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She followed Etiennette to the kitchen. In order to get there, they had to put on their bright clogs and step outside onto a stone pathway that was a good foot or so higher than the earth. There was even a lovely stone fence for them to rest their hands on. It was like a bridge that didn't have a hole to cross over. The women walked onto this path to reach a separate building that was the kitchen.

Inside he kitchen, it was very much sexually segregated. The women had an area of smooth stone to stand on while the men were happy to walk on well packed dirt.

Etiennette gave orders while she knotted up her sleeves. Jansetta decided that she should tuck her sleeves into her belt, because she was afraid of damaging the lovely fabric. She listened to her mother-in-law's orders and paid attention to why they were given. There would be a day when Jansetta would be expected to give out orders while Etiennette relaxed for once.

When the women had their sleeves out of the way, they were handed cutting boards bearing vegetables and knives. Then they started their work, listening to the centaurs sing happy songs. Apparently, the singing helped them work faster.

When lunch was almost ready, the women left the men to the rest of the work, and they went back inside the keep. As they had during breakfast, Jansetta, Etiennette, and Sabina remained hidden and the Chestnut Sisters left themselves exposed to the curious eyes of the princes. Then, when lunch was finished, the Chestnut Sisters took turns reading poetry to the men, who listened very obediently, as if even letting a drop of sweat fall would have been terribly abusive.

After lunch, Jansetta heard the men say that they would all run together, which gave the women more time to relax. Jansetta claimed more of the daylight to write while Etiennette kept close. When dinner was being prepared, they had to leave to see to it, cutting up more vegetables and giving out more orders.

At dinner, Jansetta ate quietly, still hidden from the princes, as Etiennette and Sabina were. When the meal was finished, she watched as Etiennette showed herself so she could play a zither while the Chestnut Sisters took turns dancing for the princes. A sprightliness she had never before seen in the women was putting a natural beauty to their features. Jansetta hardly noticed the glimpses of the princes' faces. She was focusing on the women, smiling and clapping her hands to the beat of the music. Not even the men's laughter echoing behind the walls distracted her.

And then an idea came to her.

When one of the Chestnut Sisters finished a dance, and after a round of masculine applause, Jansetta gestured to Etiennette, leading her behind a wall, and whispered to her that she would like to dance for Simon. With impish eyes and a happy grin, Etienette nodded and walked back to the zither, telling her daughters to kneel where Jansetta was.

"Simon, come here!" Her graceful fingers waved upwards, beckoning the man to walk close to the walls. Jansetta heard his hooves. "Your wife would like to dance for you," Etiennette said with a single clap of her hands.

"Is that so?" There was a pleased kind of surprise in his voice.

A nod, and Etienette said, "Wait a moment." She reached up to close the opening that revealed herself. Then she said, "Dearheart, let me know when you're ready."

To the other women's surprise, Jansetta dragged one of the dinner tables over to one of the walls. The trays had been taken away. The tabletop was blank.

She said she was ready. Etiennette slid the wall before her aside so her music could be heard better. Then she started playing.

And here we go ...

A turn, a few steps back, pulling a ribbon loose from her hair ...

Pushing a bit of a wall away, and then slamming it back. A rumble of male giggling cutting through the music.

Stepping forward, onto the table, then off the table, ongoing, and pause.

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