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I followed him around and interrupted everything that he tried to do. I had him take me on the hood of the car in the garage when he was trying to reline the front brakes. He got an extremely long blow job when he tried to watch the game on TV. I swept the tools off his work bench in the basement and bent over it so he could take me from behind. I followed him into the shower when he finished cutting the grass and working in the yard, and when we went to bed that night I was all over him like white on rice. It had the desired effect:

"How soon can you get Mark over here? I need some fucking help."

"Are you sure? It is what I did with Mark that has turned me into a horny slut. If I do it again it will just reinforce the feeling and I'll be after you even more."

"Maybe, but at least for the time he is here you will be leaving me alone. Besides, getting my fantasy and actually seeing you with another man may just charge me up enough that I can keep up with you.


Monday was a bad day for me. I was as horny as a goat and even though I wanted to call Mark and ask him to come by the house that night I couldn't. I told him to give me a call in a couple of days and if I called him that would make me seem too eager and would plant ideas in his head that I didn't want him to have. Mark was only going to be a fling, one of many I sincerely hoped, and I did not want him to start thinking of me in terms of a long relationship.

The itch between my legs was so bad that by ten o'clock I was eyeing the men in the office and wondering if I could get away with dragging one of them into the supply closet. It was just a random thought because I knew it was impossibility. The closet was in plain sight of every one in the office and my going into it with a man (if the others figured out what for) would lead to a line forming outside the door. I smiled at that thought. Chuck had said that his fantasy had me servicing men like Randy's wife had and I wondered if he would ever take it that far.

I managed to make it through the day without raping one of my male co-workers. I was driving home and thinking about how poor Chuck's cock might be raw by the time I got done with him that night when my cell phone beeped. I fished it out of my purse and answered it. It was Mark:

"Hi there you sexy and drop dead gorgeous lady."

"Why thank you sir and just what do you hope to get with that line?"

"To be brutally honest I am hoping for more that just conversation. You told me to call you in a couple of days and I do know that a couple means two and it has only been a day and a half, but if I waited any longer it would be an insult to your beauty."

"Oh God what a line. Good for a girl's ego though even if it is s line of bull."

"Oh come on, you have to know how much you turned me on the other night. I haven't thought of anything since and I'm on pins and needles waiting to find out if you are going to see me again."

"Look, I'm in my car right now and I don't like talking on my cell when I'm driving. Give me your number and as soon as I can find a place to pull over I'll call you back."

As soon as I had disconnected I called Chuck:

"I just talked to Mark. He's eager, so when do you want to do it?"

"As soon as you can. I can be home by six if tonight is good for you."

"Sweetie, it doesn't matter what is good for me, this is for you, remember?"

"Don't quibble Lorrie, you know you are as turned on by this as I am. I'll bet your pussy is leaking even as we speak."

He was right of course and I told him that I would call Mark back and if that night was good for him I'd set it up and call him right back and let him know. I found a place and pulled over and I already had a finger in my pussy when Mark answered his phone.

"Now where were we" I said.

"I was trying to convince you to see me again."

"Well I do have to admit that I enjoyed it even though it was in a cramped back seat.

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