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One smouldering look from her and you have no choice.

Here keep your eyes on her as you reach into the compartment...her eyes are busy though. Mesmerized by the sight mere inches away...your cock twitches, much to your disdain.

You quickly drop her bag in her lap...some contents spill out...including a petite sparkly butt plug...she is far from embarrassed.

You literally sprint the 2 metres to the lav door, only to find it occupied!

From the corner of your eye, you see the vixen stand and turn to look at you.

She steps into the aisle and makes the 4 step journey to the lav door also...she nestles in beside you to wait...

You eye the male air host nervously, who is preparing refreshments behind the bathroom...trying to distract yourself from the warmth of your neighbours body as she seemingly has no personal space boundaries.

He turns, drops his eyes to your crotch , looks up again and winks...he fucking winked at you!!

So much for deflating the rogue member!!

The vacant sign slides across and a man emerges, he hurries out when he sees the queue outside.

You rush forth, turn to close the door..but it is met with resistance...manicured nails peek around the edge of the door.

She pushes it open and squeezes into the confined space with you...the door snaps shut behind her.

She doesn't waste time...her lips move in and attach to yours. Startled, you can only stand there dumbfounded while your cock nudges her belly as she moves in snug against you.

Wait...your wildest fantasy is happening...WTF...your brain finally catches up with your dick.

Her dark lashes smouldered against her alabaster cheeks as she pulled away from your stung lips.

She hitched her pencil skirt up to above her pantyline and reached over to your eager straining cock, which was now weeping joyously. Your traitorous bulb throbbed in anticipation as she peeled the top of your yoga pants down below your tight balls. She stared...then moistened her lips..."Oh my!"

Not having anywhere to move, she propped her ass up on the vanity and spread her legs slung over the tiny sink...both of her high heels dropping with a thunk to the floor. Now your eyes had nowhere to move, but down...down to the devil's lair! Fuck me, her pronounced slit was wet through...her sensible beige panties obviously soaked...begging to be nuzzled.

Without the room to bend, you opted to reach for them with your thumb and forefinger...and test the moist crevice tentatively...she moaned softly, grabbed your hand and forcefully smushed it to her achingly wet mound. Fuck! Losing control of all restraint, your thumb escaped her grasp and slipped past the barrier and sank into her saturated, puffy warmth. Your cock bobbed in anticipation. Fiend!

She pulled you closer by the cock, lining your glistening knob up with her pussy and wrenched her panties aside with her free hand allowing you to smear your eager dick juices over her pouty, wet folds. Finally taking control of your cock, you stir the cocktail of fluids with your knob, she closes her eyes to enjoy the delicious moment...the yearning for deep penetration nearing...

You can't hold back any longer and plunge deep, to be enveloped in her silkiness. Bottoming out with your balls resting on the cold stainless ledge, you rest, lean forward and nuzzle her creamy neck...she smells like coconut and sex. Buried in her nape, you slowly slide halfway out...she moans her frustration.

Pure animal instinct takes over, you ram home and continue the assault on her hungry engorged flesh...pounding...seeking that elusive depth that you know will appear when she is close to her climax...hastening this prize, you rub her slippery bud with your moistened thumb.

She hitches a leg up so her foot is now resting on the ledge, allowing deeper hit that deep sweet spot...both of you are breathing heavily. "Fuck me harder...cum in my pussy...", desperation speaks breathlessly. Her eyes squint up...her mouth is a surprised "O". Her pussy spasms, her hips shudder, she gurgles her rapture.


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