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Soon another young woman was naked on a pile of rags. Her clothes were hung on the lift where the metal fix up job had learned the tricks of the trade. Oh how the Volkswagen would at this moment enjoy that woman sucking his muffler and posing naked on his hood this night but alas it was Murray's time alone to do the persuading. He took out a quart of oil and dripped it over the gorgeous blonde's right breast. The thick liquid flowed over her pert nipple which was firm in the open air and pooled in her naval. The woman arched and her breasts heaved as Murray unsheathed his rustic pipe for which upon appearing aroused a gleam in the naked beauty.

The Volkswagen lowered to the ground and rolled forward while the woman orally tantalized Murray's girth in her small but talented mouth. She felt a pressure behind her and was soon sitting on the hard surface that was the car. Surprise did not really show on her face but she was using the reflective surface to peer at her oily breasts which she groped and fondled while rolling on the sturdy hood.

With shock the woman bit into Murray's cock enough to cause his eyes to open wide as the hood opened and as if by magic the woman fell onto the machinery beneath. The engine was heating her firm ass and Murray could not believe his eyes as the pistons had somehow broken from their casing to thrum up and down the woman's body in a way Murray thought was impossible. He gazed hard as the woman gyrated and clutched at her womanhood. The metal was melting away to smoothness beneath her and massaging her. Her body was gripped in fierce orgasm as the battery produced controlled shocks across her breasts and ass which felt like the Sadal-Masochistic acts she had gone through last summer during her affairs in Hershey.

"Oh you like what you see?" said a voice from the high loft.

Murray strained to see but was pushed from behind.

"Get a bit closer love," said the voice.

He was now right on top of his female and automobile and the moans and noises of the woman under his sight reeled him into a mental place where turning back was difficult. As he attempted to break the spell and turn back, the hood came down on his head very hard and he found his mouth on the oily breasts of the woman who pulled at his hair. His head and neck stung and soon he felt hands on his hips as some sort of oil poured over his lower back and in between the crack of his ass. Murray knew this was a different type of oil than the motor oil that he now found was all over his face. The oil was lubricant and before his mind could put the pieces together a huge thick strap-on cock was being forced up his virgin ass. It hurt badly but Murray could not fight against it as the hood was being pushed on top of both him and his newest prize. The girl cock was moving to stimulate his prostrate and his ass was stretching to accommodate its girth.

The director motioned faster and faster and soon the huge member was lodged all the way into Murray's ass; tight like a hand inside of a glove. Murray tried to think straight but could not.

"Oh that voice again." His slurred and strained speech was orated with oily pert nipples smearing themselves over his embarrassed and confused face. The car battery was directed through the new slave's clit to Murray's large balls and this in combination with the lodged girl cock launched him into a fit of orgasmic deliria. His spunk was shooting through the Volkswagen's grill as the voice of his dominator laughed and laughed.

"Oh you want to take sluts to the garage and think I won't know? Well now who is the slut?" Her hand all the while was slapping his hairy ass and the ejaculate somehow was instantly collected by some transport ducts in the car's front which then dispelled it all over Murray's face and the woman's breasts.

The cock was pulled from Murray's used ass and the car somehow returned to the lift as if it had never been lowered.

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