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Married couple's games lead to a new level.

"Go into the bathroom there and wait for me. I'll be a few moments behind." He started to sit back down again, then turned around mid-stride. "Oh, and take your panties off for me too. You know how I hate it when you wear them."

Just like that, he sat back down, and brought the book back up in front of his eyes. Debbie's mind raced for answers. He couldn't really be serious! She stood there for a moment, not quite knowing what to do. He had dismissed her. Or, that was the way he held himself anyway. He had given her a task, and thought nothing more of it. She started to say something, then quickly changed her mind when he looked up at her. That look was there again. The one that sent a tingle up her spine, and a flood between her legs.

"Didn't I give you something to occupy your time with?" It almost sounded like he mocked her, teased her - dared her to come up with a suitable response.

She shifted her weight from one foot to the other, stalling for time, and for a minute, she thought she might cry. She changed her mind, and simply lowered her gaze instead.

"Well," he continued, "your only other option is to go back home to your husband and babies. Is that what you want?"

Her head snapped up quickly and searched his eyes. What she found surprised her - humor. He was enjoying this. He loved making her uncomfortable like this, loved seeing her in conflict with herself. He waited patiently while she studied his face, trying to figure out exactly what it was she saw there, what it was that drew her to him.

"I'm not going to wait here all night for you to make one silly decision, Debbie." He sounded exasperated, and he turned his eyes back to his book purposely. "It's your call."

She'd been dismissed once again.

She let out a long slow sigh, turned on her heel, and headed for the door. She didn't have to stand for this, and she wouldn't. She gave herself a little pep talk as she walked, assuring herself that she'd done the right thing by deciding to leave. Halfway to the front door though, she stopped. Directly to her right was the door with the sign 'Restroom' above it. And she hesitated. She heard herself curse softly under her breath. "You only live once, right?"

Quickly she stepped forward and pushed the heavy door open, and listened, as it swung shut behind her. She turned around to lock the door behind her, and immediately corrected the action. It seemed the seconds turned into minutes, and those into hours as she stood there, and silently debated with her common sense. Finally, the deliciously naughty side won, and she quickly slipped her damp panties down her thighs and stepped out of them.

She balled them up in her fist, first, and then thought about dropping them into her purse. She finally tossed them into the corner, exasperated at her own whirl pool of thoughts, and sat down on the closed lid of the toilet, her knees pressed too-modestly together, considering her current predicament.

Her eyes snapped forward when she heard the door creak open, only to lower them again when they met his gaze. He stood there for a moment in the door and she silently begged him to hurry up and close the door, she could see people walking around outside, and she knew that meant they could see in as well. He finally did step through, and he turned without ever taking his eyes off hers, and turned the lock. The sound seemed to echo throughout the large bathroom, reminding her of her situation, and she caught herself staring at his boots, unsure of where else to look. Finally he stepped directly in front of her

"Look at me, Debbie."

Her eyes slowly traveled up his legs, passing over his hips, with the wide belt situated on them, over his hard chest, and directly into his green eyes, that seemed to breath fire at her tonight.

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