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Total and complete fascination.

I still have marvelous cums when we fuck; Adam and I love you more than I love Aaron or Mary. Please Adam, let go of your stupid pride and accept the fact that I enjoy sex with other people and it doesn't change the way I feel about you!

You can begin enjoying sex with Mary and you'll see that it won't change the way you feel about me! Please honey bunch, let me and Mary show you what can happen if you let yourself be open to letting it happen! I want to enjoy sex with both my lovers at the same time like Mary got to last month!"

I didn't know what to say or do as I sat there in Aaron's recliner in his and Mary's home. My wife, who I thought I'd loved more than anybody on Earth and who I thought loved me the same way, had told me she loved two other people almost as much as she loved me and one of them was a woman.

That woman had told me I loved my twin brother more than I loved my wife and deep down inside I knew she was right. My brother had told me he had fantasies of he and I having sex with each other again like we'd had in the past. I knew that wasn't going to happen no matter how much he or either of our wives pushed for it.

I didn't have those fantasies nor did I have the desire for man on man sex. (Maybe, I was a homophobe!) My wife had told me that her female lover and she had set me and Aaron up to marry them so they could continue their love affair and she'd been cheating on me the entire time we'd been married.

She'd also told me that she'd had bigger orgasms from another man's bigger cock than she'd had with me. Again that man was my brother, but it didn't change the fact that she'd a bigger cum with his cock than she did mine. The last thing she'd said was maybe the easiest one to accept and get my head around. She wanted me and her female lover to give her pleasure at the same time while enjoying each other's bodies, too.

We all sat there not saying anything more for the next ten minutes. I had reclined back and closed my eyes continuing to ponder on everything I'd learned that day and don't know how long I'd have sat there if I hadn't heard Mary's moan of arousal. I knew it was Mary's because I knew Angie's moans from having made love to her for the past six years. I eased back down and looked toward the love seat Mary and Aaron were sitting on. Mary was in Aaron's lap and they were kissing each other passionately while Aaron caressed her body.

Angie was still on the couch with a gleam in her eye while she watched Mary and Aaron make out. This wasn't the first time that what they were doing had happened and in the past Angie and I would leave and go home or go to our own room if we were vacationing together. I stood to leave, but Angie shook her head no and motioned for me to join her on the couch. I stood there trying to decide what to do and finally made my choice. I motioned for Angie to come to me and she literally sprang from the couch and ran into my arms.

"I'm going home." I told her after she had plastered a big kiss onto my lips. "What you do right now determines what happens to our marriage. You leave with me and we probably and I emphasis PROBABLY stay together. You stay here like I know you want to and our marriage is over. Aaron will have to buy me out of my share of everything if you stay because I'll be moving away from here. I love you Angie, but I can't and won't share you with another man. I can live with you and Mary being lovers, but I can't live with you if you continue to fuck Aaron or cheat on me with any other man."

"I'M LEAVING NOW, YOU TWO! ENJOY YOURSELVES AFTER I'M GONE! I'LL TALK TO YOU LATER, BRO!" I yelled to Aaron and Mary as I turned to leave, letting go of Angie as I did so. Angie hesitated for a moment looking back at Aaron and Mary on the loveseat with a longing look on her face before grabbing my hand and following me out the front door which I closed behind us.

We walked across the

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