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Questions and Crisis.

We did not see any one looking so we kissed and I got on the elevator.

When I got home, and as I was eating, I made a list of things I needed to do. I was going to call Linda my girlfriend/lover and ask her to come over next week and shave my legs and pussy for me. I knew she would love to do it. I would have to see if Jim wanted to learn. Jim had gotten me very hot and as Horney as I was I wondered if my period was about to start. I hoped it would not until after Jim was there. I would have to ask him how he felt about that also. I called Linda and she was all for it and then I headed for bed. I about wore my largest toy out getting myself off then got up and took a shower.

The days passed quickly and I was able to get away from work a little early that Friday and headed to the mall to get some things for Jim. The one store I like has a female sales person, Dot that was also a bilateral, AE amputee and wore hook prosthetics. She had cancer and also had a bilateral mastectomy. This was about 18 months ago so she was doing well with her arms but still feeling like no one would be interested in her as a woman any more. I always tried to flirt with her. She was working today and helped me get stuff together. I even got him some sandals and socks having never seen any shoes around his room.

We visited as Dot was not busy and as we were talking she kept looking down at my breasts. I ask her if she had a date yet and she said she was not trying anymore. I told her she was a very nice person, beautiful and great to be with. What was not to like about her. She said you know the reason. I said yes but you have learned to use your hooks great. I saw her get a little upset for a few seconds they she quietly said yes but remember I have no breasts. I told her that a good man would not care, breasts were only icing in the cake. We were looking each other in the eye and I quietly asked her if she was interested in me. She started nodding her head very slowly keeping her eyes locked on mine.

I told her good because watching her use her hooks turned me on. She finally said and seeing you with no arms and using your feet as hands really turns me on also. Since I became one, I have become attracted to amputees of any kind. I asked if she had ever been with another woman and she said no...but would be interested in trying it. I told her I was bi-sexual and she said she was non-sexual because she had not been with anyone for over 18 months. I asked her if she would like to get together sometime and she said yes, she would like that very much. We exchanged phone numbers and I paid the bill.

It was quite a pile and she got one of the stock boys to take things out to my car. He was surprised I drove but was nice and refused a tip. I headed to the hospital and went up to the floor and found one of the corpsmen that I knew and asked if he would mind bringing the stuff up to Jim. He said absolutely not and would get it in just a while after he finished with a patient. I gave him the car keys, told him where the car was and went on in to Jim's room. He was sitting in his chair working his new arm. It came all the way up his upper arm and over his shoulder since there was so little muscle left they had installed a lifting mechanism as if he was an above elbow amputee.

There was a loop around his left shoulder that was attached by a wire to the right hook arm prosthesis and when he moved his shoulder forward the hooks opened and when he relaxed the shoulder, the hooks closed. He got up to hug me and I pulled him close with my leg behind him. I could tell he was hard as a rock. I wiggled against it and said like your new arm I see. He blushed but nodded indicating it was a turn on to him. I said good, now you know how I feel when I see you with it on. He backed off and typed and you are not ashamed or embarrassed in being seen with me looking like I do? I told him I did not care what other people thought, only what you and I think.

His package of stuff arrived about that time so we did not say anything more.

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