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Joey watches his Mom strip to her underwear, topless & naked

She protested but the alcohol had made her think everything was funny and she laughed saying that she couldn't "I'm engaged". I laughed and told her I had to try.

When I tried to kiss her again, she got up and tried to move away, but I grabbed her by the arm and pulled her down onto my lap and forced my mouth onto hers clutching her tight.

She became angry and struck out at me, but I grabbed her arm and held her so that she couldn't move. As she yelled "NO" I squeezed her arm tighter hurting her and I saw the look on her face change from anger to fear. Reaching up, I grabbed her by the hair and pulled her face towards me - "It's time to fucking dance!"..... and I forced her lips to mine. As she begged me to stop, I told her "Shut the fuck up and open your mouth!" With this kiss I let my tongue probe hers. Then I pulled her face back and as my eyes roamed over her frightened body I grinned and I told her, "You know ... and I know ... that you're not leaving here until you suck me off... and then, if I feel like it I'm going to fuck your brains out!" She cried, begging me "No don't do this".

Still holding her by the hair, I told her "Slide down and suck my cock!" As she struggled and begged me to let her go, I had to push her to the floor, and drag her face to my crotch ordering her "SUCK IT BITCH!" Her hands shaking and tears in her eyes she slowly began to undo the zipper on my jeans. As she sobbed and begged me to stop, I again ordered her to "SUCK IT" and she cried as she pulled the head of my cock out of my pants. Her tears only increased my pleasure. As she sucked on the head of my cock, I told her how I liked it...and how good her lips felt wrapped around it. I told her when to suck and when to just lick the head. Debbie complied but her lack of enthusiasm was noticeable and began to piss me off.

After a couple of minutes and the suggestion that I might need to "knock her teeth out and skull fuck her mouth".... her attitude improved and the whole experience became much more pleasurable. As I enjoyed Debbie's tongue and lips on my cock I reached out and fondled her small tits. Feeling constrained and not very satisfied with the blow job, I told her to "Take my pants off"....... It was her first look at what was waiting for her - now I am not overly huge in length (just under 8") but I am very thick (6" in circumference or 2.5"diameter) and I could see that she was scared at the potential of being ripped apart by my monster.

I told her to "Stand up" and I made her strip in front of me - handing me each piece of her clothing which I tossed onto the sofa beside me - all but her panties (a trophy I always like to keep) which I stuffed under the sofa cushions.

Seeing her standing there naked in front of me I admired her firm and fit body..... I stood up and kissed her .... again forcing my tongue into her mouth.... then lowering my mouth to suck on her 34B titties.... nibbling at the nipples while my fingers stroked her pussy.

I pushed her onto her knees and I made her continue sucking my cock. She complained that I was too big and she struggled to take more than the head of my cock into her mouth. Now I was fully aroused and I began to move my hips in sync with her mouth ... pushing my cock further into her mouth gagging her, stretching her jaw open and her lips apart. Holding her head by the hair.... I guided her mouth over my cock for a few strokes..... then I would pull her mouth off of me and order her - "Suck my balls" and then - "Open your mouth" again so I could shove my cock back into her warm saliva filled opening.

After about 10 minutes of Debbie struggling to suck my cock I felt my balls beginning to swell and I knew I was going to cum.

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