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A young woman and her mentor.

I opened up and expressed some true feelings! I began wondering how delicious she might be. Now I truly was beginning to have my own sophomoric ideas.

"That skirt you have on, well it's... it's... simply sexy on you, as well as the top you are wearing!" I felt as if I was going to drool; thankfully I didn't.

"That's as straightforward as it gets Jan! How can a man like me not be captivated with a gorgeous woman like you?"

"I'm happy that we decided to go on this trip. I sure am proud to say that I'm your date today. I sure hope you feel the same."

Jan came back proudly saying, "Well aren't I the blessed one? Receiving compliments like that will get you everywhere." Then she winked at me, reached over, grabbed my hand, and held it between her fingers while she drove us up the highway.

I wanted to undress her while she was driving.

"Well, Jan, I suppose it's my turn to be straightforward as it was yours yesterday."

An inquisitive look came over her.

"I'd love it somehow, if I... then I hesitated for sounding downright rude... I'd love it if you and I could become intimate physically. I'm trying to be as subtle as I can, honey, but that outfit you are wearing, sweetheart... well its overwhelming! It is a burden on my soul! It's breaking down my self control... how else can I put it? You look simply incredible and, and..." I paused trying to choose the right words.

"You'd love for me to... well remove my top or skirt so you can have all the fun? Right out here on the open highway, while I'm driving, you'd like to do that? Conk... oooooohhh... do not tease me like that. I'd love for you to find a way to get down underneath the steering wheel and the floor, push up my skirt, pull down my under wear, and do what it is that you want to do. I would love it if that could be done. But I think I'd run off the road into one of the deep ditches!" She began giggling excitedly as if she wanted it badly, I think. I didn't know about her but the idea of eating her out while she was driving or not driving became welded on my brain!

Then out of nowhere, Jan pulled off the highway onto to the brim. She looked at me and said, "Personally honey, I am very happy you chose to vacation here at our community. But this has been an added bonus for me at least!

Why you chose this area is beyond me! You easily could have gone up the road and stayed with a younger group closer in age to you."

She went onto say, "If I can speak for the majority of the residents, we are especially thrilled that you have come to stay near us; I know that for sure as far as I'm concerned!" Her eyes glowed and a loving smile showed up on her face!

"Honestly Conk, I find you extremely... well... is tasty a good word? As a guest and I'm not afraid to tell you, I would love it too if you would do what you intimated you wanted to do! I'd love to become intimate with you too... and right now honey!"

Hormonal imbalances surfaced everywhere in me! God, my cock became hard! I wanted to know if she was horny at all! I hoped she was as horny as I felt at that point! I didn't necessarily want to get off the highway and lay out a blanket and either eat her out or just plain fuck her brains out, but I felt as if the timing was perfect for whatever was about to occur! I was sure of that!
Then she smiled, released her hand from my hand, rubbed my thigh, and started slipping her hand underneath my shorts! "Oh how perfect, I began thinking, she's going to find something a little unexpected up there maybe."

She even went a step further and slid her hand deeper inside of my thighs!

Each time she did so, I'd cringe with aroused excitement! I looked down and then looked up and smiled. That smile, I'm sure was an unusual looking one because I wanted to rip open my shorts and let her in! I looked down again and stopped her hand for some odd reason. Looking up again, I asked her... "So soon Jan, are we going to do this out here?"

I don't know what brought on my sense of rationality, because it wasn't as if I didn't want her to hold my cock.

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