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A sexy woman during a night flight.

What had been her last words? 'You are to do whatever you want,' Bree recalled.

The decisions were hers to be made. She did so with anticipation.

Bree shifted position to be on her hands and knees, her head above Andy's cock as she settled in to their sixty -niner. She felt him tugging at the black dress she still wore, expecting him to gather it over her hips; finding instead he had pulled it lower, back over his head. His tongue returned to her arse, and she showed her appreciation by dropping her mouth to his cock. She battled to get her lips around the giant head, but persevered, eventually enclosing it. Now she started to work it over, her lips locked around the purple shaft as she bobbed her pretty head up and down. She tried to swallow it all, anxious to learn how it feels to have a cock slide into her throat; but gagged each time it reached the back of her mouth.

Debbie joined in, and ran her lips over Bree's flushed cheeks, before stopping to post fairy kisses on her closed eyes. In the heat of everything else going on, Bree found it strangely erotic. They traded kisses across the head of Andy's cock, before Debbie slid her tongue through its seeping groove; gathering his pre-cum and trailing it into Bree's eager mouth. "Are you ready for all his come?" Debbie asked, gripping the thick shaft in her hand. "Do you want all of his come in your mouth?" Bree did; but wanted something else too; wanted to feel that big cock in her arse, and crawled forward for it, almost knocking Debbie out of the way. She straddled his cock, still facing away from him, and slowly lowered herself; gasping as the huge head contacted her willing cunt. She trapped the head on the ridge between her two hungry holes, then dropped lower, and a little forward, bending the cock against its will until she felt it move; felt the tormented cock begin to slide back in the moisture, now with a mind of its own as it reached her arsehole, and began to straighten into it. She remained still, savouring the sensation of the head slowly, determinedly pushing into her arse; now beginning to hurt with its sheer size; inching to a stop. Still not in. She lifted her hips and arrested it, again riding it forward until it could go no further. Once more it worked it way back, more powerfully this time; the anticipation unbearable as the broad head stretched her hole; nearly there, nearly there- "Oh! My god...faaaark.. yes!"

Bree almost fainted as her arse lips locked around the shaft below the giant cock's head. This was the best part; always the best part. She waited a moment, and lifted off it, desperate to feel it again. And did- again and again; off, on; off, on; fucking just the head until the resistance went and it could fall in easily. Now she wanted more- wanted it deep in her arse- and pressed down harder, taking it 'til it hurt; easing off, only to try again, deeper this time, adjusting her position as she dropped, rocking back and forward until her arse finally came to rest on his body.

She felt Andy's hands on her thighs. Good old Andy! She was using his cock- and he wasn't even getting a look at the action. She wanted to remedy that; wanted to show him how much her slut arse loved his big cock. "Take it off me," she ordered. Andy's hands shifted onto her bare back, and began to massage it lightly. His fingers traced her spine; following it down from her neck to the small of her back; hesitating at the top of her butt, before moving up again, daring this time to reach around the front and cup her perfect breasts. Here they lingered, as if in awe; before slipping the dress off her shoulders and rolling it down to her waist. Now, finally, he lifted the bottom of the dress until it was all gathered at her waist.

For the first time, Debbie and Andy saw his cock balls-deep in Bree's arse.

"Way to go, girl!" screamed Debbie.

And it was, Bree agreed.

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