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Sandy got caught, she's a very naughty girl.

My eyes at her ass level, I took a moment to admire my new subject, her feet on the tile spread about shoulder width, her shapely legs leading up to her womanly rump sticking out, her palms flat on the wall before her, hot water running off her sloping, full tits and down over her red cunt hair.

With my right hand, over her left cheek, I ran the soap, moving it in big, wide, slow circles, pressing in the soap firmly, my fingers reaching around and squeezing under her ass high on her leg, pulling on that sensitive skin close to her pussy, lathering up both her ass and her passion. From my kneeling position, I could see her sex becoming more excited as I ran the soap along her ass, tugging gently on her flower, its petals spreading. Down the inside of her thigh I ran the soap, then up again, squeezing and releasing, brushing lightly with my fingers her now swollen mons. Up and down her leg, up and over her left cheek, slowly I lathered fully her left hind quarters, before switching the soap into my left hand, extending up to her it.

"Take this," I commanded, and she removed her left hand from the wall, grabbing it, then again leaning upon the shower wall, soap in hand.

Now with both hands free, I rubbed deeply her left cheek and hamstring, slippery from the soap, digging in my thumbs while around her quads the fingers from each hand reached, up and down on her leg, squeezing firmly, knowing each tug on her skin gently pulled upon the sensitive skin under her ass and pussy. Again I pushed upon her sweet ass, dropping my right hand high on the inside of her thigh, squeezing while bringing up my hand slowly, rising until my fingers pulled outward her wet pussy hair and, with it, her blossoming labia. Running my fingers up along the crack of her ass, I brought up my middle finger to her anus, her body tightening as I made small circles around it before turning my hand, palm up. Gently I stroked her bud, moving up and down my finger over her asshole before slipping it in one knuckle deep.

"Ooooohh," she moaned weakly, barely over the sound of the water splashing, but enough to tell me she would be taking my cock up her ass in the near future.

Still on my knees behind her, I again barked, "Give me the soap."

She brought down her left hand, mine meeting hers, then I slid on my knees toward her right side. Now my left hand began lubricating her, kneading and squeezing and rubbing, around and over her right cheek, up and down her right leg, pulling on that skin to where I could see, from my kneeling position behind her, her burgeoning cunt with its viscous syrup inside.

I positioned my feet slightly behind and inside hers then,rising slowly, my turgid cock rubbing along the inside of her thighs, I stood up. With my knees positioned inside hers, I leaned in, kicking out her knees with mine so she leaned backwards into me, my cock now nestling against the bottom of her slick channel.

Bending my knees to get under her, I pushed my cock lengthwise along her slick clit until I was balls deep, though my cock wasn't inside her, Marti's palms to the wall.

I stroked it, back and forth, mixing her glistening quim with the water running off my cock, her head bowed again, though this time fascinated by the sight of my big cock beneath her, stroking its length along her pussy.

I brought the hand with the soap again to the back of her shoulders, alternately raising and lowering my knee level, allowing my cock to slip past her as I rose, withdrawing it as I dropped, drawing my bow against her increasingly desperate fiddle.

Reaching around with my left hand, I kissed Marti's neck under her left ear as I brought the soap under her left tit, squeezing and pulling under her nipple as the water washed away the lather . I worked over good her big, banana-sloped tit, kissing and licking and nibbling the back of her neck and left ear, my cock bouncing against her clit and pussy.

Withdrawing my left hand, I switched, behind her, the soap into my right hand, running it along the right side of her back, her shoulder, o

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