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An innocent yearly trip turns out to be anything but typical.

The two other girls looked down at Snowdrop, who was on the ground holding her head. There was no apparent major damage so the two other girls just looked at each other and slowly shook their heads. Blossom spoke first,

"Snow, sweetie, you really are hopeless!" Snapdragon added with her usual (and famously overly effusive) endearments,

"My sweet darling, are you okay, maybe you should sit for a minute. The game can wait sweetie."

Snowdrop replied,

"No, no Snap, Blossom, I'm okay. Just give me a couple of seconds."

"Okay, sweetie, take your time."

After having said that, Snapdragon and Blossom flitted forward. Snap gave Snowdrop a kiss on the injured forehead, as Blossom affectionately put her arms around Snow's shoulders from behind, and placed little kisses on Snow's neck. The three good friends waited for the hurt to go away, which was not long, and they flitted off to play ball. All of these three girls were good athletically, even the Rubenesque Blossom, they loved physical activity and they played with vigor, and lots of laughter.

They were having such a good time that five other girls joined in and they chose sides, and a raucously energetic game of ball ensued. No boys joined in, but some of them watched the action, with all of the lithe limbs and bouncing breasts, with great admiration. Leaf was also watching from a rather detached position as is his way, but only one girl had captured his attention ... Snowdrop!

After one particularly athletic catch by Snowdrop, and looking around to find a teammate to throw to, she caught sight of Leaf. Her moment's hesitation allowed an opponent to steal the ball, and throw it to one of her own teammates. Snowdrop did not acknowledge the "steal" as Leaf still held her attention. The tall handsome boy smiled broadly at her, and Snowdrop flitted off in his direction, now oblivious to the game in progress. Snapdragon caught the ball in another steal from the opponents and yelled,

"Hey Snow ... where you going, sweetie? We have a game here!"

As Snap turned and saw Leaf, and that answered her. She smiled and waved.

"Have fun, sweetie" Snap said, as she happily watched the two sprites flit off to some private place. Snapdragon then quickly turned and whipped the ball over to a teammate, frustrating the efforts of her opponent. The game continued a girl short.

The young sprite couple left the field for one of Leaf's favorite hides.

"I hope I didn't take you away from your friends Snowdrop. It looked like a good game." Leaf said,

"Oh, no, no problem Leaf, this is nice. This is very nice." Snowdrop answered with a sweet smile.

"I hope I am not too presumptuous Snow, but I want to show you my private place in the woods. It's where I go to get away; you know, from work, parents, bratty little brothers and sisters, and just ... the world."

"I know what you mean, but my parents are sweethearts, and I have no brothers or sisters, but I do have a special place I go sometimes. I found it about ten years ago or so. Maybe we can go there sometime, Leaf."

"That sounds great, Snow. Uh, It's okay if I call you Snow, isn't it?"

"Snow is good, Snapdragon and Blossom call me that all the time, and you are a friend too, so you're entitled." Snowdrop said with a smile.

As they reached a quiet grove some distance from the village, a place Snowdrop would never have found on her own, Leaf turned to her and kissed her sweetly on the lips. Snowdrop looked at him, painting his face with her eyes, searching out everything on his face that might betray a thought or feeling. She must have been satisfied with her findings, as she continued to smile back as sweetly as she was able.

"This is a wonderful place, Leaf. I love it ... so private ... so pretty!"

Leaf looked at her more intently than he had ever looked at her before.

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