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Couple has sex in a dressing room while others listen.

So I laid down on her bed and masturbated licking the vibrator and smelling and sucking on the thongs. Had a great orgasm then I wiped some of my load on her pillow.


It's been a bit of a dry spell with the whore I've found one thong and one pair of panties but neither one had much discharge or smell to them. She's on her period yet so I don't know why there's not much. The twat and the trash boyfriend and his brother went camping so after a couple of days servicing two cocks maybe she will be juicy when she gets back.


The whore and her boys ended up camping in the yard and last night she told a story about getting out of the tent and squatting to take a piss and the neighbor guy watching her the whole time. Wish she would put that show on for me. Checked her bathroom on my way out this morning and the cum soaked panties were there! That's what she must have been wearing when she put the piss show on for the neighbor and they smell like she wasn't wiping. They have a few stains with a combination smell of piss sweat and asshole. Its fun to think about the whole time she was wearing them and being such a slut she had no idea my dried cum was rubbing against her damp little piss flaps. I took them with me and on the way home I sucked every bit of flavor out of them.


Found one pair over the weekend. They were a little stinky but not in a good way. Some other damp laundry was on top of them so they just smelled like that. Sunday morning she was upstairs with a pair of sleep pants on and when I was looking at her ass I could see a pair of white with pink tiger stripes sticking out so I made a note to look for them when I got a chance. Later that morning her mom told me the whore had started her period and Sunday night I got a chance to slip in the downstairs bathroom. The white and pink pair was there and actually was a pair of shorts not panties. The crotch was very bloody and as sick as I am, I'm not into that so I left them alone.

8-1, pt. 2

Got home last night and the house was empty. I checked for dirty panties but nothing new. Then I checked the dildo. It was of course in a different position in the drawer. This girl really loves her toy! It's got a pretty good coating of something on it. Kind of a dark color but defiantly smells like pussy, so I'm guessing she was playing with it when she started her period. That or she's so horny she has to cum even when she's on the rag. With this little whore it wouldn't surprise me.


I got home before anyone else again. Did a quick check of the bathroom but no panties so then I checked the vibrator. It had been moved again and was clean this time. This little twat sure loves her toy.


Girlfriend was home when I got home but I did manage to do a quick check of the whores bathroom, nothing new she's such a dirty cunt she had the same leopard print bra on for a couple of days because I get a glimpse of it now and then. If she's wearing panties, which I kind of doubt, but if she is they should be the smelliest ever.


Checked the whore's bathroom her pink and black spotted thong was in there it smelled really good.


I'm going out of town for three days on business so I grabbed that pink thong this morning and put it in a baggie to preserve the smell and took it with me.

8-11 Got done for the day and had just got to my hotel room I was stripped down and laying on the bed masturbating and smelling and tasting the thong when the whore's mom called and said she was coming up to here I was to spend the night in the hotel with me so I finished spanking and cleaned up. Then I stuffed the thong in my luggage so mommy wouldn't I had her daughters undies's.


When I got home the whore had moved her dirty laundry out of the bathroom so I slipped the thong into a pile of stuff in the laundry room.


Busy day girlfriends family is in town so the hose is packed.

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