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Wealthy computer nerd relives his first real fuck.

Jerome let go of my face and pulled his cock from my mouth. My jaw ached and I closed my mouth to let my lips rest. Jerome moved his hands down my chest and pulled my shirt off. "Good girl..." he whispered as my arms moved about, I didn't resist.

He mauled my tits through my bra and then pulled my bra off too and went back to the tough grasps on my breasts. He slid his cock between my tits and titty fucked me for a few minutes. He turned his head and smiled at Charles, "Man, her tits are nice. Where'd you ever find such a hot bitch?"

Charles smiled. I was mortified. I was so angry at angry at myself.

I never could have been ready for what happened next. Jerome told me to suck the tip of his cock as he "got me ready" and I quickly began to suck his head. His hand went behind him and I felt his finger tips slide under my panties and across my delicate skin. His thick fingers pressed at my clit and then my virgin pussy. I moaned on his cock as his index finger poked in between my folds and found my pussy. "Hmmm," he moaned to me. "You are pretty dry baby. How about you suck your boyfriends cock while I get you wet....that sound nice?"

I pulled his cock from my mouth and glared at him. "Why do you need me wet?" I asked.

Jerome laughed. "Wow you are hot and stupid. I'm gonna fuck ya, baby. I'm fuck ya real good." He crawled off me and got between my knees. Everything suddenly became so real and apparent and my world crashed into me.

I looked at Charles, "You fucking sold my virginity to your dealer?!" I yelled.

Charles didn't say anything. His eyes were glazed, he must have smoked pot while I was busy sucking Jerome's cock. Charles pulled his pants and boxers off and got on top of me like how Jerome had been. I couldn't yell at him anymore, he shoved his cock into my mouth and held onto my ears, keeping me in place as he rammed in and out of my mouth as if fucking me.

I closed my eyes and thought about all the things I was going to yell at him later. I knew my special relationship with him was over.

I felt my panties being licked through by Jerome's strong tongue and he kept my legs open with his hands. His fingers gripped my thighs and held me open as his mouth abused my pussy through the delicate fabric of my panties. He licked for little while longer as Charles kept me sucking on his dick. "She ready yet?" I heard Charles ask him.

"She's almost there, man...." Jerome moaned. His voice was low, if I hadn't of slowed my sucking on Charles cock I wouldn't have heard him. "She's gonna love my cock in her lil' pussy." With that, he pulled my panties from my body. The crotch of them stuck to my wet pussy lips at first and when he pulled them away, it hurt a bit, almost like a band-aid being pulled from skin. However, Jerome's tongue got back to my pussy and the pain was quickly replaced with immense pleasure.

As his tongue moved up and down my slit and pressed against my clit I moaned against Charles' cock. I couldn't hide the pleasure that was building up in my body from the strong laps from the hard tongue. I moaned and found that sucking harder on the cock in my mouth helped me keep from having a huge orgasm rip through my body. I felt his fingers slid into my pussy and hold me open and his tongue trail around the inner edges of my pussy. I bucked my hips at his mouth instantly when his tongue pressed into my pussy and I moaned harder on Charles' dick. I couldn't hold back any longer.

Jerome knew I was about to cum. He had to. He wasn't dumb. "Get off her. I want you to watch this, man." It was Jerome talking. I couldn't tell, my mind was racing as I tried my best to hold back what little I had left to keep my orgasm from arriving.

Charles climbed off me and got on the floor next to Jerome.

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