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A shocking discovery.


I walked from the kitchen through the living room and I can see in the bay window the guy that just left the house.

I did a half-wave acknowledging him and said as I was opening the door, "Yes, Jason, did you forget something?"

"Well, Sir, you seem so kind, and my crew and I have been working on the road for about 2 weeks."

Jason continued, "I could smell your coffee when I was here a few minutes ago and you seem to have such a nice home, I was wondering if you wouldn't mind if the crew takes their break here?"

"" I said surprisingly.

Jason sighed and started in by saying, "Yeah, well, we have been hanging out in hotel lobbies, and fast food restaurants, and it's not easy to sit back and relax as much as we can in our own home. I told the guys how nice your house was and it reminded me of mine, they asked if they could see it and maybe have a cup of that homemade coffee?"

I could understand this as I am an independent contract myself and travel sometimes. Being at a hotel or dinner is certainly not like having a cup of coffee at home.

I then said, "Sure, why not, your guys can come in for a minute and take a load off."

"Are you sure it's no problem? Reggie, one of the guys in the truck, didn't think you would be ok with it, but he comes from a different area then I do."

I said, "No, I guess I don't have a problem with it. I'll go and make some more coffee."

Jason smiles, looking relieved and says, "Cool, let me yell to the guys!"

I walk back up to the kitchen, and it's not till all of Jason's crew were all in the house, that I realized I was still in my robe and hadn't gotten dressed.

Our bedroom is on the other side of the house, and I have four strangers standing between me and my clothes

Jason walks in the kitchen and ask impatiently if he could use the bathroom. I said, "Sure, it's down the hall near the utility room." He says, "Awesome, I think I can find it!" and then laughs awkwardly.

I start to get the cups out for the coffee, but when I turn around to put then on the counter one of the workers was standing in the entrance of kitchen.

He was a thin 6'4", dark black man wearing the same work outfit as Jason but he had a white hard hat on.

He's looking around the kitchen and says in a deep voice, "Hey, thanks man for letting my crew chill here for a bit. I'm Reggie, Jay said, you said you were cool with us hanging out and maybe taking a load off here, is that true?"

I said, "Sure, no problem, you're welcome."

Now I have to think about what is happening here. About 25 minutes ago my wife had left for work, I was laying in bed trying to figure out what I was going to be doing for the day, and in less than a half hour I have watched porn that made me think I wanted to worship a cock.

Then I get caught jerking off in front of a power service guy watching the porn, and now I have four of those workers in my house that Jason told what he saw all while I'm walking around in nothing but a robe.

Not to mention, I have this huge smooth talking black man in my kitchen talking about taking a load off.

What's next?

Well, let me tell you.

Reggie then started to laugh and he said, "I was actually really surprised that you would let us all come in for a break after what Jay said he saw....well, and then the kicker was when he said, you said that we really could come in and take a load off...that's just funny!"

"What do you mean?" I said nervously.

"Come on, man, you man, in a nice white man's house, people could talk!"

"Seriously! Is that what you think?" I said quickly.

"It's cool man." Reggie said, as I looked back, while getting the rest of the coffee cups, I notice him adjusting his cock through his work pants.

He continued and asks, "You ever have a black guy in here, seriously?"

"What!?" I said while trying to not get too excited and scared at the same time .

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