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Marquis and Wanda's new home.

"What looks good?" John asked as they looked over their menus.

"Everything," Hope replied. "I haven't had anything before."

"Tell you what, I'll order and you can decide what you like better."


The cute, young waitress that brought them their drinks over had hesitated slightly when she saw them but recovered fast enough for most people not to notice. Hope's eyes went a little distant for a moment, then she suppressed a grin. The waitress got to their table before John could ask what was up. He took their drinks and ordered their deluxe nachos, a beef chimichanga and a chicken burrito with the house-made 'Diablo' salsa. As the waitress turned and left, he gave his genie a questioning look.

She stared back innocently. "What?" she asked.

"Why'd you smile when you saw her?" he asked, raising an eyebrow.

"Nothing," she chirped, oozing feigned innocence.

"Genie..." he thought with sarcastic sternness.

"She's jealous of me," Hope said, grinning.

As he took a drink, she continued. "She wants you to fuck her."

He spluttered into his soda which segwayed into a small coughing fit. Hope fell into a fit of the giggles. Before he could say anything, the waitress came back with their order. Hope excused herself and headed for the restroom while the waitress put the food on the table, then left. As she walked off, he took the chance to, unobtrusively, check her out.

She had black hair pulled back into a ponytail she let drape over one shoulder. Her skin seemed very smooth with a tan like toasted almonds. She also had big brown eyes, breasts in proportion with her athletic, toned body and was wearing smoke grey pants that hugged her every curve as if it had been poured on.

A call from the kitchen and she scurried off. His eyes followed her until he caught the stern glare the other woman was sending his direction. He quickly stopped looking as he heard the toilet flush and got ready to eat. Hope walked back to the table with a knowing smile and a slight sway to her hips. She sat back down and grabbed her silverware.

"See something you want for dessert?" she asked quietly, then laughed at his 'busted' look.

'I wasn't..." he began before being cut off by her thoughts drifting through his mind as she started on the nachos.

"It's my function to aid you in and possible way to fulfill your sexual desires."

"You mean you wouldn't mind if I slept with her?" he thought back, digging into the chimichanga.

"Nope." Then she added, "To be honest, I might even join in."

He just stared at her for a moment as that thought wound its way through his imagination and the possibilities it opened up. It was difficult for him to cut off that particular line of thought and even more difficult to his cock from thumping against the table as the images flew through his mind. Hope started to blush.

"Very naughty, Master," she thought. "Genie like..."

He gave her a 'Ha Ha' look, then resumed his own eating. The food was good. It always was since he started coming here after the move. Hope went for the burrito as John swallowed a bite.

"Be careful," he cautioned. "The salsa in that thing is spicy as hell."

She waved at him dismissively. "Oh, don't worry so much," she said, taking the biggest bite she could.

John had had his friends try it whenever they came to visit so he knew how long it would take before impact.


Right on schedule, her face began to turn almost redder than her hair as she exhaled slowly, mouth opened wide. John couldn't help grinning at her stunned expression. He noticed the older woman waving at him, holding a glass of milk. He nodded and the young waitress scurried over with it, placing it in front of Hope.

"Drink some milk," the waitress said. "It'll help."

John hadn't been paying attention before to realize that she had a very sweet soprano voice.

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