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It's a date.

I sat on the loo thinking I had never locked the door. I never did when Mum and Dad were in the house. I opened my legs wider and pulled up my nightie. I sat there as though waiting for him, with my hand in between my legs. Breathing heavily, my nipples sticking out like bullets.

I was a young lady, now there was no one to chastise my loose morals anymore. It was like being let out of prison. I could show my pussy to whoever I liked or disliked, for that matter.

I found Aunt Thelma busy in the kitchen. I hadn't even put a robe over my Daddy's shirt.

'Did you sleep well, Darling.'

'Yes thanks, except for an odd dream.'

'Oh! Was it a nice one?'

'I thought there was someone in my room and they lifted my bed clothes off me and then lifted up the front of Daddies shirt I'm wearing. It was weird.'

'May not be a dream. I woke to find Tom wasn't in his bed during the night and I was just getting out to check on him and he came back to bed. I looked in on you when I went to the loo and you were sleeping peacefully.'

'If it was Tom he was looking at me between my legs, Auntie Thelma. He had a torch.'

'Tom did have an erection when I got back into bed. I sucked him off and went to sleep.'

'You talk about it so casually.'

'Well, he will leave you alone if I keep draining his balls.'

I laughed out loud, it was so funny to hear Auntie talking so crudely.

'At least you are smiling. Are you up to looking over the house at the things you want to take with you. That's if you want to come and live with Tom and I? Otherwise you will have to go to a foster home.'

'Will that be alright with you knowing that Tom has the hots for me?'

She smiled, 'Where did you learn that saying, Darling?'

'Oh, the kids were always using it at school. I am eighteen, Aunt Thelma!'

'I think I should warn you that it is not only Tom who thinks of you that way. I am bi-sexual. I like girls too. That time I walked into the bathroom when you were in the bath, when you were getting ready to go to your College leaving do, it wasn't an accident. I did it on purpose, Connie. I wanted to see you naked, still do. You are teasing just wearing that shirt, I can see riight through it, Darling.'

Aunt Thelma was wearing a gossama silk gown over her nightie and I could see her large nipples were erect. She was taller than me by an inch and I am 5.8. Lovely figure and shapely bum. I'm a bit overweight because of my sweet tooth.

'Why are you doing this to me Aunt Thelma. You are saying all these things to me when I am the most vulnerable. I have lost my parents and have lost my life as it was. I am living in a dilemma! I am old enough to get a place on my own, a lot of my friends share places with others my age. You and Tom do not want me as a person, or a part of your family! You want me as a naked body you can both plunder sexually. You both want to fuck me, I know you do! My biggest problem is that my sluttish vagina wants what you and Tom want. My mind says get to hell out of here, but I cannot. I have to see my parents buried in the cold soil and then I have to bury myself in you and Toms cold hearts. There is no love in either of you, just lust. This thing between my legs craves for that lust too. When Tom came to me last night I was very disappointed that he didn't take me. I wanted him to. I still do want him to. I am a girl who is really desperate to become a woman. Even more so now my ties with my heritage have now passed on. My vagina and I are alone. If depravity is to be my way of life, then so be it.'

Aunt Thelma gently pulled me up from my chair and took my hand and led me up the stairs. Meekly I went with her as I knew that this was the start of my new life for what it may be. I was giving myself up with no one to give me away. There was no aisle to walk, just a staircase in a council house. A council house where I no longer belonged.

We entered my bedroom and I threw myself onto my bed. Turned on my back and opened my legs, exposing the fact that I wasn't wearing knickers.

'Touch me, Aunt Thelma.

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