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A victorious gladiator claims his reward.

They were rough and strong and...what were those?!?! Claws??? You tried to struggle but the firm hands on your shoulders and neck squeezed tighter with every wriggle, the breathing shadows around you becoming more labored. Your eyes widened as you felt tongues and teeth nibbling and licking at your pink skin. The tongues wriggling across your neck almost seemed to touch, like two pieces of wet sandpaper lightly rubbing together with you in the middle.

"I didn't mean to stand up! I wasn't v...." Your yelling was lost in the sounds of laughter and cheering from the audience, but you couldn't tell if they were cheering at you or the screen. Your pussy was still betraying you, becoming wetter by the second. You grasped at the seats in front of you uncontrollably, gripping the chair arms and the backs in front of you. Even though your clothes were on, it was as if you could feel the constant touching of the shadows right through your tank top, the strange feeling of their cold hands on your legs underneath the jeans. It felt like there were ice cubes and burning matches coursing through them, an almost electric tingling sensation caressing you with every touch. You began to relax deeper into the seat, your legs sliding underneath the chair in front of you.

You looked at the screen again as you felt more formless hands pull your legs apart. There, on the screen, in thirty feet of Technicolor, was your own face. You gaped in shock, barely noticing the tingling on your pussylips as you saw yourself moaning louder and louder, bouncing up and down, buffeted back and forth by two unseen cocks. A shiver went down your spine as a drop of sweat fell from your sun bleached breasts onscreen, and as if in response to that something that felt like massive fingers encircling those same breasts, squeezing both of them completely as if they were going to be sucked right out of your shirt. You tried to call out again, only to feel your tongue being tickled, as if tiny little frozen fingers were lapping at the insides of your mouth like waves, starting to thrust in and out between short breaks. Strangely, it felt much like the time you touched a nine volt battery to your tongue when you were younger. Except this was much milder, and spreading everywhere you could imagine it reaching. Even though your clothes were on, there were similar sensations building at the edges of your pussy and ass. It seemed like with every breath the sensations all over your body, both inside and out, were growing stronger.

The sweating, bouncing, moaning version of you on the screen was in the middle of coming when you noticed what was happening. She began to gag on another cock as she bounced on two others as you realized you were feeling the same sensations, but harder, like a cloud made of steel, covered in sandpaper and electricity trying to push you to your limits. Your legs flopped awkwardly, your mouth gaping open as the unseen cock continued to expand, pushing in your throat still deeper. You began to drool on yourself as the shadowy member kept your mouth open, lost in staring at the screen to see what would happen next. Jolts of sensation began to shake your body as the version of you in a cumstained bikini took cock after cock in all her holes.

You tried to squeal in shock as you saw another woman joined in, squeezing your doppelganger's nipples as she licked your pussy and sucked your clit. In the darkness of the theater your clit felt as if it had a suction cup on it, and you tried to scream over the phantom cock in your mouth as the fleshy logs in both your pussy and ass seemed to grow at once, battering against your cervix and into your stretched rectum at the same time, fucking you right through your jeans. All of the thrusting was happening in unison. You were sure your jeans looked like you had pissed them.

The silver screen version of you was the center of a tableau of debauchery.

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