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Ellie and the twins go back home for their vacation.

She had him totally in her now and she leaned in and offered him her tiny tits.

Jamie took them willingly and moved from one to the other. His hands were sliding up and down her body. He loved her slender legs and tiny bubble butt. Those cheeks fit perfectly in his hands and he guided her up and down as she raced towards yet another orgasm. "My god Nicky, your pussy is so hot! I can't believe how tight you are. I can't wait to really fuck it without holding back!"

She sat up and looked disappointed, "No, no don't hold back Jamie! If I'm going to be sexually active in college, I'm sure those boys won't be so gentle or concerned about how I'm feeling. Give to me Jamie, don't spare me, fuck me like you would, like, like..."

Eddie turned her head and giggled, "Fuck her like you fucked me last week!" She turned and looked down, "Holy shit Erin, yes, yes just like that...Ohhhhhhhhh Fuck, I'm cumming!"

Nicky looked from her mother, her head buried between Eddie's clenched thighs. She looked back to Jamie, "Yes Jamie, fuck me like you fucked Eddie last week, make my toes curl and make me scream at the top of my lungs!"

Just as she finished saying that, Jamie reached out and gripped the tiny brunette by the hips. He rolled her over and his legs were between Eddie's head. He slid up and grabbing Nicky by the ankles, he bent her over, placing her feet alongside her head. She was stunned and shocked, vulnerable to whatever he wanted, and what he wanted was to be buried deep in the teenage minx. He looked down at her; her eyes were open wide and waiting. "Grip your ankles Nicky and don't move them, you got that?"

She bit down on her plush lower lip and nodded, "Yes, yes, I understand and I promise, now fuck me Jamie, fuck me like you would one of your ladies."
Eddie was almost under his ass and she giggled, "You mean the way he fucks me, Nicky?"

Nicky drew in a deep breath and nodded, "Yes Jamie, fuck me just like you fucked Eddie, don't stop and do what you will to... Oh holy fuck, yes, yes, just like that!"

Jamie was gripping his cock and as she answered Eddie, his cock found its mark and he shoved into her in one swift thrust. He bottomed out and reared back and drove back into her. He looked down at Nicky and her eyes rolled back in her head, she was beyond being fucked, she was being skewered like a Hawaiian pig. He picked up the pace and leaning in, he planted his lips over hers and he was happy to feel her tongue dancing in and out of his mouth. He followed and stuffed her mouth with his tongue, just the way his cock was stuffing her pussy. He never slowed down and he felt Nicky cumming. He felt her thick creamy juices bathing his cock and he continued. He heard obscene sounds coming from her pussy and her throat as she gurgled deep in her throat and the squishing sounds coming from her pussy as his huge cock expelled the juices her cunt was producing.

Erin heard all of the sounds Nicky was making. She popped her head up from between Eddie's legs; her face was covered in Eddie's sweet cream. She had a look on her face Jamie never saw before. She smacked her lips, "Oh you go little brother, give it all to her, make her scream. Just make sure you save some of that for me. Being with Danny last time you visited was great, but I missed out trying you. I'm not making that mistake again, do it Jamie, fill her up, shoot your hot cum in my baby!"

When Jamie heard this, he lost it. He increased his pace and his hips were nearly a blur, he pounded in and out of her that hard and fast."

Nicky was finished; she was unable to hold her legs any longer.

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