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Your hands slip into her g-string and pull it down over her round ass. She kisses your neck as she grinds her pussy into your cock. You look at me and point to a chair. I sit and watch in silence.

Your hand returns to her cheeks and you pull her into you. I remember the feel of your hard cock against my pussy. I'm almost jealous, but I'm delighted watching the woman's face as she feels the power and heat coming from you. Your arms go underneath her sweater and slowly raise it above her head; freeing her breasts. Your lips hone in on her nipples. I can hear the sucking noise from my seat and want to see. Your hands travel across her ass; slowly removing the g-string as you slowly back her towards the bed kneading the flesh: spreading her ass so I can see.

When the back of her knees hit the bed frame you tell me to get on the bed. I don't want you to stop what your doing so I comply without questioning. You tell me to spread my legs; again I do. You lay the blonde woman onto the bed. Her head resting just below my tits and her naked form between my legs. I spread my legs further so her ass is against my wet pussy. Her arms go behind my back and you instruct me to hold them there. I do. Her back is arched, her nipples pointing towards the ceiling. You lean in and take one in your mouth. The view is great. You suck and pull at her nipple with your lips. She grabs at my back as she moans and I'm dripping in my own cream.

You take my hands and place them on her breast: coaching me to squeeze them. They are so soft, and the nipple is hard. You smile and start kissing your way down her body. You take her legs and open them, placing them over my legs. Your arms are resting on her legs and your hands on my thighs when you dip your head and run your tongue along the length of her slit. She arches even more: moaning in desire. I grip her tits tightly at the sight.

I watch as your face disappears in her pussy while your nose pushes at her clit. I know you're kissing, licking and sucking the outer lips. She's moaning hard. Her ass is squirming against my pussy. I play with her boobs; keeping my eyes on you: knowing, remembering, desiring to have what you're giving her. I glance at her face and see the ecstasy in her eyes. Her head goes back further and I know you're tongue just entered her. I feel her hips buck. I know your pistoning your tongue in and out of her wet cunt. Her moans are getting stronger. She's going to cum. You don't stop. Her grip on my back grows stronger as you lick the length of her slit one more time then suck her clit in your mouth. She cums with a scream of desire. I cum silently in awe of you.

She is limp in my embrace as you raise your face to look at mine. Your skin is shiny and slick with her juices. You look at my hands still kneading her tits; her nipples still erect with desire. You lean over her and kiss me deeply. I can taste her on your tongue. I'm lost in desire for you.

"More." she says.

"Yes," I say, "please fuck her."

You smile that devilish smile and I wonder what's going through your mind. I see your cock is in full glory and I'm torn with wanting to suck you or feel you deep inside me. How great it feels, but you have other ideas. You take the blonde's legs and lift them, telling me to hold them up. I grasp her by the knees bringing them towards her chest. You take a pillow and place it beneath her ass, then position yourself between her pussy that I have opened for you. You place your hand on her hips then look me in the eyes as you slowly stroke inside her. Deeper and deeper. With one fluid like plunge, you bury yourself inside her. Her body is pressed against my own pussy and you drive into her, your eyes never leaving mine. I hear her moan and unbelievably get wetter than I thought possible: at the memory of what it feels to have your massive cock pushing its way into my tunnel.

I look at her face an marvel at the intense look of pleasure.

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