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She brings in a friend to surprise her husband.

A couple of men in raincoats stayed.

Janine guided me across the road to a swank restaurant and we were soon tucking into pate de fois gras and a bottle of Moet. She had shrugged her cape off her shoulders to lay over the back of the seat revealing a dove grey dress that positively bulged in front. The Moet started to cause her cheeks to take on a rosy hue as she relaxed. We chatted about the state of the theatre and went into the next course which was Lobster Thermidore. The lady didn't stint. The Coffee Royales put her over the edge while I had a comfortable buzz.

"You're very mature for your age, Allen. Confident, knowledgable, well mannered and you've put me completely at ease. Seriously, they send me some mental midgets at times!" She peered at me speculatively. "Are you up for some hanky panky with an old tart." I pretended to look around for said old tart, and she giggled - really quite different from the old dragon of two hours ago. "Me, you fool. It's been over two years since I had a shag, and that wasn't much to write home about. Fellow critic. all piss and wind. Did absolutely nothing for me. I kicked him out before he embarrassed himself. Well? You can always say no because it's not part of the deal."

"As it happens, I rather like older women, especially curvy ones." Minutes later, she had paid and we cabbed it to her apartment.

"I'll just slip into something more comfortable. Help yourself to the bar."

I'd only taken a sip or two of the really excellent scotch when she reappeared. I spluttered into my drink, taken aback by what I saw. She was dressed like a big baby in a diaphanous negligee with pink fluffy hems at the sleeves and bottom that finished high on her strong looking thighs. She had pink fluffy slippers and a baby type bonnet on her head. What had me going was the huge nappy she was wearing plus the dummy dangling from a string around her neck.

"I like to be a baby," she lisped in a little girl voice. "Can you be my daddy for one night?"

It took me seconds to recover. "You look guilty, little girl. Have you done naughtys in your nappy?" I growled sternly. "Come here and let me look." She stuck the dummy in and dropped her head, putting her hands behind her while edging close to me. Incongruously, her huge tits swayed back and forth as she did, almost ruining the image. She sidled closer, her feet moving side to side, until she stood in front of me. I pulled her closer and ran my fingers up the front of her nappy towards her pubis. No surprise really, she was smooth and hairless and damp. I pulled my finger out and smelled it immediately identifying urine. "You naughty girl! Over my knee with you." I pulled her down over my knee and pushed her nappy down her thighs. Her arse was big and smooth and bore the faint traces of baby talcum powder. I smacked the nearest cheek quite gently, then the other, back and forth, getting harder.

I heard her sucking noisily on her dummy and emitting whimpers with the occasional "Oooh daddy," thrown in. I started smacking and rubbing until her bottom was a bright pink. She gave a gigantic shudder and I knew she had orgasmed, and mightily. A spurt of juice had wet my trouser leg.

"You dirty little girl, you've wet me. I'll have to take my pants off now." I pushed her onto her knees and she looked up at me pouting. I stood and dropped my duds and underwear. My semi erect penis jutted out at her. Her eyes widened and she dropped the dummy out of her mouth and swooped on it. No fucking about, straight on it and sucking hard. Immediately I got harder. The suction was unbelievable probably from all that dummy sucking.

Janine looked up at me contritely as she sucked. Literally within a couple of minutes, I exploded down her throat, and she kept sucking until she drained every drop. "Ooh, daddy. Thank you for the milk. But I need more. Is there more?"

"Oh yes, little girl, especially for good little girls who show me their titties.

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