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Fun in the afternoon, then a strange visit.

We can handle him."

"That's wonderful!"

She jumped off the chair and hugged me. Her enormous tits pressed against me. The were firm yet soft.

"Jose!" she called to him. The boy ran into my office. He jumped on the couch at the other end of my office then played with the magazines on the table. "I'm so sorry."

Mrs. Moreno chased him around. Her body looked incredible. Her black sweatpants could not hide the obvious curves of her ass. My cock stiffened as I watched her chase the kid around.

After a few minutes I interrupted her. "Mrs. Moreno why don't I have Mrs. Carter take Jose around to camp to look around and meet the counselors."

"Oh that would be wonderful."

She led Jose out to the lobby. Mrs. Carter took Jose by the hand. The left the building. Mrs. Moreno came back into my office.

"Thank you so much again. I really appreciate it," she said.

"It's fine really. Why don't you come back in a couple days and we can talk about Jose's experience so far in camp. How about five o'clock on Friday?"

"That's great. I'll see you then," she said as she picked up her son Michael and left the building.


The first week at the camp was uneventful except for Jose shooting an arrow at one of the counselors and causing a food fight in the cafeteria.. The counselor, Eric Barnes, was fine but he threatened to sue the camp if it happened again. I underestimated the amount of trouble this kid Jose could cause. It was 5:15 in the afternoon when Mrs. Moreno walked in to the administration building. Mrs. Carter had left for the weekend.

"Mr. Harris?" she asked.

I came out of my office. I nearly dropped as I looked at Mrs. Moreno in a pink string t-shirt with a white floral shirt trying to cover her gigantic tits. She wore cut off jeans and slippers.

"Mrs. Moreno. Hi come in."

"Oh please call me Diana."

"Okay Diana. Call me Paul."

We sat down on the couch. I wanted to jump on this woman like no other woman I ever encountered. With every move of her body her tits jiggled. I tried to hide the obvious pole rising in my shorts.

"So how did Jose do?"

This was my opening. I had something I could work with. "Diana if I can be honest with you, I don't think it's going to work out. He shot an arrow at one of our counselors and started a food fight. He's only been here two days. By the way where is your other son? With you husband?"

"No. Michael is with my sister. My husband is oversees on a business trip for the next month. Oh my God, I knew this would happen." She bent her head down. I got a good look down her shirt. Never before had I seen tits as big as those.

"I can get Jose and his things if you wait here."

"No please! I need to have him in camp. I work two jobs. Is there any way we can work this out?"

I walked over to the door and closed it. The administration building closed at 5:00pm so nobody would be bothering us. I turned and looked at the beautiful woman on my office couch. I had nothing to lose.

I sat next to her. "Maybe there is something we can work out." I put my hand around her waist."

"What are you doing?" Diana asked.

"Look Diana, I'll do you a favor and keep your brat son here and you do me a favor."

"What favor?"

I grabbed the top of her string t-shirt and pulled it down. That's when I noticed the enormity of her tits. She had been breastfeeding.

"Oh God what are you doing?" she pushed me off of her.

"Your the sexiest piece of ass I've ever seen now I want a taste."

"No!" she screamed.

I got up and walked to the door. "Fine, take your brat kid and leave. Don't ever come back here."

She stayed on the couch. "Please don't do this."

"I don't want to hurt you. I just want a taste of what it's like to be with a woman as beautiful as you."

I sat down next to her. She clutched at her chest while her shirt barely covered her melons. I Pulled the shirt down. She let it drop to her waist. I grabbed her tits with my hands.

"Ugh! Please not so hard they are sensitive," she said.

I laid her back on the couch then ripped off her shirts to expose her tits.


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