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"Come on boys lets fuck, get those cocks out I need some real action" "come on Charlie feed me that delicious cock" Nicole was almost begging for some fun. Nicole was now on her back clad only in her panties in a van with three lust crazed longshoremen about to have their way with her.

Paul hastily came around by Nicole's feet, and seeing the object of his desire covered by light aqua blue panties he quickly pulled them down and leaned in for a closer look. Damn he had never seen a more beautiful pink shaven pussy before and he just had to dive right in there and enjoy it from top to bottom. Sliding his face right up to her wet pussy he flattened his tongue and let it slide straight up the outer lips, just barley letting the tip of his tongue part them, again and again, sliding up and down. Coming back down his tongue slid straight into her hole and reached inside her, making Nicole push against his face for deeper penetration, she was on fire and need to cum. He continued to lick and slide his tongue across her lips, then he started back up to her clit. He had been purposely avoiding that little joy button until she was really climbing the roof, now though it was right there all pink and swollen ready for his delicate touch.

Nicole tilted her head back and was rewarded with a beautiful view of a wonderfully hard cock staring straight back at her. Charlie was ready and eager to have his cock sucked and let Nicole know it by grabbing it at the base and wagging it at her now open mouth.

"Come on you sexy stud, slide that fucking cock right here, jam it down my throat and watch me gag on your big dick"

No man being presented with a beautiful woman begging to suck your cock could refuse and Charlie was no different. Pointing his cock at her open mouth he slid into that warm wet opening and didn't stop until he didn't have any more cock left to give.

"Damn girl you swallowed the whole thing, you asked for it and fuck if you didn't want it" Charlie shuddered as he felt Nicole's tongue make a complete circle around his shaft. Bringing his hips back Charlie pulled his cock out then slid right back into that special mouth.

"Fuck me, that is some astonishing cock sucking you have there little girl" Charlie grunted.

Like most women Nicole loved the feeling of a nice stiff cock sliding over her tongue, something about the velvety hardness of a man in her mouth made Nicole want more and more. And while she took great pleasure in her cock sucking ability in this case she was being helped by the angle of her head being tilted right back and the invading cock having a straight shot down her throat. Of course while Charlie had a good cock she had definitely sucked bigger dicks, but Nicole was an equal opportunity whore and loved all cock in many shapes and sizes. On one of his journeys out of her mouth she grabbed his shaft with one hand and used her other hand on his hip to hold him steady while she sucked hard on the fat purple head of his cock. She could feel the almost tingling vibrations shoot through his body as her skilled tongue danced on his cock head.

Charlie felt like he was being electrocuted as Nicole's tongue swirled around and around on his sensitive cock head, his toes curled and he had to balance himself for a second it felt so good.

"Damn he is good with his tongue" thought Nicole. Paul knew how to put just the right amount of pressure on her clit to make her want to cum all over his face. But just when she thought it would happen he would pull away again and slide down her pussy to tease her some more. She tried to follow his expert tongue with her clit but he just wasn't playing along and kept her right on the edge, right where she would do anything to get off. Nicole almost cried out loud when she felt his tongue stop dancing on her pussy and pull away.

"I have to switch places boys she is gonna have me bust a nut way to soon with this fucking mouth of hers" said Charlie.

"No, don't stop!" Nicole said as she pulled Charlie from her mouth "I want you to cum Charlie,

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