aroused me. I felt those bedroom eyes rake over my vulnerable naked body, making me tremble.

Suddenly I felt the feather's light, tormenting touch brush against my neck. I gasped and whimpered as the sensation slowly continued along my collarbone, around and between my breasts, flicking each of my stiffened nipples.

"Are you going to be a good girl for me, Jackie, hmm?" Fez's voice asked me. The feather brushed it's way down my abdomen, pausing near my crotch only to come up to flick lightly along the underside of my arms, hinting at the curves of my breasts. I involuntarily thrust my head back, trying to pull my body away from the maddening feeling. The feather tickled my thighs, then my knees, and briefly stroked the arches of my feet. I nearly leapt off the counter, but I couldn't, even if I tried. Dewy beads of perspiration had formed above my lip, and the sweat was trickling down the small of my back. "I'll be good, Fez, really." I whined.

"I am not convinced, amour.

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