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His discovery of her cheating.

He could feel the heat and wetness of her vagina pressing against the underside his prick. It near drove him insane!

Without warning, she lifted onto her tip toes and leaned forward, changing the angle of her attack, dragging the tip of his tumescence through the wet valley of her sex. He couldn't take it anymore and pushed himself hard against her.

An explosion of pleasure ripped through his brain as he felt himself sink into her warm folds. He reached out and grabbed her hips, pulling her hard to his groin. He buried himself completely in a single thrust....but he didn't stop there...

His mind was overwhelmed by his body's desires, its needs. He pulled back and thrust forward hard, slamming into the soft cushion of her ass. Again and again he thrust into her. His frantic movements became harder, faster, and deeper as their bodies raced to completion together.

The feel of her exquisitely hot and tightly gripping wet well was quickly bringing them both to bursting. He felt her pulse, her inner muscles massaging his hard shaft. The slick wetness gripped him tightly and refused to let go.

With one final thrust, Ian slammed into her and held himself rigid against her as a burst of agonizingly wonderful pleasure tore through every fibre of his body. He felt his balls pull up and his prick swell as shot after shot of his essence sprayed into the Acolyte's receptive cunt. A fierce, guttural cry broke from the very core of his body as he spent himself within her. A cry that was echoed by the Acolyte as she welcomed what he released into her womb.

After what seemed an eternity but was likely only a minute, he felt the tension drain from him and he collapsed onto her back. He barely managed to keep them on their feet and in the center of the small circle, mindful of the admonition not to scuff the ash.

The Acolyte stood, and as she did so his softening prick slid from within her slippery folds. As Ian looked down, he saw a great gush of his cum flow from her open pussy to run down her leg. His needs spent, his mind began to work again, and he instantly regretted his actions. He had suffered in silence the loss of his wife's sexual desire, but this was not the way he should have slacked that need!

Before he could think any more such thoughts the chanting changed once again. It slowed and became louder, more focused in nature. He looked to the central circle and saw the Priestess stretch her hand out once more. The shimmering light dripped again and the fog of coloured smoke quickly dissipated, and with it the rush of sexual need. Ian realized that he could not have fought against the power of the smokes effect - or so he rationalized...

The members of the congregation fell to their knees and began chanting His name. The words were strange to him, but he somehow understood their meaning. They were calling him forth into this world from His. Ian found himself falling to his knees, and following the chants of the others in the cave.

His senses still eerily heightened, Ian felt an odd sensation against his skin as when the door to an air conditioned room is opened and the pressure shifts.

Ian's gaze shifted to the darkness at the far end of the cave. Something was there. Something he could not initially make out. Shadow on shadow, darkness on darkness. But he knew instinctively that the darkness held life.

He was looking into the shadows when it happened. Two round orange spots opened far into the shadows. They sat there high up, for a brief moment, then floated to the ground. In swift back and forth movements, the spots began to move into the White circle. The forward movement was extremely rapid.

Something completely alien, highlighted by the bright blue fire light, moved into the circle.

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