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She's tied, blindfolded, and taken by a stranger.

It looked as if Colleen was actually going to cry, her lip quivered slightly and her eyes seemed very watery. If it wasn't for the massive smile plastered across her face Dave would have been worried.

For Sarah this seemed to be the kick her sex drive needed to get back into its highest gear. Her eyes had a beastly, hungry look in them and she actually licked her lips subtly before jumping at Dave. She ravished him with short aggressive pecks on the lips before swinging her arms around his neck and sliding her tongue into his mouth, kissing him long and hard.

Without breaking their tightly lock lips Sarah then swung her leg over Colleen. She scooted back slightly, dragging Dave's lips with her, and placed her dripping pussy just over Colleen's face. Colleen needed no encouragement and promptly buried her tongue deep within Sarah's lips

Dave had to lean forwards as Sarah pushed down hard against Colleen's face. He continued to pound away on Colleen's ass as Sarah's tongue invaded his mouth for progressively longer and more passionate kisses leaving them both gasping for breath in between moans and grunts.

Dave felt some fumbling by his hand and looked down to see Sarah lacing fingers with him so that she could help with the handjob. It was somewhat awkward to get into a nice stride as they were coming at it from opposite sides but once they figured the angles out it started to work quite well. Their fingers slid over each other and their hands meshed together as they pumped the shaft, they locked eyes with each other again before desperately resuming their passionate kiss.

Dave could feel the pressure building, he was nearing his climax but Colleen beat him to it. The addition of Sarah's hand on her cock had pushed her over the edge, she squirmed beneath Sarah's legs and bucked against Dave's cock, her screams of pleasure muffled by the pussy over her mouth.

Dave felt a splash of wetness strike him on the chest and begin to trickle down to his stomach. It caught him by surprise and he pulled back to see cum splashing Sarah's boobs and dripping down over his and Sarah's fingers. Colleen's cock continued to twitch and leak for several seconds, each twitch coincided with a tightening of her asshole which pushed Dave closer and closer to his climax.

Sarah climbed off Colleen's face, which right now wore a dazed but contented look, and lowered her head to Colleen's crotch. Dave felt a tickling sensation as she lapped and sucked the cum from both his fingers and Colleen's cock.

He finally reached his climax. Grunting loudly and gripping Colleen's hip tightly, he rammed into her once more and came as deep inside her as his cock would reach. Colleen was already completely spent at this point but the force of the ejaculation caused her to emit one last moan of pleasure.

He let Sarah lick the cum from his chest while he wriggled free of Colleen ass. The tickling of her tongue was relaxing but he had to stop her when she lowered herself to his newly freed cock, it was too much for his aching member to handle. Instead they collapsed on the bed next to Colleen.

Dave was about ready to blackout. He was exhausted, his muscles were burning and his head was spinning. The girls, on the other hand, were not ready to take a break yet. Colleen rolled to Sarah's side and lowered her fingers to her pussy as she pushed her tongue through Sarah's cum coated lips.

Sarah's moans brought Dave out of his trance and he kicked himself when he remembered that only himself and Colleen had cum. He was so overwhelmed by his orgasm he was neglecting his girlfriend of hers.

Shaking his head he summoned the last of his energy and moved over to Sarah's other side. Colleen was still monopolizing Sarah's mouth so instead he settled for locking his lips on her neck while his hand snaked around her hips to join with Colleen's.

Sarah slowly moved her attention between the two, letting Colleen and Dave alternate between sloppy kissing and hickey giving.

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