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A new start and a new woman.

The path to the state that had allowed me to alter my mind seemed open and clear to me now. I simply took a deep breath and focused my mind on the change. With a flicker I was there, the world around me dissolving into infinite points of light. Pulling a few into myself I built a tiny structure inside me, taking a second to admire the lattice work of light I had created before dropping back into reality.

"What fun thing did you add?" The voice of Halu was suddenly close beside my ear. It's hands reaching around my body to caress my cock. Its soft fingers paying over the sensitive head, leaving trails of fire on my skin.

"I just gave myself the ability to cum," I replied, my hands running up the smooth sides of its legs. "After all," I whispered, my eyes closing, "what's the point of a cock if it can't cum?"

A laugh behind me almost made me cum right there and then, making my new cock throb even harder. A sensation that had been strange at first but was now starting to become addictive. As Halu's fingers danced over my member the feeling of pressure only grew, part of me wanted to turn around and fuck Halu for as long and as hard as I could. But a much greater part of me knew that there was no way I could take it in a fight. Even if I could I didn't want this pleasure to end.

"You should test out your new toy," Halu whispered in my ear as its hands left my cock and I felt its body move away from me.

Opening my eyes I expected to see my mirror, instead I was stood over a bed, as my eyes adjusted to the orange half-light from the street lamps outside the window. I started to recognize details. The wall length mirror and overpowering smell of perfume confirmed what I suspected. I was in Nancy's room!

I could make out the sleeping form of Nancy on the bed, her back to me. The covers had slipped from her shoulders, revealing that she was sleeping without a top. The strange new part of me that had awoken tonight told me that she was infact completely naked. Visions of her plump buttocks and shaved pussy danced in my mind's eye. Taunting me with thoughts of running my hands over her body. Slipping my hands around to cup her C cup breasts. My cock sliding between her thighs and into the wet folds of her sex.

As these visions, so vivid I could almost taste them, flashed in my mind the cock on my front throbbed painfully. The pressure that Halu had built up inside of it only seeming to grow with each passing second. Far more quickly than I thought possible it had overcome what poor shreds of self control were left in me.

Silently lifting up the duvet I slipped into the warm bed beside Nancy. A waft of sweet perfume hitting my nose, underpinned by another more bitter and animalistic scent. Something that made my cock jump and throb even more as I smelt it. As the duvet feel back over me I reached a hand slowly out toward Nancy. A part of me still hesitant to go ahead with this, knowing that if I touched her I would be crossing a line, a line I suspected I could never come back from.

The second my fingers made contact with her supple flesh, resting in the small of her back, all rational thought vanished. My hand quickly moved up and around to her stomach as I pressed my body in close behind hers. My hand moving up to fondle her breasts, lifting and squeezing the orbs, marvelling at them as my cock pushed into the small of her back, throbbing.

"Mmmh, you're home early," the sound of Nancy's voice froze my heart in terror, I was silent as I felt her hand worm between our bodies. Coming to rest on my new cock, as her fingers closed around it she giggled. "And I see you brought me a present."

Propped up on my arm as I was, my head was slightly above Nancy's.

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