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Melissa's addiction to public nudity deepens.

It all felt familiar, but this time, it also felt different. Was she repulsed or she was excited? Katie couldn't tell, but as she kept her eyes closed, and gasped in surprise as she felt his lips gently touching hers. Taking in a deep breath, Katie parted her lips and took in his bottom lip before canting her head and sucking in her father's scent.

Warm, comforting and sexy. Those were the only words she could use to describe his kiss, as she sucked in her breath, taking in his, and felt his lips sucking on her upper lip, his hand stroking her face. Her eyes were tightly shut, remembering her first kiss and the many kisses she'd given and received since, but she also remembered that it was her father she was kissing. Guilt washed over her once more.

A tongue. He'd stuck his tongue inside her mouth. Warm and slick, the tip of his tongue danced against hers. Katie sighed, clinging tightly onto her father's face, giving in and feeling his heart beating against hers, her breasts on her father's body, her nipples mashing against his chest. Completely helpless and utterly horny, Katie gave in. Even if she were told to quit, Katie probably couldn't have done it. She needed to continue kissing.

Down below, she could feel her father's cock twitching in his underwear, pushing and pulsating against her pussy, as she straddle him, feeling her own juices oozing out of her pussy and soaking her dad's underwear. Small waves of pleasure built upon her as they continued to kiss, her tongue now exploring his, occasionally opening her eyes to check to see if her was looking, only to find his eyes tight shut, lost in the kiss.

As if by accident and through muscle memory, Katie began humping against her father's cock. Slow, rocking motion on her father, with his underwear still on and soaked with both their juices. His underwear preventing his cock from springing free, but riding the clothed-covered shaft, soaking it from the outside with her own slick juices, seemed exciting to Katie, as she placed her hands around his neck and bounced, subtly and slowly, as if afraid to be discovered that she was enjoying this.

"Hmmmmm," she moaned into his mouth so that only he could hear, leaving him harder now, knowing that his own daughter - young, sweet Katie was enjoying the make out session and attempting to relieve herself by humping his cock. Randy could feel the slickness of her juices on his thigh, as it ran from inside, and grew even more excited because of the incestuous and forbidden nature of their kiss. But inside of him was also a feeling of guilt.

My daughter. She's my own daughter. He pushed his thoughts away, and allowed himself to get lost in making out with his daughter, occasionally pumping his whole crotch up, pushing his cock, still restrained by his own underwear, against her. How many fathers had ever done this with their daughters? The thought was erotic to him, too erotic, and Randy knew he needed to cum. He needed to shoot his load, whether on her beautiful face or deep inside her hole, drooling and ready for him to slide inside, it didn't matter. Randy, a happily married man, needed to fuck Katie. Randy, a loving father, needed to fuck his own daughter.

They were interrupted yet again, and came back to reality, remembering that there was a stranger with a gun in the room. Clearing his throat, the man pulled Katie off her father, and with a lusty look in his eyes, pointed the gun at her and, as if the anger were gone, began to speak softly.

"Now, make him cum! You both need to cum," the man demanded, his words etching into Katie's mind as she imagined Randy's cock stretching her, filling her.

The words shocked Katie as she felt her heart skip a beat.

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