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An 18-year-old girl discovers her cousin is sexually controlled.


Katie gave me a contemplative look, shrugged her shoulders and walked away.

Dinner was a quiet affair as far as Katie and I were concerned although the kids chattered away. After dinner I helped them with their homework and then played some games with them until it was their bedtime. While Katie was putting them to bed I moved a few things into the spare bedroom. The kids in bed I told Katie I was tired and was going to hit the sack early and I left her in the living room watching TV. An hour later I heard the door to the spare bedroom open and then close as Katie looked in to see me there.

The next morning at breakfast Katie asked, "How long are you going to be in this self induced funk of yours?"

"Until I get a handle on what is wrong."

"There isn't anything wrong, it is all in your head."

"Somehow Katie, I don't think so; I don't think so at all."


I don't know why, maybe it is because I have a touch of masochism in me, but I was outside of Brad's place the next Wednesday watching to see what would happen. At nine-thirty Katie came out with a tall black man and they went to her car and a minute later I saw her legs come up as the man fucked her on the back seat. When they were done they went back into the bar and at ten after ten Katie's little pussy posse came out with several guys tagging along and they all headed for Sarah's apartment. Katie had three black guys with her and the four of them got in her car. She got in the back with one man and the other two got in front. Her legs were kicking in the air before the man driving her car even got it started. Halfway to Sarah's the guy fucking her must have finished because he got up and climbed over the seat into the front while the man on the passenger side climbed in back. Less than a minute later Katie's legs were kicking in the air again. I'd seen enough and I headed on home.

For the next two weeks I did the same and nothing changed except the number of guys. One week it was three black men and the next it was two. I really, really wanted to confront her and ask her what was the deal with her and blacks, but in the end I always talked myself out of it. I wasn't ready for confrontation, at least not yet.

For the next three months I pretty much ignored Katie. I slept in the spare bedroom and ignored all of her entreaties to go back to sleeping with her. Twice, after the kids were in bed and sleeping, she walked into the living room where I was watching TV wearing only nylons, a garter belt and high heels.

"This used to get your attention," she said.

I glanced over at her and said, "Yes, it used to" and then after several seconds she ran crying from the room. During that same three-month period I quietly sold the house that my parents had left me and that I had been renting out. I also sold off the two classic cars that I had restored. I told Katie that I needed the money to buy the 32' Ford Coupe that I really wanted. I sold my motorcycle, my stamp and coin collections, and I cashed in five CDs that I had. I squirreled the money away in a coffee can in the garage because lawyers have a way of finding money that is in banks.


I have no idea how much longer things might have gone on the way they were, but one day I just got tired of it. I hired a private detective, gave him all the information that I had and turned him loose. Two weeks later I had his report and I made copies and sent them to the husbands of the women in Katie's little fuck bunny group. I sent them off on Saturday and I was not at all surprised when Katie spent most of Tuesday on the phone. From the time I got home she kept looking at me nervously as if waiting for me to drop the hammer. I decided to play with her.

"Anything interesting in the mail today?"

"No, why do you ask?"

"I got something at the office today that really got my attention." I saw her tense up and I went on, "Some one mailed me a report." I saw a bead of sweat on her forehead.

"What kind of report?"

"I contacted a re

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