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Married man seduced by ladyboy.

You torture me by working it slowly in your mouth, making it precum over and over until you begin to speed it up... and my moans quickly rise in pitch until I scream your name as I cum deep into your mouth, sending large spurts of jism down your neck.

You then turn around, placing your pussy over my waiting face... and as a smile forms on my lips, you resume your slow torturing of my dick. I lather my tongue over your thighs, leading up to your twat which is slowly seeping sweet cream over your clit... and once I hit that, your scream is unbearable as you suddenly cum all over my mouth and tongue, letting me taste your sweet secretions as you cry while continuing your many orgasms...

Finally, you pose your pussy over my hard cock and with a gasp plunge it deep inside. You move your twat over my dick with slow thrusts of your body, your cries building in crescendo as you keep cumming over my rod all through one thousand loving thrusts of your body.

It's then that you slide us around so that I am on top of you... and I repeat the slow thrusts that kept you pleased. Now you tell me that you're ready for the first bleeding by wrapping your arms around my body and moving me closer to your heaving chest, my head leaning towards your silky smooth throat.

I feel your pulse as my lips move along your neck, finding the right vein to draw from this night. As I begin to cum deep inside your twat, my fangs bite deeply into your neck... your blood erupting onto my tongue like hot lava from a volcano. Fueled by your orgasm, the nectar is especially sweet as I drink from you... but before I take your lifeforce, I withdraw my fangs and lick the wounds closed. After a passionate kiss from you, I disappear into the night... but you know that it has begun.

The moon is full in the night sky as I rise from my coffin this night, the one known as Halloween. Knowing that you had trick or treaters visiting you, I wait until 10pm to appear beneath your window... and once the street is dark, I become mist once again to appear at your bedside, a second cloak like my own draped across my arm for you when the change is finished.

I kiss your sweet lips as I lean in, feeling the burning sensation in your body as you wake from your dream filled slumber. You already know why I'm here... and the smile on your face proves to me that you're ready. "But first," I tell her, "we shall make sweet love to each other before I transform you into what I am now."

Pulling the covers from your bed, you are already naked... you knew this night would come and so you didn't wear anything when you went to dreamland, and I smile at what I see.

I immediately cup your tender breasts, the nipples hard from my mere touch of your skin... just like last night. My fangs want to sink into each one of them and take a little of your blood- but I keep my hunger abated for when Midnight comes around.

I wrap my lips around the nipple of one and circle my tongue around it and the areola, my ministrations making them hard as pebbles as your moans encourage me to continue... but then I change strategies, and start kissing your abs and stomach- I even wash your belly button with my tongue...

Finally, I reach the target I was headed for... your sweet and tender pussy that's dripping with your sweet juices. I avoid touching it with my tongue immediately, reaching for the space between your wonderful ass and tight twat.

My tongue circles around your hotbox, avoiding the major parts until my moves lead right to your pussy lips... that causes you to scream as your pussyjuice flows like a river from your inner being. It's then that I know you're ready... and I plunge my now hard cock deep into your twat.

"Oh, Dale," you tell me, "take me and make me yours.

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