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Michelle gets into more than she anticipated.

Then you can slip in and go downstairs to the bathroom in the basement."

Once back at the party I couldn't wait to get Tori home to my place. We both gladly would have left the right away, but we had to wait for Annie and Steph before we could go. Tori and I mostly stayed apart while we waited for Annie and Steph. We would exchange knowing glances and the occasional secret touch, but not much more. The longest interaction we had back at the party was when she joined a group of us of hanging out in the kitchen. While she was in there with us, I had to sit back and watch a friend of mine unknowingly do his best to usurp my plans. Tori fought off his advances, all the while flashing sideways grins my way.

After about another hour or so Tori found me and whisper that Annie and Steph were leaving. By then the party had really thinned out, so to keep from being seen leaving together Tori got in a taxi with the girls and had them drop her at the end of the street. I caught up with her there and we immediately embraced in a kiss hungry with pent up anticipation. Finally breaking away I took Tori by the hand saying, "Come on, let's go fuck!"

My place was less than a five minute walk and as soon as we got to my room we practically ripped each other's clothes off. Seeing Tori naked made me seriously wonder how I could have possibly considered taking a pass on her. The question of whether Tori's breasts would match the promise of their sweater clad roundness was answered too. Her tits were spectacular play things. They were round soft mounds of pale white flesh with thick pink nipples. I've generally been more attracted to a great ass, but whenever I've been with a girl with such beautiful breast, I've always been taken by the recreational opportunities. It might be my imagination, but it's always seemed to me that girls with great breasts really respond to appreciative attention paid to their tits. It's as if breast sensitivity is proportionally linked to their size and loveliness.

I spent so much time slowly sucking and playing with Tori's sweet tits. The memory of climbing up to straddle her and plunging my cock between her breasts still makes my cock twitch. I've humped girl's tits before, but the way Tori's enveloped my cock and filled me with orgasmic visions was hard for me to resist. As much as I wanted to feel and see my sperm slashed over those incredible mounds, I had other plans for my next load and Tori's tits would have to wait.

After reluctantly climbing off Tori, I rolled her over on her stomach and from the top of her neck I slowly began kissing and licking down her spine. When I reached the small of her back Tori ever so slightly started arching up in anticipation. As my tongue tracked down the valley of her rising ass I could hear Tori's breath quickening. With Tori's round bum pointing upward and pushing back against my face, I spread her checks to get unobstructed access to her approaching rosebud. When my tongue touched her asshole Tori let out soft moan. I slowly skimmed across her pursed hole and continued along the strand of skin leading to Tori's sopping pussy.

"Oh, yes," Tori sighed.

Tori's pussy was unbelievably wet and she smelled so sweet. I wrapped my arms under her thighs to pull her back tightly against my mouth and probing tongue. Tori had fat juicy pussy lips and a big pea of a clit that were irresistible. In no time Tori seemed to be reaching a breathless crescendo when her body shuddered and she began moaning into the pillows.

As I continue licking her juices, Tori regained herself enough to turn her head back and ask, "Mike, can you fuck me now?"

Before answering, I had a question of my own that I had been wondering about. "Tori, I'm going to fuck you either way, but I'd like you to answer a question for me first."

"Alight, I guess," Tori replied.

"Since tonight was your first blow job, I been thinking that this will be your first fuck too," I said. "Umm, by chance are you a virgin?"

"No comment," she replied.

"Tori if you are, I'm going to find out pretty soon.

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