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Story of an 18 year old girl seducing her father.

And the excitement was not over.

In the morning, Karen showered first, and then I went. Our townhouse had only the one full bath between the two bedrooms, and when I hurried to get into the bathroom (I was still nude), I was relieved that Shelly's door was still shut.

Coming out of the shower was another story. Karen had come in to dry and brush her hair, and she left the door open. When I pushed the shower curtain aside, both sisters were there to greet me. And see me, of course. Shelly exclaimed, "So that's what it looks like when it isn't hard."

I pulled the curtain shut again, but Shelly just said, "Oh, c'mon, don't be shy. It's not like I haven't seen a nude man before. In fact, just last night, there was a nude man in the living room whose penis looked something like yours."

Karen laughed with her and pulled the curtain aside, handing me a towel. "Here you go, pal. No running to the bedroom and dripping all over the carpet."

Shelly's attention, along with the fact that her t-shirt did not cover her panties, meant that my penis would not remain soft for long, and they both noticed that change too. They made no move to leave, though, so I just dried off as quickly as I could. As I bent over to dry my feet, Shelly noted, "His bottom didn't stay red long. You sure you're spanking hard enough?"

Karen gave me a mild slap on the bottom and said, "He's paying his debts alright."

When I was finally leaving, Shelly bent over the tub to run a bath for herself. I got a better look at her red string bikini panties and her cute bottom, and I thought I might get an even better look when she grasped her t-shirt as if to pull it up and off. She paused, though, looked at me, giggled at my erection, and said, "Just teasing. Now go and let me take my bath."

Perhaps Karen noticed that I was looking a bit disappointed. She said only, "You know, pal, there's another game tonight." The prospect of another bet, and of winning this time, filled the day with sexy anticipation for me. Time passed slowly, and I had to endure looks from Shelly that suggested she could still imagine me without my clothes. I just tried to recall how she looked in her panties and hoped that I'd be seeing her without them that night.

Unfortunately, betting on the Yankees turned out to be a bad idea again, and my hopes were not fulfilled. Which meant that I had another kind of fun that evening.

The fun actually began before the game was decided. In keeping with our casual morning, the two sisters watched the game in their sleepwear: Karen in a light nightgown that I could see through in the right light, and Shelly in her t-shirt and panties.

After the last out, Shelly spoke up first. "Same routine as last night?"

"Well," Karen said, "you were in on this bet, so you get to help collect the payment."

That sent a jolt through me, and I was taking off my shirt and jeans without even being told. Down to my briefs, though, Shelly ordered me to get in position over the chair. She was going to strip my underpants off for me, I realized. Before that, she ran her hands over my bottom and then inside my pants, pinching my flesh. Moments later, she was grasping the waistband of my briefs and slowly pulling them down. My erection caught inside of them, and when she peeled the elastic away from it, she held it in her other hand.

Once I was nude, Shelly turned to Karen. "May I?"

"Please, you're our guest, so go first."

Shelly didn't waste any time in giving me five spanks, hard ones. Bending over to look me in the eye, she stated, "That should last a little longer." I turned my head toward her and was surprised to see down her shirt. Her breasts were indeed bigger than Karen's, although still smaller than average, and her nipples were large and pink. The glimpse lasted only a second or two, but it was enough to guarantee that my erection was not going to fade soon.

Karen came next, leaning over to ask, "Ready for

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