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Roaji, his name. He flashed his pointed smile at her and she grinned goofily back. All at once she had a hundred questions for him with no idea how to ask them. She did not get the chance before he dropped another hammer blow.

"Soon leave."

She knew instantly that he did not mean the here and now, but rather he was departing the area. No he could not... Misty caught herself, barely more than an hour ago she thought she had convinced herself that she was fine with never seeing him again. What the fuck was she thinking?

She had to make certain, "You're leaving here," she pointed down to signify the 'here'.

The orc furrowed his eye ridges as he searched for the kingish words, "No," he stood up so he could spread his arms, "Here. Big place."

"Oh," she turned her back and resumed her cleaning, "Well go then."

Fuck him. She would not give him the satisfaction of mourning his departure. The girl needed to focus on her resolve to move forward with her new inferior life. She could not go about improving her situation by mooning over this monster called Roaji. He had done nothing but confuse and torment her and being an orc meant she had been taught and bound to fear and revile him.


She dropped her cleaning instruments, jumped into the plunge pool with the orc, grabbed him and kissed him. Roaji lifted her up and Misty curled herself around him, wrapping her arms behind his neck and mashing her lips down upon his. He said her name again and she mewled in hunger, hoping the water would cover her tears. The girl's emotions were in turmoil and the strength of her willpower had eroded almost to nothing; leaving only need.

She lamented her lack of control even as she rejoiced at feeling his hard body against hers. Misty pushed her tongue past his sharp teeth to deepen the kiss, desperate to sate her hunger for him. If this was truly to be the last time... The girl could not help but let loose a sob.
"Misty?" the concern in his voice and eyes was the final grain that broke her.

She buried her head in his shoulder to hide her face and began to freely weep. Roaji carried the peasant girl carefully over to the water's edge and sat her down on the bank. When she would not let go he was forced to awkwardly sit down beside her. He gently stroked her wet hair and removed clumped strands from her face.

"It's all over," she whispered hoarsely, "my boys are gone and soon they'll be dead. I couldn't do anything."

Roaji said nothing, he probably did not understand even half of what she was saying. Even if he knew the words he would be ignorant as to their context. Misty was fine with that, her sexual need had transitioned into an emotional one and she wanted to let it out like she would with Kentin in many times past. Kentin who would try to hide the fact that he was judging her for her promiscuity. He did not mean to but he did.

"And Kentin-"

"Kentin," Roaji interrupted.

She felt a little guilty, "He's like a brother. I never knew if I wanted more from him, but now I think I've lost him too. Everybody hates me now and I hate them right back. It's so stupid..."

The girl wiped her bleary eyes and sniffled. Talking candidly to the unpredictable orc was having a calming effect on her. It had only been a week since she had had an open conversation, yet it felt like much longer. Now here she was baring herself to what she had been taught was a mindless barbarian and he was stroking her hair like one of her lads would have done.

"What am I supposed to do?" she continued, "Give in? Go to church? Don't talk back? Be a good girl? Kiss their asses? I'd rather die."

Misty considered, "Even if I stay out of their way and get the bar wench job, they're not going to leave it alone until they've crushed me. Even then I don't think they'd stop... Fuck."

The orc repeated, "Fuck."

"Yeah, you know that word," Misty half laughed, "So what about you?"

When he did not respond, she guessed he had missed the question.

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