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Punishment is more than she can handle.

And now that most of the people from her company had headed home - save Stephanie, Andre and Jerry - the threshold for 'letting the evening get a bit out of hand' was much lower.

'After all', Sarah thought, 'It happens to most people once in awhile - why not me - tonight!'

Once again, Sarah found herself appraising Jerry. What she especially needed, she realized where a pair of strong arms like those - a body like that - taking her in a way that just wasn't possible with her own husband. And it helped a lot that he was good-looking, as well, she couldn't help thinking. With these thoughts in mind, she'd made up her mind already - at least on a subconscious level that if the right chance came up tonight - she was going to go with it!

Gerald - across town - waited on pins and needles. He knew he could call and interrupt, fulfilling - in Stephanie's eyes, at least - the role of a husband who'd 'had enough' of his wife's flirtatious and inappropriate behavior.

But he neither wanted to interrupt Sarah's time in the 'danger zone', nor interfere with anything Jerry might have on his mind. Gerald knew that the game - depending on Sarah's choice and Jerry's demand(s) - could become very complicated, very quickly at this point, maybe even leading his wife to a 'one-way' threshold - one that couldn't be 'undone'...

Despite Sarah's urge to interrupt the game, Gerald waited...


Jerry had the object of his fantasies looking him in the eye. Sarah was in the fortunate (or unfortunate, depending on one's perspective), position of accepting a challenge from him! The younger man couldn't resist pushing the limits, knowing he might not get a chance like this again - not for a long, long time - especially as he'd already talked Mandy into shedding her blouse a few turns ago. He figured peer-pressure - at least to some extent - would be on his side.

"Time for you to lose your top," he said with a mischievous wink, guessing that Sarah wasn't any more modest than Mandy.

Sarah smiled at Jerry sweetly and - without the slightest hesitation - peeled the tight tank-top over her head, which caused wide smiles to break out over Jerry and Andre's faces, now that two of the three attractive women in the room were sitting at the table - in their bras!

Stephanie was a bit nervous now. She'd never been in a game of spin the bottle that'd gone 'this far', and couldn't understand how Mandy and Sarah - both of whom were married - had let themselves get caught up in circumstances where they were both topless - except for the very sexy bras they were wearing!

Jerry and Andre, on the other hand, both considered themselves to be very fortunate! Unlike Stephanie, they both knew Mandy and Sarah to be as confident and in control of things, in general, as they were attractive. And their MILF colleagues were attractive! Both guys sensed that Sarah and Mandy were having a good time, but - because they were both a bit older than either Jerry or Andre and experienced, sexually speaking - their 'window of opportunity for making a move', might actually be a very narrow one. The group dynamic, by a series of fortunate coincidences, fueled by good times and strong drink, was now in an erotically-charged, yet fragile state, one rife with possibilities...

The guys both sensed that now they needed to move to an 'end game', of sorts, fairly quickly, in order to fully exploit the circumstances to their advantage.

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