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She makes her loves first birthday with her special.

His hotel room is two rooms, a bedroom and a sitting room. The sitting room has the desk and the safe. We can pay the two girls to keep him busy in the bedroom, giving us time to get at the papers."

Carlos nodded. "Perfect. Will the safe be hard to get into?"

Don Pico shook his head. "Not at all. It is one of those safes where the guest can set their own combination. In the event that the guest leaves without unlocking the safe, the safe has a mechanical override key to allow the hotel to get into the safe."

"Alright, let's do it," Carlos said. Don Pico nodded, and excused himself to go off and make arrangements for the girls to keep Fernandez extra busy during his session.

Carlos and Ria walked along the seafront walkway atop the fortified wall. The sun was shining brightly and the day was warm with just a slight breeze coming in from the ocean.

"Lovely day, isn't it?" Carlos said as they strolled along the path. Ria nodded and smiled.

The two came to the tip of the point upon which the fortress wall was built. Ria looked out onto the ocean and felt the breeze flow against her face.

"What are you thinking about, Butterfly?" Carlos asked.

Ria responded to Carlos, but kept looking out over the Ocean. "I was just thinking about how much this reminds me of the day a couple of months ago when I was standing on an ocean-front walkway in San Diego. It was right before I went in for my final interview for the 'Cabo Blanco Ambassador' with the racing team. I was really nervous right before I was going to the interview, afraid that somehow they would find out that I was a plant by the CIA, but then I stood and stared at the ocean for a few moments, and it really calmed me. Somehow looking out at the wide ocean relaxed me, and I wasn't nervous or afraid anymore."

"And now," Carlos asked, "are you nervous?"

"No. I know that the more I find out about Aguila Roja, the more I should be scared about what he has planned, but for some reason it is the opposite. The more I know, the more relaxed I feel."

"Like I said, born-spy," Carlos said.

Carlos felt a tug on the leg of his slacks. He looked down to see a small girl, probably no more than eight, carrying a piece of cardboard onto which a number of small pins and brooches were stuck. "Buy a beautiful pin, mister, for your beautiful girlfriend?" the girl said.

Carlos laughed, and pointed at one of the items. "How much?" he asked.

"Twenty dollars," the girl responded.

Carlos raised an eyebrow, ready to haggle the price down, but Ria nudged him in the stomach. "She's just a little girl," Ria said.

Carlos sighed and pulled out a twenty dollar bill and handed it to the girl. The girl smiled and gave Carlos the pin. Carlos held it up for Ria to see. It was the outline of a small butterfly made from bright gems on a gold band.

Ria laughed. "It's lovely," she said. The little girl smiled.

Carlos tapped the stones and then the golden band. "I wanted to buy you some pretty jewellery, but I am afraid that neither the stones nor the gold is real," he said.

"It doesn't matter, I think it is beautiful," Ria said, nodding at the little girl, who was beaming.

Carlos smiled as pinned the butterfly onto Ria's shirt. "A pretty butterfly pin for my pretty Butterfly."

The little girl waved to the Carlos and Ria as they walked away, back down the steps towards Carlos' car. As Ria turned to wave at the girl, the sun caught the fake gems in the butterfly pin, casting glints of colour across the fabric of her shirt.

* *

The knock on the hotel room door was loud and clear, and Fernandez was quick to answer. Opening the door, he set his eyes on two beautiful, young ladies, both wearing long coats. As the girls walked in and introduced themselves, Fernandez looked them over.

The first girl introduced herself as Eva.

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