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He became a Pussy Slave.

"That's it!!" He said with horny look on his face.

"So you're not bothered who's sucking you off then?" I asked.

He pulled his cock back out.

"I'd rather think it was a hot woman, like yourself." He said winking at me.

"Aren't you going to let them make you cum?" I asked inquisitively.

"Nah, that was just a demonstration for your benefit." He said. "I'll save my cum for you, later on"

"That's a bit presumptuous isn't it?" I said. I was so horny that, if he wanted to put his big dick inside me, there was no way on earth I was going to stop him.

"Come on, this way." He said, ignoring my comment. "Do you know what bukkake is?"

I knew what bukkake was and I'd seen the name above the door, so I knew exactly where we were off to next.

We entered the room. It was a big long rectangular room, spit into sections. An area for Gay men, one for straight men and women, and an area that just said 'Anything goes.' above it.

There were several bath tubs and two shower cubicles with spiral staircases around them, much like the one in the bathroom I visited earlier.

There was a raised seating area, like a viewing platform with a few people watching on. So we took a seat as we finished our drinks. It was a kind of bukkake spectator sporting event.

To the left was the gay area. There was a bald man in his forties, sitting in a big bath tub with half a dozen other guys jerking off over him. At least a couple of men had already ejaculated on him as he had spunk trickling down his bald head onto his face.

There were a few more men queuing up, wanking off as they stood there awaiting their turn. Then one guy exploded all over the mans face as a few people cheered and clapped.

My head was then drawn to a woman in front of us. She was chained to a pillar, wearing the usual black rubber look fetish gear. She, again was in her forties, attractive, big breasted and blond.

A man, presumably her master stood above her, holding her by her hair, pointing her head upwards as a queue of men formed in front of her.

The first man, in his early twenties, stood in front of her and masturbated furiously over her face, she stuck her tongue out every so often to taste the tip of his young cock. I counted less than a minute of frantic wanking before he splashed a huge load of fresh, white jizz over her face and hair.

The audience, which consisted of Master D' and myself, a horny looking young couple a few seats down from us, and a lone middle aged man in the front row, all stood and clapped the young masturbator as he slumped away, leaving the woman covered in his semen.

The next inline entered the fray. A little, balding, chubby man in his mid thirties with a little chubby dick. He wiped it all over her gooey face, forcing her to suck it. He lasted a bit longer than the first. Maybe three minutes, before he shot his load into her mouth and eyes. All the time her master holding her head up forcefully, although she did seem to be enjoying the attention.

Four more men spunked over her before her master led her away, parading her around the room, for all to see the disgrace of her cum covered face. I was so horny I could have licked it all off her. Or, if Dan was there I'd have gotten him to do it instead.

"Another drink?" Said Master D' finishing up the last of his Gin.

"Oh, I'm pretty drunk." I replied. "I might take a rain check on the booze for a bit."

"Oh no, I didn't mean alcohol." he said pointing to an empty bath in the middle of the room. "I meant it's someone's turn to sit in the bath tub."

"Me? I questioned, looking back at Master D'. "I'm a mistress, I'll have you know."

"You're not my mistress." He said jokingly. "There's a line of guys there who want a sexy, young lady to cum over, are you going to deny them that?" He asked.

I like being a dominant type to Dan, I mean I really fucking enjoy it.

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