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Jason is captivated by a beautiful woman at the coffee shop.

Watch and see what was up? That wouldn't hurt would it? See what kind of things my wife would do while on her own, at the party. Just for a little while. I could surprise her at anytime during the evening. Then we could go back to the room together and celebrate the weekend away. What would that hurt?

I went into the Marina and found a pay phone. I called Jill's parents to talk to Jake Junior. Jill's parents had not been excited about having me as their son-in-law. They had wanted someone from a more well-to-do family to marry their daughter. Failing that, someone who would make a very good living.

I was constantly told that I should "leave the Public Defenders Office. Get into a 'well know' law firm. Make partner, make a lot of money."

They hated our little suburban house, they wanted more for their daughter, and now for their grandson as well. I understood that. I wanted that to, but not more than doing what I felt was right. I made fair money and did some private lawyer work on the side to make some extra. Jill did OK working part-time from home while raising Little Jake.

Gradually I earned Jill's parents grudging respect. But Jill's father still wished I would someday go private, join the country club and "make it big."

Jill's Mother answered the phone. She asked where I was and I lied. I don't know why I lied but I did. I told her that I was finishing up some work and hoped to get to the reunion sometime over the weekend. I spoke to Jake Junior, who was excited about going to the 'Bos'on Red Stox game' with Grandpa the next day! I told him how much I loved him. I thought to myself that three was a little young for a ball game, but if it made "Grandpa" happy what the heck. Jill's Mom came back on the phone. I asked "if she had heard from Jill."

She responded, "not since she had called yesterday evening from the resort to say goodnight to Jake Junior."

I told her I would try to call Jill later. I knew that there was a reunion party tonight.

We said our good-byes and I asked my mother-in-law, "to kiss Jake Junior goodnight for me."

By now I could hear the island music from the resort. Glancing over, the tiki torches were lit and people were milling around the tables of food and drink. The Mendoza twins and the blonde Barbi-doll wife were walking up the dock. They turned towards the Resort. I waited a bit longer, the shadows were getting long and in the lush areas of tropical foliage it was already dark. I decided to head over to the Resort. I still had not decided what to do!

At the edge of the lighted area I stopped. I took a deep breath and was about to step into the circle of light when I saw her. Jill...... God she was beautiful. My heart welled up, I felt a rush of love. She was walking with Steve and Meredith, down a lighted path to the party area. She looked amazing. Her burnished hair was piled on top of her head, She wore a colorful sarong around her hips. On top she wore a snug but flattering belly shirt. The shirt matched the sarong. I assumed that underneath she was wearing a bathing suit. Many of my classmates were in swim suits or shorts. Meredith was in shorts and a bathing suit top. Steve wore a baggy swim suit and a colorful tie-dyed tee shirt. They all had drinks in their hands and were laughing amicably.

I froze on the edge of the light, just looking at her. I was going to rush up to her and call out 'surprise'. But before I could make the move, one of the Mendoza's, "Juan I think," walked up behind Jill and hooked his arm into hers. MY beautiful wife smiled at him and he bent down and gave her a friendly kiss on the cheek. She didn't return it, but I thought that she leaned her body into his as they walked the rest of the way down the path.

I stepped back into the deeper shadows. Steve, Meredith, Jill and Juan headed to the bar area. They were soon sipping some tropical concoction with little umbrellas. The foursome made their way over to the food table. "Good," I thought, "get something in your stomach Jill. Other than booze."

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