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Friends get closer on a mountain trip.

He stopped, and backed away for a moment, and as I looked at him, startled by the abrupt cessation, he peeled his shirt off and tossed it aside. I stared at his arms and chest...thick, muscled, and strong, and I willingly melted against him when he grabbed my shoulders and pulled me close again.

He pushed me down on the carpet and pinned me down with the full weight of his body. He was at least 6'2 , and I am only 4'11 , but until that moment, I had not realized his size and strength. I felt the crush of his body on mine, unable to move or react. I must have looked afraid, because at that moment, he stopped. His hands were above my head on either side and he was positioned for push ups. His body covered me completely, rendering me completely helpless. He looked directly into my eyes and the harsh, dark intensity that I saw in his eyes shocked me. "Are you afraid of me, he asked?" For a brief moment, I felt absolute terror. I realized that I did not know this man, and that he could easily kill me with his bare hands. His eyes seemed to pierce my very soul. I stared back, and hesitantly whispered, "Should I be scared of you?" To my relief, his eyes softened as he spoke to me gently, "No. Do not fear me."

I relaxed, and he began to brush his lips from side to side across mine. They were smooth, and he did not press them against me, instead he moved them lightly, his touch so feathersoft that I had to open my eyes to be sure that he was really there. As he continued, he increased the pressure slightly and then began to lick my lips with the tip of his tongue. My lips seemed to be connected directly to nerves between my legs because I could feel my clit beginning to swell and throb. Every flick of his tongue seemed to send another wave of sensation through my body.

His licks became probing thrusting kisses, more intense and more demanding. He worked his way down my neck and over the tops of my shoulders, and as he nibbled, then bit into the soft hollow of my shoulder right at the base of my neck, I heard myself moan.

He continued to kiss, lick, suck, and bite his way down my neck and shoulders and back. He wrapped his hands around my shoulders and pulled me to him as he moved. He positioned himself so that he was behind me moving his tongue and lips down my back and neck and shoulders, and he grasped tightly me with one arm while he began to softly stoke and pull my nipples with the other hand on the other. Then, as he felt me start to writhe, he wrapped both arms around me, and began to use both hands on my breasts, first squeezing and fondling, then focusing on my stiffening nipples. He placed a thumb and forefinger on each side of both nipples, and began to brush them back and forth. As they hardened, he began to pluck them, and flick just the tips of his fingers against the tips of my nipples. I felt like screaming but could not because he had thrust his tongue back into my mouth, this time so deeply I could feel him almost in my throat.

As he continued kissing me, he pulled my nipples, alternately milking them, then pulling and letting them pop out of his grasp. He teased me like that for what seemed like an eternity, and clearly enjoyed making me work my tits back to rest on his fingertips when he let them slip out.

He made his way back from my back and began working his lips over my nipples, sucking, then licking, then teasing with his fingers again.

My clit was so swollen and distended by this time that I could feel it thrusting between the lips of my pussy.

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