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A newcomer riles a woman and he tries to win her over.

The brother had his handsome face planted firmly between her thick, sexy legs, and his tongue was buried in her pussy. Hafiza gently stroked the back of Rufus head, encouraging him as he worked his magic on her...

"Damn straight," Rufus paused to say, and he swiftly resumed eating Hafiza's pussy. The female Vampire looked at her lover and smiled, flashing sharp white fangs. After giving her sweet spot a tongue bath, Rufus began his approach into her. Hafiza reached for his member, which was long and thick. She noted that Rufus was uncircumcised, unlike most men in her homeland of Somalia. Hafiza did not mind at all and began stroking Rufus manhood, eager to feel him inside her.

"Show me what you can do," Hafiza hissed, and Rufus grinned, and kissed her passionately. Hafiza wrapped her sexy legs around Rufus waist as he thrust into her, and he bucked his hips, stabbing her cunt with his hard tool. Rufus felt Hafiza's claws dig into the flesh of his back, and winced as she sank her fangs into his neck, drawing blood. He felt the immortal life drain out of him, and fought against the lassitude which suddenly gripped him.

"You're quite a challenge," Rufus grimaced, and he kissed Hafiza, biting her lips and drawing blood. At the same time, he gripped her neck, hard enough to hurt even her. Hafiza looked at him, and saw a savage look on his darkly handsome face. Rufus began fucking Hafiza with deep, powerful strokes, ramming his hard dick into her pussy. He pounded away at her and didn't let up until she cried out his name and finally yielded to him while in the throes of a powerful orgasm...

"Hmm, finally, a man worth keeping," Hafiza purred with contentment, as she rested her lovely head against Rufus's chest. Rufus smiled, and Hafiza kissed his chest, listening to his heart and hearing nothing, for Vampire hearts do not beat, and Vampires do not breathe. Breathing and having a pulse were staples of mortality, and like Hafiza, Rufus was now Immortal. Rufus would live until the end of time, or until someone or something killed him. Such is existence for the Undead...

For Rufus and Hafiza, this was just the beginning. From 1929 until 1980, they roamed the world together. They wandered across America, and then explored the many islands of the Caribbean. The Republic of Haiti, Cuba, Saint Lucia, Trinidad, those were but a few of the places the two immortal lovers called home over the course of the decades. They liked being surrounded by people who looked like them, and enjoyed music, art, culture and diversity most of all.

"If there were a hundred thousand of our kind, instead of a few thousand scattered around the globe, we would rule the world and the humans would be our cattle," Hafiza told Rufus one night. They'd gone into a redneck bar in El Paso, Texas, and killed a few of the locals before feeding on their blood. Rufus was drinking the blood of a redneck named Bill O'Rourke, the proud grandson of Klansmen who once burned black churches, when Hafiza's words caught his attention.

"Honey, we can't take on the entire world, these days humans have guns, nuclear weapons, and more," Rufus reminded Hafiza, and when he saw the look of fury in her dark eyes, which suddenly turned bright red, he realized he'd made a mistake. I've just said the wrong thing, Rufus thought right before Hafiza grabbed him by the neck, lifting him into the air and causing him to drop his barely-dead victim.

"Don't tell me what's possible and what isn't, little man, I made you, and I've roamed this planet since 1245 A.D. so you can't tell me anything," Hafiza growled, and the look on her beautiful face was one of pure hatred mixed with madness. Rufus nodded, gasping even though he no longer breathed. Hafiza sighed, and nodded, then casually let him go. Rufus fell on his back, stunned.

"You're crazy," Rufus said, and with that, the young African American Vampire rose to his feet, and looked at Hafiza, his lover and maker all rolled into one.

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