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My new life continues.

I can see why she was so eager to get inside. She was visibly perspiring at her temples and exposed cleavage. Her messenger bag was indeed covered in patches and buttons of various anime and rock bands; most of which I recognized. I also noticed a significant wear pattern; telling me she was carrying a large, heavy laptop. She reminded me of Ramona Flowers in a way. I wonder if her boyfriend is pocketed in that bag, too. Her complexion told me that she spent a lot of time indoors and/or preferred the night life like I do.

"Aurora Tibbalt. Please call me Rory. You must be... Axel?. May I come in?"

"Alex," I corrected her politely, "Please come in." I immediately felt sorry for her if she needed to work side by side with Larry.

She looked me up and down with unsure eyes. I'm pretty sure she's seen a few game developers/ programmers before and definitely noticed that I didn't track with any of her preconceived notions. She's met the likely chubby, shut-in, gawky guys. But she's never seen a guy like me doubled over a rig pounding away code. She's probably never even included me in a category remotely close to "equal".

She glanced at the tattoos on my legs and creeping over my shoulders clearly visible through my thin, gauzy shirt. My nipples, forever hard, with modest gauged steel running through them poking the translucent fabric on my chest. I looked like a 3rd string bouncer at a second rate night club more than a computer geek.

To her, anyways... I'm assuming.

Sawyer was surprising patient, waiting for her introduction, knowing she'd probably sound too eager, hungry, desperate, aggressive, what have you.

"This is Sawyer. She's a good friend of mine and my house guest for the weekend. I'm sorry to see not everyone gets off on the weekends." I said breaking the tense ice forming in the front hall of my house.

"That's okay. Your handler covered my airfare, lodging and is paying me double overtime. He was lucky to get me on a 5AM flight. Getting the rental car was a different story, though. I waited for the first return at MOB.

"Your, or his, first mistake was flying into Mobile. It's a nightmare. Do you have a return flight? You're better off flying out of PNS, err... Pensacola." Sawyer said truthfully.

"If Jim is paying the bill, let's have her fly out of Gulf Shores." I said kidding, of course... No, really.

"No way that'll happen, Axel. Don't be mean to your big brother." She scolded.

"James is your brother? That explains a lot. You're like the same person but complete opposites at the same time." Rory said.

"Awe, shit... You know Jamie?! Don't call me Axel, Missy..." I said. "Wait... 5AM flight? You're not from NYC are you?"

" I live in Palo Alto, but I work at the Silicon Valley office of the company your brother brokers you to." She said.

"He's cutting himself out as your middleman. The Tech stuff is over his head. You still have the support of his company's legal team, but you just earned yourself an official liaison. That's me."

"Makes sense. He's a salesman and sold me to the highest bidder. No need to hold my hand anymore, I guess. I'm still kicking his boney ass for not telling me, though."

"Ha Ha! You're so hot, your pimp couldn't hold onto you!" Sawyer said.

"In a matter of speaking... Yeah... I'm your new handler. That reminds me. Here." Rory said, while retrieving an envelope from the front zipper pouch of her bag.

"My new pimp?" I sighed. "There wasn't any missing files from my last note pack was there?" I said while opening the envelope. It was a check for, let's say 20 more houses... "Umm... What's this?"

Rory looked down and to the right swinging up to the right in one full roll.

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