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The princess explores the castle, and meets a stranger.

Then they will switch positions. Sometimes, they will make her kneel and give a blowjob to them. Just to make things more thrilling, once Bharath was getting a blowjob from Shruti. His friend from another team was walking down the opposite lane. He was not in a position to see Shruti. But he talked to him for around 10 minutes, while Shruti was giving him blowjob.

One day, we went early morning to office for a meeting. Bharath was so much horny that day. He took her to the mens restroom. He took her to a toilet cubicle. I was at my desk when I got a call from Bharath. He asked me to come to take condoms from Shruti's bag and come to the restroom. I went to the restroom and shouted his name, he opened a cubicle door and asked me to give the condoms. I took a glance inside when I gave the condoms, Shruti was sitting on the toilet commode with her legs placed on the two walls of the cubicle. Of course, she was nude. He had put a lot of tissue paper inside her mouth to stop her from screaming. I gave the condoms and came back to my place. I was nervous and didn't know what to do. After fucking her for 10 minutes, Bharath came to his place with her dresses. Shruti was nowhere to be seen. He gathered the team and told "Shruti has been locked in the toilet. She is nude. Anyone who wants to fuck her can go and have her there. My mobile is with her. If anyone wanted a round with her, you could send a text to signal her to open the door when you enter the washroom"

Santosh and Bharath went there from time to time. Pandian told he didn't want to go. Shruti was in the gents restroom cubicle without a single piece of cloth throughout the day. In the afternoon, when Bharath was coming out of the room, our manager Vivek saw Shruti inside. He waited till Bharath left. After making sure no one was there, he knocked on the door. Shruti didn't respond. He knocked multiple times. He then shouted "Shruti. I know you are inside. Now let me in or I will tell about this to everyone"

Shruti - Yes. Go ahead and do it. We still have your video. I will make sure that you get screwed for that

Vivek - Come on. You are letting everyone do it. Wont you let me? Please?

Shruti - That is like a good boy. If you want it ask for it. Don't try to blackmail me

Vivek - Will you let me in?

Shruti - Why? You fucked me like an animal for a whole night. You are still not tired of me

Vivek - Who will get tired of having sex with a beautiful brahmin woman like you?

Shruti - Aaaaahhh.. Enough of the lies.

Vivek - Please Shruti..

Shruti - Ok.. Come in and finish it soon. You have only 5 minutes time

Santosh went for the next round and was shocked to see Vivek coming out of it. He came back after having a go at her. Santosh then took her clothes and went back to the room. Shruti dressed up, and came to our place. Santosh asked her "Seriously. You did it with Vivek?"

Shruti - Sorry. He was so convincing

Bharath - Still. Even after what happened in the resort, you opened your legs for him? You are a certified slut

Shruti - Come on. What happened there was because of your plan. I did it for you. He had always been a good manager for me

Pandian - Wow. Suddenly the bitch is supporting that bastard

Shruti - Stop it. I thought we are friends now

Pandian - Yes. We are friends now. But still you are a bitch

Shruti - Whatever.. Listen guys. The truth is I felt a bit bad for Vivek when you were blackmailing. He fucked me like that because of the trap you laid for him. So I could not refuse when he asked today. This was a chance for me to make up for what I did to him

Pandian - Good joke. Tell us this was a chance for you to get another dick

Shruti - Think whatever you want

That was when Vivek came there

Vivek - Hey guys. If you don't mind, can I suggest something

Santosh - What? You want to go to the resort again?

Everyone laughed

Vivek - Not that.

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