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A man on a trip decides to rent a woman and gets a surprise.

"Fuck my pussy, Sis! Fuck me harder!"

The sisters ground wildly against each other, their juices spreading generously on their burning skin. Paige could feel herself getting close, too, and she dug her fingers harder into Bree's gyrating cheeks, straining her hips hard and contorting her face as bliss once again hammered through her.

"FUUUUUUUCK!! I'M CUMMIIIIIIIING!!" she cried, her body shuddering uncontrollably.

Bree began to whine, her hips slamming down harder. She arced her back, her head shooting up in the air, and grunted wildly as she erupted in orgasm too.

The two sisters rocked against each other clumsily, their pussy cream spewing from their inflamed gashes. Pleasure rippled through their scorching bodies, and they struggled to keep themselves steady as it inundated their senses.

Bree's arms finally gave out on her, and she fell forward, her face digging into the mattress at the foot of the bed. Her ass stuck up in the air lewdly, her red pussy on full display in front of her younger sister.

Paige's heart pounded in her chest as she looked up at her sister's gooey cunt. She hesitated momentarily, then pushed herself quickly off the pillow, grabbing Bree's hips and shoving her tongue into her cum soaked folds.

Bree's eyes shot open and she gasped in surprise as she felt Paige's face dig into her open pussy. "Paige?!?" she squealed in disbelief. "Ooooooh... fuck, Paige!" She closed her eyes, and her hips started to rock back against the younger girl's face.

Her sister was breaking their one unspoken rule. Up until this point, they had tried to maintain at least a shred of their heterosexuality, but Paige's tongue just felt too damn good on her flaring cunt.

Paige gorged herself on Bree's creamy juices. She found the taste intoxicating, and her own pussy throbbed with arousal as she licked her whimpering sister. Her tongue lashed through the girl's mangled gash, exciting it with every slithering flick. When she focused her attention on Bree's aching clit, the older girl wailed, and rocked her pelvis with increasing desperation.

As she ate her sister, Paige held her ass tightly, her fingers massaging the pliant flesh. She found she loved touching the older girl's body, and began to let her fingers roam, caressing it with enthusiasm. Her hands reached under Bree's ribs, and she fondled her breasts, making her sister groan with pleasure.

Bree could feel herself getting close again, and she started to grind herself faster against Paige's buried face. She pushed herself back up on her hands and knees, and looked back at her with a hungry gaze.

The sisters locked eyes as they fucked. Paige's expression was serious, her eyes burning with desire as she drilled her tongue into Bree's dripping gash. Bree's eyes strained with desperation, her jaw hanging open as she panted raggedly.

"I'm... I'm gonna... gonna..." she whimpered, before her mouth gaped in silence and her eyes screwed shut. She started to buck her hips against Paige's mouth, her chest heaving as she came ferociously.

Paige held her sister tight, her mouth clamping over her open cunt. She moaned as the older girl's juices guzzled down her throat, overflowing around her lips and dribbling over her slippery chin.

Bree's convulsions eventually began to slow, and Paige gave her a few final, gentle licks before pulling away from her gasping sister's snatch.

Bree remained on her hands and knees, and looked back at her sister incredulously. "Where did that come from?" she asked.

"I... I've been wanting to do that for a while now. I'm sorry if you didn't like it." Paige answered quietly.

"Didn't like it? That was incredible!!" Bree exclaimed, spinning around on her knees. "I've been wanting to do that to you, too! I was just afraid you wouldn't agree to it!"

"Really?" Paige asked, looking into her sister's eyes.


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