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Two Chicago detectives solve in the windy city.

Her face flooded with passion, Kristanna's modest, firm breasts flopped about wildly as she continued to scream out her approval.

Laying flat upon my back with an unobstructed view of the beautiful Kristanna as she sat atop my erection and rode me like a cowgirl, I was in pure Heaven right now. My shaft was deep within the confines of her sweet, little pussy, filling it to the absolute hilt. Could this night be any better?

Yes, as a matter of fact ... it could.

As if having one gorgeous woman was not enough, I was quickly reminded that there was another in the room.

From seemingly out of nowhere, Pamela swung a leg over my face and then lowered her pussy to my mouth. Instinctively, my tongue went to work - lapping away at Pamela's wetness. Clearly, Pamela was comfortable with the idea of having oral sex performed on her. Due to the health risks and possible complications, though, this was where she drew the line. I was fine with her not wanting to go any further just yet.

Pamela responded to my oral probing by cupping her full breasts with both hands and offering them healthy squeezes. Her entire body squirmed and writhed about atop my tongue.

"OH MY GOD!" Kristanna roared, still bouncing about wildly upon my cock. "I'm ... I'm gonna CUM!" Kristanna settled down upon my erection and then screamed out at the very top of her lungs, "OHHHHH! I'M CUMMING!"

"Cum inside of her pussy!" Pamela told me, as Kristanna experienced the ultimate in pleasure and release atop me. I heeded Pamela's words and released the inner grip I had on myself, which allowed my cock to erupt and coat the lush depths of Kristanna's exquisite pussy with my sperm.

After both of us rocked together for several seconds in mutual climax, Kristanna took a very deep breath and then dislodged herself from my shaft. Still nestled atop my face, Pamela leaned all the way down and grasped my deflated cock with her hand and stroked it tenderly. She then took it into her mouth, her tongue leisurely twirling across it.

Still, I had Pamela's prime and delicate pussy staring me right in the face. Even though my body felt as if it had been drained because of that experience with Kristanna, I continued to lick and swipe away at those glistening folds. Needless to say, Pamela's pussy was absolutely scrumptious.

The feast was taken away from me, however, as Pamela suddenly removed her pussy from my face. It was replaced with her own face. Pamela nestled down on top of me and pressed her lips to mine, offering me a full, deep kiss. I moaned as waves of sensations swirled throughout all of my soul. Soon, I was embracing Pamela with both arms.

God, I said to myself, lost in thought for a brief moment. Could my life possibly be any better than it already was?


It certainly had been quite an eventful past couple of months for yours truly following the events of what was supposed to be the final chapter of my "Island Fever" diary and series. Several readers kept begging and pleading for more, so here I am with a quick check-in on my life.

The previous chapter detailed the birth of my first child with Kristanna (Kaden) and the raucous celebration which took place once they returned home from the hospital. Lindsay shocked everyone by proposing marriage to Trish (we were all waiting for the opposite to happen (i.e. Trish popping the question to Lindsay herself)). Then, Lindsay made her intentions of wanting to marry me be known as well. Mere seconds after her proposal to Trish, Lindsay basically informed me that she and I were now officially engaged, too.

The chapter ended with a brief mention of a newcomer to our little family, Scarlett, and the fact that she was fitting in quite nicely ("Scarlett sucks cock with the best of them" was how I simply (and poorly) described her). I will talk about Scarlett in much more deserved detail later.

As for each of the ladies individually, who better to start with than the one and only Kristanna? Even after going through the grue

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