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Teacher can't help himself.

He was rubbing his thigh up and down while she humped his leg. "Betsy."

"Shhh let me touch you and make you happy." She felt his hand drop off her wrist and slowly stroked up and down his covered monster.

"Oh, stop or I'm going to cum," he warned.

Carol giggled and moved her hand away. She moved off of the loveseat and lifted her skirt before straddling his lap. "Let me make you really happy."

Allan kept watching his wife being dry humped while Carol did the same to him. His fingers moved around to cup her round ass through the skirt as she lifted and lowered her covered pussy against his hard-on. "OH GOD.....GET OFF!" He cried feeling the dam burst open. He lifted Carol's body and ran towards the hall bathroom.

Betsy too was about to cum when she heard her husband's scream. She pushed her head away and saw him running out. "What happened?" She asked Carol who was pulling her dress down over her nearly naked butt.

Carol giggled and moved to her knees next to Betsy. "He came," she whispered as Bob continued to rub against Betsy's sex. "Do you want to cum too?"

"Yes," Betsy's said with half-closed eyes. "Yes." Her eyes fully closed until she felt fingers moving under Bob's thigh. They rubbed over her clitty causing her to moan. "OH YES RIGHT THERE!"

Bob moved back and off of Betsy's to watch Carol's expert fingers rub and touch Betsy's pussy through her white undies. The material was damp and pushed so far into the slit that they both could see that she was truly a natural blonde.

Betsy was there when she felt Bob move away. She opened her eyes to smile at him when she saw that it wasn't his fingers bringing her off. "CAROL!"

"Yes now cum baby..........cum." Carol's fingers moved into warp speed.

"OHHMYGOD!" Betsy's hips rose upward as her body exploded into tiny pieces.

Allan didn't make it to the restroom in time and had to quickly grab tissues to absorb as much as he could through his moist boxers. He was happy the wetness didn't make it to his slacks and was almost dry when he heard his wife's screams. He quickly zipped and hurried out to see Carol pulling her fingers from between Betsy's opened legs. Bob was kneeling between them looking at the nearly bare golden pussy.

"Wow," Allan said moving in and pulling his wife's legs together. Bob and Carol moved away while he pulled Betsy's dress back down. "So did we pass the test?"

Carol sat down again on the loveseat not caring that her black thong was showing. "I think so. How about you Bob?"

"Definitely," Bob grinned. He had hoped to let Betsy jerk him off but didn't want to press the couple anymore.

"Good," Betsy giggled. She swung her legs around until she was sitting lady-like again. "But, I do have a question."

"Let's hear it," Carol smiled.

" know....together?"

"If it's agreeable to everyone," Carol grinned.

"Whoa.......," Allan quickly said sitting forward. "I'm not messing around with any men."

Bob laughed. "So far we haven't had anyone who swung that way so you don't have to worry."

"Good," he grinned.

"What about me?" Betsy said smacking his leg lightly. "Would you like to see me messing with another woman?"

Carol laughed. "All men like watching two women go at it."

"Well be better get going," Allan said standing up. He was still semi-hard. Betsy stood up next to him. "We will see you both on Saturday."

They all walked to the door and Carol pulled Allan's lips to hers. Betsy and Bob were next as the two couples again frenched and rubbed over each other's asses. Allan pulled away first and a few seconds later Betsy and Bob broke apart. The guys shook hands while Betsy moved forward to hug Carol. She was surprised when Carol took her head in each hand and guided their lips together.

"Dam," Allan whispered seeing Carol's tongue slash into his wife's mouth.

Betsy was not ready for it but when it happened she didn't have the resistance to stop it.

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