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An Author Falls for a Friendly Ghost (sort of).

I already know you pretty well for our first meeting," she smiled.

Stunned as I usually am, I was able to regain my senses. "Yeah, it's great. I'm glad you asked me to help you out".

"Me too", she smiled again. "I wanted to get these pics done earlier, but my husband had to go out of town. You know how it is sometimes".

"Yeah, I guess", she sat on the bed.

"Have you ever directed a photo session before?"

"No, I'm sorry. I haven't", but now I was really wishing I had.

"Well, there is a first time for everything. So tell me what you want me to do?"

"Um, hmmm", I thought about it. I really had no idea what I was doing now, and I was trying to hide a mean hard on too.

"You are in charge. Whatever you think is a good pose, I'll do. Don't be afraid to tell me what to do. Besides, I like a guy in charge", she gave me a seductive smile.

She handed me the camera. I took a few seconds to get used to the focus and zoom buttons as April pulled a chair from the hallway into the bedroom. Soon I was ready. I sat down in the chair and focused on the camera on my model. "Okay, April. Turn your head a little to the side, give me a grin". She did it. "Okay, before we take a picture, I want you to unbutton a few buttons on that shirt. Show me some cleavage". She nodded her head as two buttons opened. The lacy bra she had on did little to hold her in. I took a few pictures of her. "Play with your hair", she did this as well. I will admit, I was starting to get into it. I think she was too. Next I had her get on her hands and knees, squeezing her breasts together. April started crawling on the floor, her breasts hanging out of her shirt and bra.

"How's this?", she whispered, crawling closer to me.

"Look up at the camera like you are hungry for something", I say as she slides to my feet.

"I am hungry for something, for someone. For you!" Her fingers trace up my leg and inner thigh. She reached for my zipper, quickly pulling it down and reaching into my pants. I started taking a few pictures as my pants dropped around my ankles and she fished my cock out of the hole in the boxers. With my cock out, she brought her hot mouth to it. I snapped more pictures of her pretty little face bobbing up and down, deep throating my man hood. I couldn't concentrate on the pictures with the way her lips and tongue felt on me though. Slowly I lowered the camera down to the ground and stared down at her. She looked up at me, my dick in her mouth. I reached down and cupped her tit through her bra.

April moaned as my cock moved in and out of her mouth. Instinctively I started moving my hips into her. "That's it, baby. Fuck my mouth". I pulled her tit out from her bra, pinched at it

She climbed up on my lap as I fully removed her shirt and bra. We started kissing deeply, I could taste my precum on her tongue. I didn't care. I started kissing her neck as she ground her hips into mine. She raised my arms and lifted my shirt off my chest. She started rubbing her bare tits against my chest. It was driving me absolutely wild. I couldn't take it anymore. I bend down to kiss her tits, sucking them into my mouth. I stuffed my mouth full of her tit as she started bouncing up and down on my lap, her fingers wrapping around my cock. April shook her tits around my face.

She got up with a look on her face. She laid back on the bed, and spread her legs wide open as her panties made their way down her legs to the floor.

"I've had enough of this teasing. Get over here and fuck me", she reached into the small table by the bed and pulled out a condom. . I watched as her hand slid between her legs, probing her pussy as I unwrapped the condom and slid it down the shaft of my cock. "Yeah, baby. Come on. I want you so bad" she whispered as I climbed on top of the bed towards her.

I laid down on top of her kissing her lips hungrily. I quickly repositioned myself in between her legs. "I wanted you from the moment I saw your first pictures online", I moaned to her.

"Then do it.

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