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Marilyn & Kat go off on a Hawaii honeymoon.

She rested her head against the faux-leather cushions, letting him press her down into them, sweat and leaking fluids making her skin slippery as she rocked back and forth underneath him. She gripped him with her thighs, feeling his soft fur brush against her, and again he leaned down to take one of her pert breasts into his mouth. His tongue coiled around the soft globe, squeezing it with surprising strength, sparks flying in her brain as its textured surface glanced her nipple. He sucked, his teeth pressing into her pliant flesh, circling the hard nub with his slimy muscle as she gritted her teeth against the stimulation. He could fit her whole boob in his mouth, painting her skin with his tongue, letting it bounce back as he released it from his lips. She took it in her hand and kneaded it roughly, sharp pangs of pleasure tickling her senses as her fingers sank into the meat, made slick by his drool.

He pinned her arms suddenly, his mammoth hands trapping her wrists against the couch, excitement coursing through her as he started to thrust harder and faster. It was enough to drive her crazy, unbecoming moans and cries that she wouldn't have imagined that she could make escaping her pursed lips, Zagza pushing down to slam his erection into her welcoming passage with enough force that she could feel the impact reverberate through her whole body.

He went faster and faster, harder and deeper, his slaver raining down on Riya's body as she watched him bulge her flat belly with his relentless thrusting. She could feel another orgasm creeping up on her, her hips rolling of their own accord to drive his bumpy member against her satin flesh, as if she were trying to scratch some burning itch. He was so rough with her, pounding her into the couch as its frame creaked and shook, the pressure and heat welling inside her becoming impossible to bear.

Zagza seemed to be having trouble too, his movements becoming erratic and less regular, his burning member swelling and twitching as he plunged it into her sopping loins. She could feel him getting close, every throb and every rush of blood that traveled through his absurd length translating into her satin walls, wringing him like a fist as the pair pushed each other towards a crescendo.

"C-Come in me you brute, don't hold back...fill me," she mumbled. She didn't know if he understood the words, but her tone was sultry and inviting, his eyes narrowing and his hands leaving her wrists to wrap around her waist for leverage.

"Oh! Fuck," she exclaimed as his fingers closed around her hips and his sausage-like digits sank into the meat of her ass. His thumbs pressed on her belly from the outside, his member jamming against her tunnel from the inside, her eyes glazing over and her head rolling back as he jammed her g-spot between the two.

Her body contorted, beads of sweat flying from her caramel skin as she bucked and struggled, Zagza holding her down as a powerful climax pulsed up her spine like a lightning strike. Nobody had ever made her come like this before, it was usually an incremental process, a steady buildup that ended in her either getting herself off or sneaking a finger between her legs to help her partner in his efforts. Now she could scarcely help herself, as if the creature had merely flipped a switch, her body acting completely outside of her control as it convulsed and shook.

Zagza gave one last, grunting thrust, forcing his member as deep as it would go as her ceaseless contractions drove him over the edge.

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