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A special talent opens a new world.

The rest of us are human beings with emotional, physical and yes, sexual needs.

I approached Dexter another time. I saw him enter the comic book store one day when he wasn't working. I approached him then. His reaction was completely different. He was in his element. The very masculine sanctuary of the comic book store. He had a passion for comics. Spiderman. Batman. Superman. X-Men. Hellblazer. He loved them all. I liked comic books too, though not as much as he did. I gave him my name and number, and told him that anytime he wanted to talk comic books, he was welcome to give me a buzz. Then, I gently patted his shoulder, smiled and winked at him before leaving. He waved at me, then smiled and looked at the number. I went home, feeling very satisfied with myself. I had gotten his attention. Now, I needed to maintain it.

I did some research on the handsome young black gentleman known as Mister Dexter. He was a graduate of Dorchester High School in Boston. A brilliant student who could have gone to any of the big schools but opted for an academic scholarship at the local college instead. Well, at least he wouldn't be drowning in debt due to student loans like the rest of us. I have a bachelors degree in business administration from Suffolk University. I also owe the federal government close to one hundred thousand dollars in student loans. If I don't pay them a portion of it every month, I get warning notices. And if I ignore them, I could find myself out of house and home. Yeah, it's good to go to a big college and get a fancy degree but owing the government really sucks. You can't cheat the government man. He'll always get you in the end. Look what happened to Al Capone. He was the king of gangsters. He got away with multiple murders. And they got him for income tax evasion. Could you imagine what they'll do to me?

Anyhow, where was I? I was talking about doing research on Dexter. Yeah, he attended Beacon Hill College, the largest public college in Massachusetts, with two massive campuses and close to forty thousand students. They had some of the best facilities for a public college. Also, they had a pretty impressive Department of Athletics. Sports are important to me. I was on the Women's Basketball team at Suffolk University. Beacon Hill College offered Men's Intercollegiate Baseball, Basketball, Cross Country, Lacrosse, Soccer, Swimming, Volleyball, Ice Hockey, Wrestling, Golf, Tennis, Football and Bowling. They also offered Women's Intercollegiate Softball, Basketball, Lacrosse, Cross Country, Swimming, Volleyball, Ice Hockey, Soccer, Field Hockey, Golf, Tennis, Rugby and Bowling. All of these sports teams competed in the National College Athletic Association's Division Three. Not bad. Dexter was attending a damn good school. I wish I were that smart when I was his age.

I waited for Dexter's call. When he finally called, I was excited but toned it down. He asked me out for a movie. They were showing Spiderman Three at the movie theater. I showered, put on a sexy dress, and went out to meet Dexter. We met at Loews, the big movie theater in downtown Boston. Dexter arrived, wearing a black leather jacket over a red shirt and blue jeans. He looked totally hot. We went in. I offered to split the bill. And Dexter let me. I was surprised. Many times, the female half of the pair offers to pay but the male half doesn't let her. Well, this time, I had to foot the bill. I paid my half of the twenty bucks for two tickets. We went into the theater upstairs, and got into our seats. Throughout the movie, I played the role of the vapid chick who doesn't get this or that. Dexter put up with my nonsense for all of two minutes before telling me to can it. Again, I was surprised. Most times, guys will endure their girlfriends verbal nonsense for hours without saying anything. Dexter was a stronger man than I previously thought. What a nice surprise.

When the movie ended, Dexter and I walked around Boston Common.

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