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A rapper makes Britney Spears into his bitch.

She sighed and resigned herself to the fact that she would miss her firm, her friends, her work and life. She only had one thing left to do. She had to place her letter of resignation on Martin's desk.

She walked to his office, quietly opened the door and stumbled upon a scene that in all her living days she would have never imagined, and much less could have ever explained.

He was sitting at his desk in front of his computer in his beautiful soft and supple black leather executive chair. His head was thrown back, his eyes were closed, his mouth slightly open. His pants and boxers were pooled around his ankles.

She immediately noticed his absolutely gorgeous and juicy, rock hard, long and thick cock was in his hands. His cock arched up from his hips obscenely. He was stroking himself furiously up and down. In the low light, she could see a slick gleaming up and down the shaft. It must have been some kind of slick lubricant that he had smothered all over his cock. Low guttural moans escaped from his mouth. They sounded animalistic to her ears. She could feel a low rumble of arousal in her loins and her mouth watered slightly.

She could barely comprehend the scene in front of her, but what absolutely surprised her the most, well, what actually shocked the living daylights out of her, was what she saw on his computer screen.

It was her own picture, the picture she had taken to be used on the firm's website, when it had been announced she had been named law firm administrator. It was a head shot. She'd actually felt she looked horrible in it and wished it hadn't been placed up on the firm website. She thought she looked like a prude, uptight librarian. Yet there it was, in all of its prim and proper glory directly in front of Martin's big, juicy cock.

He was so enthralled in what he was doing he didn't notice she'd opened the door. She stood there with weak knees, her mouth wide open her heart beating fiercely in her chest. She couldn't believe she had walked in on him masturbating to her picture.

She knew she should have immediately run right back out the door, but couldn't. She was rooted to the spot, watching him stroke his long, hard cock. The spark of her arousal was growing. She could feel her womanhood began to throb. She could feel herself getting wet and a warmth in her belly. Part of her was a bit insulted though. Did he feel like she was just a slut? An idealization to cum to? She couldn't believe, no - she wouldn't have ever believed that he thought of her in that manner. She would have bet her life that he hated her guts.

Her throat caught and she experienced a shot of unadulterated lust that shocked her in its intensity. She wanted him. She wanted him something fierce. The only thing running through her head at the moment was that she wanted to fuck him for all she was worth, until she lay spent in a heap on the floor.

Her letter of resignation fluttered softly to the floor. She unconsciously moved her own hand to her groin. It trailed down her thigh and she slowly raised her skirt. She wore a simply black skirt on this Sunday and a smallish blue top.

She watched him as he used one of his hands to cup his balls gently as he stroked the length of his cock with the other. The hand cupping his balls would occasionally reach up to his exposed, muscular chest to quickly tweak a nipple.

Tandy's vision improved a bit to the low lit room and she spied a bottle of KY liquid on his desk. She figured that explained the glistening wetness that was apparent on his manhood. His knees would occasionally jerk close as if he was experiencing pain. It matched the grimace that would appear on his beautiful face. Between those grimaces, she could see a smile curl across his face briefly and then disappear and a pursed O. She almost gasped when she saw his tongue dart out and lick his lips

It was as if her senses were becoming heightened one by one.

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