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A fertility clinic with a twist.

I was now standing naked in front of this strange black man named Jake with only a garter belt and stockings and heels on. Jake was starring at my body from head to toe and the next thing I remembered was Jake putting his hands around my body and cupped my ass in his big hands and leaned forward and kissed my tummy near my belly button.

My whole body began to tingle with little bumps when I felt Jake kissing my belly with his dark lips. Never before did I feel like I did at that moment standing there in front of Jake with my tits and pussy exposed to his eyes.

I could see the lust in his eyes as he continued kissing little circles around my belly button as he reached out and held my writs in his big hands. Although he held me gentle, his grip on my arms was firm and I soon found that I couldn't move them.

God. If my husband ever found out about this, he'd kill me and Jake. Here I was standing here acting like a whore in heat. Yes. I was excited! I never screwed a black man before and never considered even dating one.

My mind was playing tricks on me! Or was it?

Jake moved his head lover as he held onto me and was soon kissing my shaven pussy mound making me shiver even more. I kept looking down at his face and saw that he was taking it all in! Me!

I can't really explain how I felt at that moment. Part of me wanted to stop because this wasn't right and the other half of me wanted to find out what it would be like. The contrast of his coal black skin against my own was causing excitement for me!

My heart almost sank and skipped a beat when Jake stood up in front of me. He was still holding onto my wrists as he leaned over and gave me another passionate kiss on my lips. It was a slow long kiss as I sucked on his tongue. He was tasting me, devouring me with his mind.

When Jake finished kissing me, he leaned near my ear and whispered to me. "Take your hands and slowly pull down my shorts."

Jake finally let go of my arms which were trembling at that moment and slowly placed them on the waist band of Jake's shorts and began pulling them down. He was much taller than me so I had to give them a tug to get them over his full cheeks than suddenly his cock jetted straight out at me, almost hitting me in the face.

I had to kneel down to pull them down his legs and my face was only inches from his massive black pole! Jake stepped out of the shorts once they reached the floor. I began to straighten myself back up but Jake's big hands were pushing me back down as he said. "Go ahead and get on your knee's."

I innocently looked up at Jake's eyes as I got down on my knee's in front of him. Yes. I was acting submissive to this large black man standing in front of me! His voice was calm and gentle and he wasn't being rough with me but I was obeying his command to kneel on the floor.

"Take hold of my cock with your hands and look at it."

I starred up into Jake's eyes like a little school girl as I positioned myself on the floor and lifted my arms up and felt them shaking as I grasped his large cock with my dainty hands. It felt huge as I slowly circled my fingers around its girth. I was comparing it to my husband!

It was so much larger and throbbed to my touch. Its veins were protruding out from its skin, almost looking evil. It scared me! I was trying not to be afraid of him. It's just that his huge size intimidated me so much!

"Calico. Don't be afraid. Lean forward and kiss the head."

I felt like a robot as I responded to Jake's command and moved my head forward and kissed the large black head. I moved my fingers to get a better grip on him as he took a deep breath holding his head back.

"Yeah. Go ahead and lick the head and move your tongue all around it. Hold my balls with your hands as you make love to it. Go ahead! Don't be afraid!"

With a little hesitation, I moved my head forward and licked the head with my tongue feeling a drop of his cum and tasted its salty taste.

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