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Naked outside during the day witnessed by new neighbor.

Then she walked back to the door, well, strutted was more like it; one foot stepping to the inside of her other, swinging her hips, working that firm fine ass just the way I liked. When she reached the door, she piled her long platinum blonde hair on top of her head, turned around, and stuck the arm of her glasses in her mouth. The glasses were my idea of course. Something about a sexy girl in glasses gets me hard in a minute, and I was hard already.

"Mr. Henderson," she said. "Have you seen my new bra yet? It's really sexy. Would you like to see it?"

"Sure," I said. "I'd love to."

"I don't know," she said, her fingers already undoing the buttons of her blouse. "You are like my boss and all."

"But you like showing off to your boss though don't you? The way you dress everyday, showing off your body. You think I don't know you are trying to seduce me? You think everyone in the office doesn't know?"

It failed to make her blush, but oh how it used to. I was the only male in an office full of women. And when Peggy showed up for her first day of work in her tight revealing outfits and high heels, a hush fell over the office as all the other women stopped and stared, knowing instantly how the new secretary got her job and how she intended to keep it. Oh, how Peggy blushed feeling the heat of their stares. She was on her knees in my office within minutes.

Peggy sat down on the edge of my desk with her long legs crossed. Her skirt rode up showing off the tops of her stockings and her ankle bracelet. She opened on side of her blouse, showing off her bra. It was so thin; I could easily see the outline of her pink nipple through the fabric. "Do you think it's pretty?" she asked.

"I really can't see very much of it."

She stripped off the blouse and swayed her body to the music. "Can you see now Mr. Henderson?"

"It looks nice so far, Peggy," I said. "But I was wondering. Do you have panties to match?"

"How did you guess?"

You know, as much fun as it was to play the innocent secretary game, it wasn't what I wanted today. "Peggy, how about cutting the innocent act and hopping up on the desk. I want you to be bad today. I want you to throw that shit in my face," I said. "Oh and don't forget to take off your heels. I still have scratches up there from the last time.

I finally got a little blush out of her. She liked playing the innocent or even the seductress, but never the stripper. Lucky for me, she wasn't being paid to like her job. Smiling, I watched as she took off her heels and then I helped her on the desk. See, I can be nice too. She was wearing stockings and I didn't want her to slip trying to climb on top of the desk. I turned the radio to something a little more agreeable, "Dirty Deeds, Done Dirt Cheap, by AC/DC. How appropriate.

She danced, for me, wiggling her body on top of my desk. She turned away from md, and shrugged off her bra straps. When she turned around, she held the bra cupped to her breasts, pulling it away seductively, her well shaped breasts dangling like fresh fruit, eager for the picking.

"Come on, Peggy" I urged. "Work it for me. You know how I like it." She ought to know. I had taken her to strip bars after work, so she could see how the professionals did it. After that, I made her practice-practice practice, and gave my own suggestions on how she could improve upon it.

She squatted down, and ground her hips, working her pussy right in front of my face, just the way I liked. The small band of fabric that was her panties, slipped up between the folds of her cunt lips. God, she was one hot piece of ass and I was the luckiest boss in the world.

"Fuck, it looks like your pussy is trying to eat your panties," I said. "Come on, let me see it. All of it."

She stood back up, and hooked her thumbs in the waistband of her panties. Turning around, she lowered them to tease me with a little asscrack. Then, back to the front again, until I could just make out the faint trace of naked pussy.

"God damn, I'm hard as a rock.

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