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Dey and Xee seek to escape the pirates...and fuck!

Don't hand it to me, just open your wallet and let me see the bills. If I like it, we go inside and you've got your choice of services. If not, I'll take what you've got and let you jerk off while I fuck her. Sound fair?"

Jim was watching Jen's departing form with eyes that even Superman would envy. He licked his big lips hungrily and nodded as soon as Jen disappeared inside the house. He dug in his pocket for his thick wallet. As soon as he opened it, he flicked the edges of the bills inside with almost practiced ease. "I'm clean, man. I swear. I just saw your woman sitting there looking so hot..."

Dan looked in the wallet and nodded. "Ready to do some business?" Jim grunted softly and nodded slowly with his eyes fixed on the front door. "Okay, then, Jim. You got yourself access to a wide range of services, today. Let's go inside and you make yourself comfortable on the couch." Jim nodded again and mumbled a "yeah" before he and Dan entered the house.

Jen was waiting in the living room, standing in the middle of the floor and facing the window as she was told. Her eyes were on the floor, but in her mind her vision was focused on Jim's powerful body. She had felt the firm grip of his large hands and had glimpsed out of the corner of her eye the tall, muscular body. She trembled slightly, wondering what things her master might let him do to her.

"I'll be good", she whispered to herself. "I'll do whatever Dan tells me to do, like a good, obedient slut. I'll show him how good I can be and let Jim use me like a common whore." She didn't usually talk to herself like that, but recently she had found it excited her. Her pussy rapidly dampened and the lips expanded and touched the crotch of her panties. She was getting very aroused and she suppressed a moan as they entered the house.

Jim came in and sat on the couch in front of the window, at first cautiously, but as he stared at Jen he became much more relaxed and slid back a bit against the cushions. Dan entered after him and strode to stand close to Jen on her right. He grabbed her soft, brown ponytail and yanked her head back to make her stare at Jim.

"So, Jim," Dan said almost casually, "this is my most prized possession. I'm happy to rent it out to you for a reasonable fee. The only conditions are that I am present and you produce the fee up front. I'm afraid I can't offer a refund, but I can offer a free demonstration of the item's worth so you can be assured of your purchase." With that, Dan slid one hand up Jen's thigh and stopped just before her crotch.

"Show the nice gentleman what a nice toy you can be and take off that dress to show your pretty black bra and panties and crawl over and place your head in your master's lap." Dan bit Jen's earlobe and neck and rubbed her inner thigh for a few seconds, making sure their guest got a good show of Jen's body submitting to him and the look of erotic pleasure on her face, before letting her go and backing up a few steps to sit in a chair in the corner and wait.

Jen's eyes were closed, concentrating on the sensations Dan was giving her, but as he left she slowly opened them and looked at Jim. His powerfully built form almost dwarfed the couch and Jen wondered how she might look next to him; on top of him; underneath him. She started taking off her dress almost unconsciously, but then realized he was watching her. She wanted him to want her and wanted to make Dan happy that she was so willing to sell herself for him. She swayed her hips seductively and slid off the black mini-dress and dropped it to the floor. She wore only panties, bra and heels as she crouched and got on her knees. Still staring at Jim as she turned around, she slowly crawled over to Dan and placed her head in his lap. Jim's eyes followed every move of her shapely ass cheeks.

"Now, Jim," Dan said after a few seconds, "I judge by your body language that you like what you see so far.

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