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This couple gives the judges a real show.

"State your name and purpose," Ash said loudly, pulling her from a secret place.

The individual at the other end was a succubus . . . a winged humanoid native to Terra. This particular succubus was an attractive young female who was packing some impressive armament.

"My name is Terillia," the woman said firmly. "I represent Hybrid Security, and my companions and I are here to escort Ash and Dusty Trendenfall back to Earth."

"Present your ID and credentials to the door," Ash said. It only took a moment to see that the woman's identification was in order and were in fact official documents. She opened the door. She took a look around.

Dusty showed up and looked around as well. She didn't see anyone but the succubus. "What companions?"

Ash pointed towards a nearby hedge. "There are three armed humans over there, and there is a troll next to the gate."

Terillia looked impressed. "You saw them easily?"

Ash looked at her. "They are relying on traditional camouflage. I am colorblind, negating a great deal of the benefit of such patterning."

Three men appeared from the hedge, and the troll appeared. Dusty gulped. While the humans were all very military looking, it was the troll that tended to get peoples attention. Trolls were huge creatures, often weighing half a ton. They had massive arms and legs, stood over six feet tall and had large tusks emanating from their lower jaws. They had incredible regenerative properties and had the ability to camouflage themselves much like a chameleon. Trolls had traditionally been solitary creatures with low birth-rates, which was probably why they hadn't taken over Terra a long time ago. But when the first Purity war had rolled around, trolls started working in units, making people remember exactly how dangerous the creatures could be. But what people most often underestimated was their intelligence . . . trolls were just as intelligent as any other Terran humanoid, and they were remarkably patient.

"These three are Bear, Snake and Boomer," Terillia said. "And this is Tiny," she added glancing towards the monstrous troll.

The troll muttered something which neither Ash nor Dusty understood. One problem that Trolls had was that their vocal system was relatively primitive, and they couldn't generally speak other languages though they could understand them just fine.

"Tiny says 'hello'," Terillia explained. "We have a transport waiting nearby . . . do you require assistance with your . . . bags," she muttered, noticing the large pile of suitcases behind Dusty. When Ash turned around and picked up far more of the cases than a normal woman should be able to, the succubus realized that this woman was more than she seemed. Hybrid Security had been informed that Ms. Trendenfall had a bodyguard, but only Eliza and Veronica, the co-leaders of Hybrid Security, knew the details surrounding the woman. What Ash didn't pick up, Tiny did and soon they were off.

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Back on Earth . . .

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"Dad!" Dusty shouted as soon as her feet hit the soil of Hybrid Security's compound near Springfield, California.

"Thank God you're safe," her father said, lifting the young woman off her feet in a protective hug. "They said that the Purity tried to kill you!" He looked at Ash. "And you saved her . . ." He wasn't sure what else to say to her . . . Ash wouldn't even understand sentiment at this point.

"Indeed," Ash hissed. "As contracted. Did you get the information I sent you?"

"Yes," he said. "I forwarded it through the proper channels. How did you find out . . ."

"What information?" Dusty asked, looking at her protector.

"Let's see," came a new voice. "Who the new Purity's leader is . . . where to find him . . . some very detailed information about their operation. I'm curious as to how you found that out as well."

The speaker was well known to .

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