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Stormy night proves to be Berry interesting.

' I remember your face smiling and winking at me when you noticed I had my hands down my pants...

'Oh good, you remember.' The girl smiled. 'I'm Natasha.'

'Ellie. I'm Ellie.'

'It's nice to meet you, Ellie. Could you join me up here?'

Feeling like a teenager being childish, she got to her feet again, book still in hand.

Natasha was taller than her and had an athletic body. Her tight clothes weren't helping her hide the enormity of her breasts. Straight blonde hair reached all the way down to, more or less, nipple height. She had light blue eyes, which were full of amusement.

Very vividly, Ellie remembered that she imagined this woman's face as she climaxed around her fingers a couple of days before.

'So Chris Ryan, you a fan?' Natasha asked. She had no immediately noticeable accent, despite being an exchange student.

'I've never actually read anything by him. Do you recommend?'

'It's... interesting. I've read two of his books so far. I think he has some kind of trauma with women, though. So far the male main character has been double crossed by a love interest that turns out to be a complete bitch.'

'Maybe that's just because it's written by a man. They're not very smart.' Ellie replied back.

'Girls do make things nicer.' Natasha agreed. 'Like kissing, for example.'


'Oh yes. Have you ever kissed a girl, Ellie?'


Ellie cursed herself, as her answer came out almost like a sigh.

'Would you like to?' The taller girl asked, biting her lip suggestively.

Ellie just felt her mouth hang open, her insides stirring in a delicious way. When Natasha started leaning forward, Ellie closed her eyes. She sighed when, instead of what she expected, Natasha grazed her lips over her left ear.

'You know, this is a small town. I'd hate to put you in trouble, so maybe I shouldn't.'

'Oh.' Ellie sighed, disappointed.

'I am visiting a few distant cousins here, but I'm going to return to Chicago in a couple of hours, so I'm not really free now. But, we could do something when you get back from here, if you want.'

'Definitely.' Ellie eagerly agreed, feeling relieved she could yet experience kissing this gorgeous woman.

'Good.' Natasha said, grabbing her hand. She took a pen from her pocket and wrote her own number on Ellie's skin. The blonde's movements were slow, and her touch zapped Ellie just like when she'd whispered in her ear.

'I'll stay here for a week, and then I'll leave back to Chicago.' Ellie felt compelled to inform her.

'Call me when you're back.'

'I might.'

Natasha's lips just quirked into an ironic smile. A little too late to play hard to get. They seemed to say. Then, she headed back towards the shop entrance.

As she watched the blonde girl go away, Ellie felt almost hypnotized by the sway of her retreating hips. She felt herself lick her lips. What the hell is happening to me?

In her life, she'd never ever done anything with a woman. Not that she was blind to an attractive one. When discovering the pleasures of masturbation, she'd also discovered the pleasures of internet pornography and erotic stories, and it wasn't uncommon for her to get herself off on the Lesbian category.

Still, it was just a nice extra to her sex life. She even attributed her incredible orgasm when getting herself off after her butt plug session, whilst thinking of Natasha, to not be much more than a side effect of having had something up her butt for a few hours.

Now, though, she was actually contemplating the idea of giving the sexy girl a call once she returned to Chicago. Should she?

Putting down the Chris Ryan book where she found it, Ellie moved to search for more, when she nearly bumped into Lana. Her sister was looking at her with wide eyes.


'Oh my God... You. And. Her?' Lana said, slowly.

Oh, fuck! Grabbing the younger girl by the arm, Ellie pulled her behind one of the shelves.

'Not a word.' She warned, when they were hidden from curious eyes.

'Is this why you and Matthew broke up?'


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