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You must write vociferously and use a computer incessantly. Although men certainly are not as prone to carpal tunnel syndrome as women, a man's hands should not be neglected."

"James, you have very strong but gentle hands." I placed my thumb on his palm and gently pressed and massaged the back of his right hand with my fingers, rubbing between the tendons of his fingers. The soft area on his palm below the thumb and below each knuckle was next. Then I worked on the tips of his thumb and each finger, pressing and pulling tenderly. I switched to his left hand and purred, "James, do you like a good hand job?" He blushed and I thought he looked cute when he was embarrassed.

Next I pulled off his shoes and socks and started tickling his feet until he mildly protested. I pressed and massaged the tendons on the back of his left foot, and then concentrated on the ball of his foot between his big toe and the soft area below his other toes. I worked on the first joint of each toe by pressing on the bottom and top with her index finger and thumb and gently pulled forward for a few seconds. He sighed when I began to rub his arch and heel expertly. I then switched to his right foot. And you should have seen him squirm when I began to suck his toes!

"No, no, Angela, please stop!" He squealed as I slurped on his big toe.

"Yeah, right, James, do you stop when a girl says 'No' to you? I don't think so." I did let his squirming big toe loose after a few more minutes.

"OK, James, now what's really hurts and throbs? What would you like me to rub and suck next I wonder?"

"Uh, Uh, well, uh ... "

"Your back? We can do that!"

"Angela, I think you made a typo on line C of your Schedule C. You list your business name as 'Angela's Ass.' Isn't your last name Ashe?"

"Yes, James. My eyes are bad. Hey, don't I get another deduction for that? I forgot that one. Is your hair red?"

"No, it's blond."

"See what I mean?"

"Yes, yes, I do. We might be able to adjust your return for that, uh, what are you doing?"

I undid his tie and removed it, along with his white silk dress shirt. He was wearing a sleeveless T-shirt and I was surprised at how muscular he was. "Hey, you work out!" I commented as I admired his arms. I love those arms on a guy where the veins stick out in his forearms and biceps, but he doesn't look like a weightlifter. I just love the look of veins popping out somewhere else also.

"Yes, Angela, I'm into martial arts and I used to wrestle in college, I almost made the Olympic team but I screwed up my knee."

"Well, I'll just have to rub your knee for you when I'm done with your back. I love wrestling! I could whup you I bet!"

"I don't think so, Angela."

"Well, we'll just see about that, when I'm finished with your massage. Now face down on the bed, dude."

I began by smoothing down his back muscles on both sides. I used equal pressure with my fingers and the heels of my hands along his side, shoulders and neck. I moved along his side and faced his head and repeated the long smoothing strokes, going slightly deeper with each pass. Next I split my index finger and middle finger, placing my hand over his spine, with each of my fingers in the groove between his spine and Erector Spinae muscles, and I placed my right hand over my left hand.

"James, I should undo your pants if that's OK with you."

"Uh, yeah, sure Angela, whatever you need to do. God, this feels good."

"I'm glad you like it, James. You will feel like a new person when your done and I stick a fork in you." I couldn't help giggling and he laughed.

"James, nice camouflage boxers. Oh my, you guys and your underwear. Are you making a fashion statement?"

"No, Angela, I, Uhhhh, that feels good.

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