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Ann's meeting with me was only a footnote on a day that meant something important between her and Mike.

I broke the kiss, to find myself looking right into those big brown eyes. I looked in them for what seemed like hours trying to read what she felt. It was actually probably just a couple seconds that I was caught in her gaze. That was all she would have needed to pullback her hand in enough of a windup to…..

"Whap." Her open palm caught me right side of my face with resonance and pain. My head spun to the left with the force, but snapped back to our eye to eye gaze.

"Always make them say 'No' three times before you give up."

I realize I was walking on thin ice here, and my actions were incredibly presumptious, when that old adage my grandfather had taught me sprung to mind. She hadn't actually said "No" but her intention was certainly clear.

"What the hell are you doing!?"

Mike had sat up in bed. He had apparently been more conscious than we thought, and had noticed the sound of her hand "caressing" my face with such gusto.

"Nothing darling," Ann responded, "We were just going to the restaurant so Jon can get his car."

She continued to glare at me. I remained eye to eye, in a ready to kiss you again posture.

"Actually Mike," I added my answer, "Ann had just told me she had a special romantic day planned for you, and you blew it with a multiple martini lunch. I just thought it might be nice for me to fill in for you so she wouldn't be disappointed,"

I then lowered my voice to address Ann more than Mike "and I never disappoint."

"Well I think I should have a say in that." He tried to stand but staggered, and fell back to sit on the bed looking at us.

"Of course you should," I said, "but you can't stand up. That means that I have one say in it, and Ann has the other."

Our eyes remained six inches apart. I could feel her breath on my face, smell her perfume, feel the heat from her skin. I closed the distance and kissed her again. Even though she maintained her non-committal approach, neither kissing back or pushing me away, this time I gently slipped my tongue through her lips, but not far. My hand crept up her back again, but this time I focused more on the side of her back, lightly brushing the base of her breast on the side.

"Whap." Same resonance, same pain, other cheek. My head spun to the right this time, and once again I returned immediately to an eye to eye gaze.

"Always make them say 'No' three times before you give up."

Thanks Grandpa. I took that as a second "No." But she wasn't backing up either. Though her slap was forceful, maybe her "No" wasn't. Then again maybe she was just being a strong woman exhibiting her strength. Either way, it was very sexy.

"There!" Mike bellowed. "She had her say. Now you can go."

"Hey Mike, did you hear her tell me to go?" I asked. Ann's glare remained level, and I decided to never play poker with this woman. "She slapped me, but she didn't tell me to leave. In fact, she hasn't said anything. Maybe she's waiting for you to make a move you can't make."

Ann's stern face softened a bit at this. There was even a hint of a smile crossing her lips.

"I think she's really pissed at you," I chided. "First you get drunk on a day she feels is very special. I'll bet you forgot to notice her incredible legs, and how they go on forever beneath this rather short hem? Does she dress like this every day for work Mike? Or was it just for someone special? Hey Mike, if you can't handle that, let me know. I'm can."

Ann's eyes began to sparkle. I was making definite progress, but I was down to one remaining "No." I didn't want to push it here.

"Hey Mike," I continued, "what did you have in mind when you were hiking up her skirt in the booth today? Just copping a little feel? Or were you actually thinking you could pull off something more involved in a lunch rushed restaurant while she entertained a client?"

"Well…" he blushed, and obviously had no idea how to answer.

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