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Bri gets the job.

..soon she would shiver, the hairs standing on end...the slight movement of the air flowing across her body and closing her eyes for a moment, the thrill deep within her body would start. Opening her eyes and staring into the wall mirror behind the bar, she would see nothing but the few drunks seated at this or that table, the bartender, a ragged looking soul wouldn't give the time of day to anyone..except just to stare with dark, beady eyes and ask what poison you wanted.

She takes a sip of her drink...the fire flowing down her throat as the first touch is felt...and the hot breath upon her hell itself, but a hell that made her feel so alive...

'My Love...' he whispers...with the feel of his lips on her earlobe, she shivers deep again, a wetness seeping from between her bare thighs...he liked it that way...she crosses her legs, the whisper of flesh upon flesh as her legs touched sounds so sensual...she squirms a bit on the stool, the short skirt she wears, slipping up her thighs just a bit. He whispers into her ear..."No, do not cross them...leave them open...'

She parts her legs...his breath still by her ear...his tongue flickering out to lick...she shivers again as his hand moves down the side of her body...she watches the mirror..transfixed, feeling every touch..every movement...on her thigh...a small squeeze..then moving so slowly..teasing...up between them...she parts her thighs more..a slight moan escapes her lips.. 'No my love, no sounds...' Again she closes her eyes for just a moment and feeling a bite on her lobe, she opens them quickly as she knows he wants her to watch, to watch her face as the pleasure continues.

His hand, moving up more as he whispers what he will do, 'I shall do as I wish, and you will do as I say...remember that...' Biting her lip, she feels his hand as it moves closer to her...his fingertips just brushing over...making her wimper just a bit and her legs open wider...wanting to feel his touch...her wetness spreading, feeling it flow as his finger touches her...not entering, but running slowly up to her throbbing clit...she shudders deep, spreading her legs wider and hooking the heels of her pumps on the middle rungs of the bar stool, the skirt riding up more, the feel of the worn leather on her bare ass...for he liked her to come to the bar without to him, always...he slips a finger deep inside...telling her how warm and silky she feels...telling her that he wants to smell her, to taste her...he raises his finger to her lips...she opens and gently licks...his whispers telling her to suck...she obliges. The thrill of him saying those things to her...of being in public drives her wild, her mind, screaming out..please...please go on!

His hand slips between her legs again.

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