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Micheal takes her deeper into submission.

"You know..." Everyone looked over at Jordan. "It feels fantastic to not be the one in the center of a mess, for once."

"Brother, when I figure out how, I will make you pay for that comment." Grogek snorted.

Jordan shook his head. "Nope. I've paid, and paid, and paid to even be ABLE to make that damned comment. I'm free!" He threw his hands up.

"SO IT'S TRUE?" Gerald gawked.

"Possibly." Grogek flushed.

"Oh, my GAWD, orcs can BLUSH!" Gerald pointed.

Grogek sighed. "My love, maybe it is YOU I should punish."

"You know she'd only enjoy it." Jordan snorted.

"Yes, but so would I." Grogek grinned.

"What in the WORLD is going on over here?" Mark eyed them.

"Oh, we're just discussing Grogek's girlfriend."

"HIS WHAT?" Mark shrieked.

"Wow, I've only heard that noise come out of men I've ripped the balls off of." Elunara nodded appreciatively.

"My love, I'm quite convinced at this point, that you're only telling people so you can enjoy their reactions."

"Damn, he's on to me."

Mark yanked at his hair. "Jordan has a child, Grogek has a girlfriend... the standards of devotion have been completely destroyed!"

"They get better and better." Elunara laughed.

"What in the WORLD is going on over here? I can hear the yelling all the way up in the Keep."

"Hello, lover." Elunara grinned. "We're just discussing Grogek's girlfriend."

Varian just blinked. "Well... where is this mythological creature?"

"Well, she..."

"Grogek!" Susan stumbled forward, Lulu in arm. "Grogek, Tina's disappeared on me again." She sighed. "She woke up from her nap, had a fit, woke Lulu and then just ran. I couldn't catch her, and I couldn't leave Lulu..."

Elunara plucked Lulu from Susan's arms. "What did she have a fit about?"

"I don't even know. I think she had a bad dream about her daddy... she wasn't making much sense, and I thought that..."

Grogek ran his hands down Susan's arm. "Don't worry, angel. We will find her." He turned her around. "We'll start at the house, figure it out from there."


They both ran off and Elunara leaned back against the platform. "Angels are mythological creatures, aren't they?" She looked up at Varian, whose mouth had dropped open.

He put his fist to his mouth and coughed. "Does this mean I get more time?"

"Hey, that's what I asked!" Jordan snorted.

"Men." Elunara rolled her eyes.

They arrived at the front of the house. "Now, which way did she go?"

Susan looked back and forth. "That way, I think. I chased her for a few feet before I remembered Lulu..."

"That's fine." He set off in the direction she pointed. Mentally, he cursed himself for not waiting on Elunara. She was the superior tracker. Well, he was no light weight, he would find the girl. He was just so frightened for her, that his mind reacted before he had a chance to direct it. That was a curious feeling on its own. "There. She went through here." He continued to follow the trail of trampled grass.

With a frown, he doubled back a time or two to pick up her trail. He suddenly wished he had his wife's hearing. "She's nearby." He looked around the grove of trees. "Just where, I'm not sure." He finally heard the faint whimpering and followed it to a nearby tree. "There you are, Tiny Tina."

"No! Go away!"

He tamped down the crush of rejection, but it still leaked through in his voice. "But, why?"

"No! You'll die too!"

He laughed. "Oh, little one. Nothing can bring me down."

"I don't want you to die!" She wailed, as she clung to the tree.

"Listen here, I died once."

Tina stopped and stared. "What?"

"Yep. I was dead. It took a trap and fifteen of the meanest orcs in Draenor to bring me down." He put his hands on his hips. "And when I died... my wife, Elunara, went berserk. She killed forty five of those orcs, reached my body and DEMANDED my soul back. And you know what?"


"She became a goddess."

"A goddess?"

"That's right. Elunara is a goddess, and when she wants you alive, you live."

"Can... can she bring my daddy back?"

"I'm sorry little one.

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