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Emily helps Ben heal from his injuries.

Chip hit the button which proceeded to make it vibrate and the head began to swell. Almost immediately Dan was leaking pre-cum. His expression turned to one of panic and surprise and he slowly backed into the bed laying there on his back with his legs up and spread. His penis sticking out straight between spurting little bits of pre-cum.

Chip could not help it but started to feel his penis tenting his jeans. There was a very erotic vision with this half man, half woman on his bed.

He hit the buttons and the machine began to swell a little bit more. Dan began to almost instinctively do a pelvic thrust. Chip hit the button again and The toy began to swell massively. Dan was arriving like a man out of control. And very soon his penis exploded throwing come all the way up to his chest.

Chip hit the box and the toy ejected itself. Chip said to Dan, "I'm sorry dude I have to do this. It's not fair that only one of us gets to come watching you go crazy like that" and with that he dropped his jeans and slid in on top of Dan fucking him. Dan's anus still a slippery receptacle to his fat penis.

Neither one heard the back door click open and Wendy slide in the door. While Dan was getting his brains fucked out by Chip, Wendy walked in behind the two of them and watched this erotic show of two men fucking like crazy. She wasn't jealous. Well maybe she was jealous of Chip. When she first hit the doorway, she thought Chip was just doing some woman.

Her hands went down her pants. And she began to masturbate furiously.

When Chip had his orgasm, Wendy came at the same time. Everyone in the room was moaning.

The men looked over to a somewhat embarrassed Wendy who meekly said "Hello boys" with a bright red face.

Chip pulled out of Dan and said, let me get you a towel. Wendy went up and sat on the bed next to Dan's head. She held his head in her hands and leaned over a kissed his face.

Dan was a bit teary eyed and tried to cover his fading erection with the sheet, but Chip had come back with a warm face cloth and pulled the sheet the other way to wipe his friend down.

While Dan laid there with his legs wide open, Chip held Dan's penis in one hand and had a small measuring tape in the other.

"Wendy, take notes please!"

"Total circumference of the groin area is 18 inches. I'll need to cover that."

"Penis length 4.5 inches, diameter about 1 1/4. The tip is perhaps at about 1 1/2. Good thing you're circumcised dude, makes life easier. Testicle circumference area is 6 inches distance of the taint to the anus is a total of 4 1/2 inches."

"OK here's what I'm thinking this is going to fit over like a palm of her hand will reach right up to the anus and come up over your penis area there I'll be a clip for the penis to hold the penis down and out of the way there be a small sack area to hold the testicles to keep the chemical attached. And it will hold on with a sort of magic glue set of how you see the temporary hangers that they offer and every 7-Eleven. Will be able to pull it off in a months time without ripping off skin and all that. On the other hand there's this peach fuzz here and Dan I think you might want to shave that sucker down."

"Now, what about your boobs." Dan pulled off his bra and showed them off.

Chip said "hey small budding breasts. Dan are you taking something for them?"

Dan stutter for a moment and looking at his wife Wendy rather guiltily said "my therapist has me on some female hormones right now. They've grown just a little bit. And Wendy that's why I feel like wearing a sports bra. I am really sorry about the deceit."

Chip and Wendy looked each other was raised eyebrows and said, "Ha, this might be easier than we thought."

Chip made some measurements again. Measuring the circumference area and the basic positioning of the nipple.

"OK we're done! Basically this is going to look like one of those chicken cutlets that covers the entire breast area and it will induce the drugs right into the proper lobes."

Wendy said "hey can I get some boob improvements too?"


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