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WoD Masquerade Vampire Erotica with Orgy scene.

His suggestion elicited a chorus of approval from the others, and awoke within me new feelings, warm and luscious. A debate arose, however, some of the boys insisting that the girls should be spanked with their skirts lifted, and the girls countering that the boys should accordingly drop their pants for the forfeit. Agreement could not be reached at this, but the banter had already made me wet with excitement. The thought of being bent over, humiliated and exposed in front of others began to feature often at night when I would explore my fantasies, in thrall to my fixation.

In my adolescence, my fetish for spanking was further kindled by a scene in 'Blue Hawaii' in which a spoilt and petulant Jenny Maxwell is dragged from the surf and given 'a good old-fashioned spanking' by Elvis Presley. A few years later in 'True Grit', Glen Campbell jumps a youthful Kim Darby, drags her from her mount and, tearing a branch off a handy bush, gives her a sound birching while John Wayne looks on with delight...despite her protests and struggles, she is unable to break free, and this adds new dimension to my fantasies...I would sit watching these treats, aroused and delighted that none of my family had the faintest idea of how turned on I was. Then, slipping off to my bedroom, I would lie over a pillow with my face buried in the bedspread and with one hand in my knickers, spank myself softly into the night...

At school I frequently got into trouble for talking in class and failing to pay attention. In my earlier years, I was often stood in the corner, yet the embarrassment and humiliation seemed somehow to satisfy some yearning within, perhaps I liked being the centre of attention. In later years, a visit to the headmistress became the norm...I was to discover that the anticipation of a round of verbal abuse and chastisement stimulated me to the point of near orgasm, and after a dressing down, I liked to make a detour to the wash room, where I would masturbate before returning to class. One day, while I was waiting, the urge to satisfy myself overcame me and, without thinking of where I was, slipped a hand between my thighs, caressing the willing flesh. My hand drifted north, and I had just slipped several fingers through my gusset when the principle's door opened, and there I stood, caught in the act, a rabbit in headlights.

The slap she delivered to my face caught me off guard and I staggered with the force of it...I recall to this day the sound reverberating off the corridor walls and tears welling up. "How dare you! Get in here now, you dirty bitch!" and with that, she grabbed me by the ear and dragged me into her office. "I have had enough of your bad behaviour missy, I've half a mind to give you a sound thrashing. Have you no decency?"

"No, miss. Sorry miss." I uttered. Flushed with shame and arousal, I stood at attention in front of her while she seethed with anger.

"I think your parents need to be told about this." she continued, "I can't have you disturbing the others with your outrageous behaviour."

"Please, miss..." I pleaded in desperation, "Don't tell my parents, I'll do anything...".

"It's no use begging, it's too late for that." With this, she walked around behind her desk and, opening a drawer, withdrew a long cane. "You need to be need to learn that you are here to work, young lady, not to piss around." She walked back around to where I stood and grabbed me by the hair. I struggled but to no avail as she dragged me to her desk and bent me over, forcing my head to the desk top.

As she lifted my skirt, I protested. "What are you doing miss?". I had never been caned, and was aware that this was no longer an accepted method of punishment. I tried to break free, but she had me pinned, her hand gripping the hair at the back of my head, my face pressed to the desk.

"You are in no position to argue!" she countered, and then, to my further dismay, she reached into the waistband of my knickers and hauled them down.

I felt them slide past my knees to my ankles and I b

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