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Nodding Cassandra opened the door and stepped out onto the ramp and over into the shoulder.

"We pulled you over because you were doing 72 mph in a 55mph zone. Were you aware of how fast you were going?" Cassandra gulped and nodded in response to the cop's question. "Where were you going in such a hurry?" he asked as his partner came up and began looking inside the car. Spotting the backpack the female cop leaned in for a closer look.

"I had to drop something off to my boyfriend and get to class, he forgot his stuff and I was running late." Cassandra said with a quaver in her tone, her eyes darting between the male and female cop.

"Always blaming someone else. Your generation has something to learn about respect and responsibility." The cop shook his head with an angry sigh.

"Phillips! Get over! Check this out." The female cop motioned him over urgently. Cassandra followed in his wake, worried and curious as to what they possibly could have found in her car. With the exception of trying pot a few times in high school and the occasional beer she had done nothing. The cops looked in the backpack, and the male cop nodded to his partner. The female cop opened the door and reached for the backpack.

"Hey, you can't search my car!" Cassandra objected moving towards the female cop.

"Probable cause ma'm, Officer Burke thought she saw something in that backpack. The female cop nodded as she opened the backpack.

"Just as I suspected. Drugs." The female cop's words stunned Cassandra. Drugs? Was that how Kevin made his money? Her heart raced, this was a serious situation.

"That's not mine! It's my boyfriend's! I swear!" she pleaded, looking back and forth between the cops. Cassandra found no sympathy on either of their faces. The female cop began pulling out large bags of weed, and several bags of pills, that Cassandra suspected were ecstasy. Her heart pounded hard against her chest.

"Ma'm, please lean over the hood, and put your hands behind your back." The male cop said, cold steel in his voice. Cassandra complied, leaning against the hood of her car, the warmth of the engine seeping through her tank top and bra. The female cop was talking into her radio while her partner none too gently handcuffed Cassandra. He pulled her up by her hair and turned her around before forcing her to her knees.

The female cop walked back over and they stood over Cassandra staring down at her sternly.

"This is some serious shit bitch. Real serious. You're looking at some jail time." Officer Burke said. "You can say it's someone else's, but it was in your car." Cassandra ground her teeth together, anger, fear, uncertainty swirled in her stomach. This was not fair.

"There is a way to make this go away and it'll just be a speeding ticket though you little bitch." Officer Burke said again. She looked up at the cops and noticed their features had taken on a sinister leer. "How?" Cassandra asked in a small voice, shuddering inside to think what it might be.

"Why you are going to service us you little whore." Officer Phillips said, his voice husky and rough at the prospect. She winced. "Whether you like it or not! I suggest you do a good job or you'll be in a cell faster then you can imagine!" Cassandra's mouth dropped open as she saw both officers undoing their belts. Officer Burke dropped her pants down to her knees and turned around, pressing her ass into Cassandra's face.

"You'd better be hungry you little slut!" she said, "Get eating!" closing her eyes and whimpering slightly Cassandra opening her mouth, and her tongue ventured forth. Officer Burke's ass was sweaty, and tasted foul.

"Come on bitch, you hafta do better then that!" Officer Burke reached behind her and shoved Cassandra's face forward into her ass crack. Swallowing hard Cassandra tentatively pushed her tongue into the officer's asshole. She tried lick taste as little as possible as she licked.

Officer Burke was not going to stand for half measures apparently.

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