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A new beginning for a woman and her wolf god.

Then he repeated the process with the right pussy lip. The feeling of his hands manipulating her pussy was driving her wild. Combined with the sight of what he was doing to her, she was close to climaxing. Her pussy was so wet; she could feel a puddle under her ass as it sat on the cold marble counter. When he was done, he took a hand towel and rubbed her newly bared pussy. The feel of the towel rubbing the newly sensitive skin brought her over the edge and she came for the third time that morning. She could not believe it, before these last few weeks she had never come 3 times in one day. Now she had cum three times and it wasn't even 10 in the morning! When she recovered, she gazed down at her pussy. She looked as she had when she was 12, before she had started becoming a woman. It felt and looked both strange and erotic. The cool air was playing over her pussy like never before. She just stared, mesmerized by the sight and the sensations until she heard him say "Now you will shave me as we shower"

Realizing he meant his beard rather than his pubic hair, she slid down from her perch. She had never shaved a man before and it turned her on to realize how much he must trust her to let her shave him. She did not even consider how trusting she had been to let him shave her pussy. He was her Master, of course she trusted him. She did not even stop to consider how much she had changed over the last few weeks. As Sara, she had never placed such automatic trust in another person before but now she, as genie, did it without question. He had shown such love and caring for her as she traveled had the path of submission.

As he went to the shower and started the water, she gathered the shaving supplies before following him into the shower. "Would you like me to shave you now Master?"

"No, wait until the steam gets my beard moist. Right now, I want you to wash my back."

So genie picked up the soap and began to wash his back, working her way down from his broad shoulders to his tight ass, then back up again. He was clearly enjoying the sensation of her soapy hands on his back and the hot water beating down on his chest. He moaned in gratitude as she began to knead the muscles in his upper back. She continued until he said "Enough, continue washing me."

So she knelt and began to soap his legs. He lifted his feet as she came to them and she carefully washed between his toes. Then she moved up to his ass. While she had washed it before, she had only washed his buttocks. So now she carefully parted his cheeks and began to scrub his crack. She even washed his asshole; another thing Sara would never have considered doing. But genie gladly did.

When she was finished, she rose and waited patiently for his next command. He mutely turned around and let her wash his front. Once again, she started from his shoulders. She enjoyed the feeling of his muscles as she spread soap over his body. Gradually her hands moved down to wash his crotch, paying special attention to his cock. The attention made it stand up in anticipation. So she dropped once again to her knees. But first she washed his legs, working her way up from his feet to his crotch. The action was turning them both on but then he turned away from her to let the water rinse the water from his body. Before she had a chance to rise, he was facing her again, his cock rock hard with anticipation. So she took it in her mouth and began to twirl her tongue over the head before engulfing it completely in her mouth and throat. She swallowed five times, caressing his cock with her throat muscles before she had to let up so she could draw in some air. Then she repeated the process three times before he let out a mighty groan and bathed her throat with his cum.

He stood there unmoving for minutes as she continued to hold his cock in her mouth. Then he reached down pulled her to her feet. Then he said with a voice hoarse with satiated lust, "Now you may shave me."

She took the shaving cream and sprayed some onto her hand, then rubbed it on his face and

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