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Fast fwd a few year. Gina comes home with a GF.

I suppose now, with cellphones and caller ID, kids can't do that anymore."

"No. They just snapchat naked pictures of themselves to their boyfriends, like my two dumbass granddaughters!" Juanita said with a huff. "Well..., at first I thought it was just a bad connection. It was all static and popping on the line."

Frank froze as the hairs on the back of his neck stood up. "Static and popping? Didn't they say anything?"

"At first no, but then eventually..., well, it was weird."

"Now I am curious, what did they say."

"It didn't make any sense, but eventually they said 'Clickety, click-click-click."

"Clickety, click-click-click? Are you sure that wasn't just more static?"

"No, it was a voice saying it. It was very faint and seemed far away. And it echoed oddly, like the person was talking inside some sort of metal box or something. I should have hung up, but it was very weird."

"A metal box?" Frank said as he felt his arm tingle. "Was it a man or a woman's voice?"

"It was definitely a woman, and, she sounded like a young woman. But, as I said, it was hard to hear. The voice was very faint, and heavily accented."

"You said it was accented?" Frank laughed. "Everyone has an accent based on you, dear Juanita."

"Hey..., be kind. I wear my Spanish accent with pride," Juanita said. "But the girl had a country accent..., Kentucky maybe, or Tennessee? It is hard to tell."

"OK, now I am really curious. I grew up in Kentucky! Maybe it was an old girlfriend, so, let's just see who called." He walked over to the phone, and glanced down at the caller id. There was only one number showing, and when he saw it, he shook his head and laughed. "Now I know it was a prank! It says the ID is unknown, but the number called from was 867-5309! Someone called from 867-5309, can you believe it? I wonder how they managed to do that?"

Juanita shook her head and looked confused. "I don't get the connection. What is the significance of that number?"

"I guess you weren't much of a fan of 80s music were you?"

"That was a bit after my time," Juanita grinned. "I was much more of a La Bomba, girl. Ah, Ritchie Valens, he was so hot; my sisters and I all thought he was muy caliente!"

"That, my dear, was a bit before my time," Frank said with a laugh as he waved goodbye and walked towards the front door. "I'll be back in a bit. Maybe before dinner I will take her majesty out for a walk in Central Park." Grinning as he looked down and saw Rosario standing up on her hind legs and jumping, he added, "I bet she would like that."


Jane was early today, even for her. It was just past 2:30 and although the show would not go on the air until midnight, she had a ton of work to do. It would no doubt take all afternoon. The instant she woke up at noon, after a very brief sleep when she got home from the studio at 7 AM, she knew her day would be slammed. Her email inbox was overflowing and her voicemail no longer had any space left for new messages.

Last night's show had broken all records and it seemed every affiliate in the country either had a thousand questions about the guest, or, they wanted to demand that Sofia Arcos be a regular. The consensus of opinion was unanimous; the show was fantastic, the ratings were up and she better be a regular on the show or else there would be a revolt. Funny thing about success, it sometimes leads to as much trouble as it does triumph. Affiliates are a nervous bunch by nature, and definitely are in the 'what have you done for me lately' camp, but on one thing they agreed. All were ecstatic about Sofia's appearance and wanted her back on as soon as possible.

Jane herself had mixed feelings about the night.

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