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The steamy fun between Sonia, Brandi and Michael continues.

So I drove my fingers hard up his ass as he thrust himself down on my hand. "I'M CUMMING, I'M CUMMING...CUMMING...CUMMING!!"

His spunk almost choked me with it's intensity hosing down my throat. At one point, it forced itself back down my nose but I held on taking every drop of sperm my boy had to give me.

"Please don't take your fingers out yet, Dad...unless you want to replace them with something else!"

He motioned to between my thighs where my cock had sprung to attention once more ready for action.

"Are you sure, son, I don't want to hurt you!"

"I can't wait to feel that meat inside me, Pops!"

"OK, son but let me make it a bit easier."

I reached for the bedside table and took a tube of lube from the drawer. Squeezing a generous amount on my hand, I coated my raging cock with the slippy stuff. I then put some on Petey's asshole and pushed it up lubricating his love channel for what was about to be his first (and mine) ass-fuck.

"Take me, Dad. Make me your bitch. Drill me with that cock...I want it!"

The red mist of years of gay sexual frustration took hold of me and I pictured this hunk beneath me not as my son but as a slab of manly sex that had to be fucked! Petey was still lying on his back so I lowered myself slowly, pushing my hard-on firmly against his love hole. Any initial resistance was quickly waived and my cock slid effortlessly up into him. I let it in about halfway and stopped to let any pain subside.

He welcomed the hiatus then placed his hands on my ass cheeks and began to pull me further in until my balls were firmly rested against him. I leaned down and kissed him gently on the lips pushing my tongue into his mouth and tasting my own spunk.

It was all the impetus I needed. Slowly, I began inching out and in in short strokes letting him get used to the length and girth of my cock and the smile on his face told me he found this as sexy as I did! I could feel his cock swelling as it got caught between our writhing bodies and was soon fully erect again.

I pulled out so that only the head was in and I thrust back in. He liked that. So I did it again, and again, and again until I'd got a nice comfortable rhythm going and I felt I could keep this going for a while.

"Fuck, Dad - this is fucking awesome! You're so big - I can't believe I'm taking your whole meat in my ass. It feels fucking great!"

I raised myself on my hands so he could reach down and take care of his own cock as I pistoned in and out of my sexually frustrated son. Watching the absolute ecstacy on Petey's face drove me on and I started to thrust harder slapping my balls against him, watching the sweat engulf both our bodies as I strived to nail him to the bed.

"That's it, Dad. Harder. I want to feel you cum inside me. I want to feel the warmth of your spunk as it fills me! FUCK ME! FUCK ME! FUCK ME! YES! YES! YEEEEEESSSSSSSS!!"

If I thought my last orgasm was great...this was off the scale!

I pounded on that boy's ass as if there were no tomorrow, not caring if I was hurting him with my thrusts or not. As I pumped jet after jet of creamy cum deep inside him, he came too.

"OH FUCK! SHIT! YES! OH FUCK YES!!" he screamed as he sprayed his sperm over us both. For every thrust I made, another spurt of spunk sprayed out of his cock.

As we lay there exhausted in each other's arms glued together by sweat and jizz, I realised that both of us were still hard! we hadn't gotten soft at all and that REALLY excited me.

I'd never been so horny in my life! In a frenzy, I got up and flipped Petey over and knowing what was about to happen he obediently got on his knees and presented his enflamed asshole to me. I reached under and stroked his solid dick for a couple of minutes, which got us both going. When I felt his own hand take over pumping his length, I moved forward and without any hesitation, drove the whole length of my penis right up my son.

He grunted but didn't cry out so I knew he was enjoying this as much as me.

I went at him like a pro, using his willing hole like a cheap slut driving every inch of

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