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My weekend continues with Chantelle, and Jess, and anal.

Watching Cory work the hem of her skirt steadily up towards her waist, Rose didn't even realize she was rocking her hips side to side on the bed to allow Cory easier access to work her dress up. Craning her neck off the pillow so she could see over the ample mounds of her breasts, Rose saw Cory's face framed between the brackets of her pasty white thighs. When she looked a little lower, Rose also clearly saw her hairy fleece beneath the sheer and moistened material of her panties.

A look of razor sharp intent gleamed in Cory's eyes as he crept up on the bed between the older woman's legs, causing Rose to tremble visibly when she felt the clear purpose in his stare. Like a dog seized by his instinct to hunt, Cory didn't waste a moment allowing Rose to get comfortable on the bed.

Seeing her dress hiked up far enough that her crotch was exposed, Rose assumed when she saw Cory lower his hands towards her panties that he was going to simply grab them by each side and pull them down. Instead, every drop of blood in Rose's body froze when she saw him dig his fingers into the V-shaped patch of material covering her vagina. Feeling his knuckles dragging against her frothy and pulsing cunt, Rose held perfectly still until Cory literally ripped the front of her panties apart, leaving her pussy bare beneath the tattered frays of her white undergarment.

The sound of Cory tearing them apart echoed repeatedly through Rose's head as she stared down at the pink bloom of her labia spouting out from what was left of her underwear. Before she could even absorb the image of her raw and exposed sex however, Cory leaned forward between her legs and his face quickly eclipsed the view.

"AAAHHH... CORY..." Rose immediately gasped when the boy's mouth splashed down on top of her bubbling quim.

"SSHHH... AAAHHH..." she wheezed, kicking her feet out in the process causing her high heel shoes to flop down on the floor to each side of the boy between her legs.

The smoothly ridged contours of Cory's tongue darting and dredging through her agitated vaginal folds, Rose twisted her head side to side on the pillow as Cory's entire face seemingly engulfed by her pussy.

Rocking forward on his knees as he devoured Rose Dwyer's cunt, a million crazy things seemed to shoot through Cory's head. He remembered fantasizing about Rose the brief time he was staying with the family as a teenager, but at that age when he was nothing more than a walking and talking hormone driven monster, he pretty much mentally fucked every woman he came into contact with. Never once did he ever think he'd actually have sexual relations with any of them.

It took hanging out over the past few years with some of his cohorts at various adult bookstores around the greater Cincinnati area for Cory to discover some of the elements of his sexual worth. Cory quickly learned many men would be more than willing to compensate him for what he had to offer. He also discovered many of the men he encountered would gladly spring for a room in return for being able to watch Cory do things to their wives they couldn't.

The first few times Cory took part in those scenes was weird, but after awhile however, the rush of banging housewives, nurses, teachers, and other upstanding members of the community right in front of their own Husband while he watched, and often times jacked off, tripped Cory out to no end.

At some point with all the positive reinforcement he was getting, Cory started to believe he could seduce any man or woman he passed walking down the street if he put his mind to it. To actually have the Wife of a preacher spread out on a bed in front of him however, with her calves draped over each of his shoulders as he ate her out was off the charts, even for him.

It had been awhile since Cory had the pleasure of being with a woman.

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