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His wife's tales of past experiences.

A hand held my head in place until I felt a penis rub against my face, brushing up against my cheek and making its way to my willing mouth. The end was soft and narrow. I opened my mouth to welcome it as it edged toward me. I took it into me as far as it would go, but it was longer than my mouth was deep. I got on my knees as the second mouth left my pussy. I could consume more of the lengthy shaft now, but still not all. I began to move my head to the same tempo I had used on Paul when I heard encouragement from above. I think it was Frank, but I wasn't sure. As I waited to hear the whisper again, several fingers started to rub my slit from behind. First one, then a second finger found their way inside me. A set of hands from in front of me wrapped around my sides and began to fondle my swinging breasts. I started to roll my hips to meet the hand in my pussy and bob my head to please the cock in my mouth in a sort of secret sexual dance when the fingers were replaced by the thick head of Jeff's manhood, at least I think it was Jeff. It was short, but wondrously wide. He forced it into me, then grabbed my hips and hammered away. His pace was quick and powerful. I came almost instantly, but he continued to pound into me. I thought he might cum soon, but I didn't want it to be over, so I decided to change positions. I arched my back and raised my head so I could regain use of my mouth from Frank. I took a quick breath and gasped, "stop, I want to move and do something different." The man behind me dismounted without delay, leaving me free to arrange the two men as I pleased. Thousands of ideas seemed to rush into my head, but something primal took over and I knew exactly what to do.

With outstretched arms, I placed my hands on Frank's chest. He piled his hands over my right hand while I felt his heartbeat through his broad peck. Moving my palm from his chest to the floor, I made a quiet one-handed clapping noise against the blanket, which supplied him with the instructions he needed. Frank arranged himself on his back with his head near the door and his waist close to the middle of the tent. I pushed his legs together and straddled him with my ass facing his handsome chest. I carefully lowered myself as I guided his slender member into me. His penis drove deep into me until it reached my cervix. He grabbed my hips and pulled me down until his cock forced its way through my cervix and into my womb. A small sharp pain caught my breath and I shrieked as it did so, but as I waited, the sting left me with only the pleasure of his manhood filling me. Barely moving, I shifted my weight forward to raise myself from his lap. As he slid out toward my opening, I paused and returned to his lap. After several cycles, my muscles loosened so that fucking produced only positive sensations. Then, I asked for Jeff to approach me.

Jeff kissed me while I rode Frank. The fingers of my right hand encircled his shaft. "Let me taste you" I requested. He tried to comply by standing, but could only stand on his feet if he hunched over. By moving forward, he came close to me, but because he was hunched forward, he could not quite come close enough for me to take him in my mouth. He tried different ways of getting his cock to my mouth, but I was just too high while sitting atop Frank and the ceiling of the tent too low. Finally, he gave up and kissed me while on his knees. His hands held my ribs lightly as he guided me backward so that I was reclined over Frank. I kept Frank's cock in me so I could only go back so far.

Jeff started to rub my clit with the big fleshy end of his cock.

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