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Keith & Sarah spice things up with a little role play.

NASA, Sage realized would not be so foolish as to spend money in futile attempts to recover dead astronauts. The Shuttle program history had taught her that.

Around her supple curving hips and ass wrapped the elastic belt serving as the base for her BIS contraption. She and Vaughan admitted it looked like something a Stripper would wear to draw attention to her hips and ass-especially on her. Inches from her face, numerous lights flashed brightly and the Master Caution warbled in her com cap. Instinctively, her heart rate increased and Sage feared she may faint for a split second. She gripped Dane's hand and he returned her grasp with calming strength commenting, "Stage One about to go. The boosters will drop with it..."

A strong kick in their butts confirmed his words and for a long few seconds, Adriana felt nothing. Either they were dead or the second stage had not ignited. Painfully, she was smashed a second time into her couch with a groan forced from deep within her. The elephant sitting on her body had stomped her with a few more Gs.

"La prestaciones del Vehiculo nominal..." Sage managed to hiss from between her clenched teeth, "Vehicle performance nominal. First stage and boosters' good sep." She was a bilingual STEM poster woman, she reminded herself. With a bit of sarcasm welling up inside her, Adriana realized the Scotch swilling, golf playing asshole in the Oval office was watching, undoubtedly making comments about her cuca while he did. Fuck that, Asshole. Adriana was California born and raised. Her parents had risked everything to reach America and make a better life for her and her brothers and sisters. They had all grown up and made their way in the world. She, from her earliest days had looked up. Adriana Sage had first earned her wings as a pilot and went on to become a Commercial Pilot. Flying with a commercial airline had come with further opportunity. They were offering education in lieu of higher paychecks and she had earned her Master's Degree Space Vehicle Systems via an online college. Adriana was a college educated Space Chica, Vaughan often teased her. She dubbed him her SpaceApe in reply. Vaughan, her little silly Monkey Man. With a wicked Boner!

During her training, Sage had been touted as an example of how not just a woman but a Latina woman could become a STEM icon until she was convinced NASA thought her little more than an exhibit to be hauled about and crowed over. She became tired of being displayed. Exasperated, Sage had let her guard down infamously during a live internet interview with Junior High students. Adriana was shocked she had not been fired by her behavior.

Fueled by boredom, raging puberty and stupidity, a skinny thirteen-year-old stood and asked the question that set light to her fuse, "In your tits float like bobbers and feel weird?" He stood waiting her answer, looking as clueless as a deer caught in headlights and added suddenly, "Carl told me to ask! You're fuckin' stupid, Carl!"

"Yes, Carl!" Sage snapped without thinking in a heavily sarcastic tone.

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