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Birthday brings surprise for John.

I was pleased to discover that breasts, at least Cyndi's breasts (and I knew even then that they might not be representative of all women's breasts) were somehow simultaneously firm yet extremely pliable. Their overall texture was wonderfully soft and they were quite warm.

I knew about nipples, of course, but I was surprised to see that the textured field surrounding the nipple proper was not just sort of the foothills of Mt. Nipple as I had assumed, but rather a sort of terrain all their own, which I later came to understand to be called the areole. This circle of skin around the nipple proper seemed, in fact, to be quite rough, and yet also soft and pliant all at once, covered with what appeared to be tiny proto-nipples.

"You getting' a good look, there, Dale?" Cyndi said, startling me right out of my contemplative inspection. I had leaned in for a closer look, and my nose was nearly touching her sternum.

"Oh, yes!" I barked, pulling back suddenly. "Sorry, your breasts are just so fascinating!"

Cyndi laughed. "Well, your choice of words could be a little more romantic, but you're at least being flattering now! Go ahead, look as much as you want ... I don't mind!"

When I had started looking before, Cyndi had been breathing quite rapidly, and her whole upper torso was flushed. The nipple at the center of each breast at that time stood out quite a bit from the surrounding flesh. But now, after a few minutes respite, her nipples had recoiled or retracted somehow, and were just minor protuberances, no more significant than my own (although nestled on a much nicer background).

I tentatively reached out an index finger and gingerly poked at one of the nipples. Its structure was quite a bit firmer than that of the surrounding breast, and rebounded immediately after each tender poke. I noticed, however, that as I poked a few more times, the nipple began to grow again, as if coming to life.

"Oh, that's interesting!" I remarked.

"You really want to see something interesting," Cyndi said, "lick at one of 'em, or suck on it a little bit!"

Cyndi seemed very orally fixated, but I followed her advice and licked a bit at the other nipple. It had no noticeable taste, except maybe a little oily fragrance, which I assumed to be her perfume or body wash, and maybe a bit of saltiness from perspiration, I guessed. In comparison to the slow emergence of the other nipple under my touch, this one grew much quicker and to a much greater protuberance than the one I had been poking at.

"It's growing," I observed.

"Yeah, Dale," said Cyndi, "that's a good thing!"

I pursed my lips and grabbed this newly-enlarged nipple tightly with my mouth, then began sucking, hard.

"Jesus Dale! Not so hard! You'll give me a hickey right on my boob!" said Cyndi. I could see that intensity control was going to be a learning area for me for a while ... don't lick too softly, but don't suck too hard. Okay, noted.

I spent a bit of time alternating between Cyndi's delightfully soft and supple breasts, sucking (gently!) and licking (vigorously!) one, then the other. I was learning a great deal, supplemented by some additional explorations with my hands on the sides and perimeters. I decided that her breasts felt like nothing less than two sturdy but supple leather bags full of warm milk!

"Yeah, I guess they would feel that way," Cyndi responded when I told her of my analysis. "You know, Dale, I'm not really sure you need to tell me everything you're thinking while we do this, okay?"

"By the way," Cyndi said, "Not that you've asked me, but I like what you're doing there!"

"Oh, good," I said, "I like it too! May I do it some more?"

"Sure, honey. But, I have another idea that you may like even more. Get up on your knees right next to me here," she said as she patted the bed right next to herself.

"Now, try touching all over my boobs with your cock instead of your hands."

My penis was swollen to the largest, stiffest condition I had ever seen it in.

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