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Traveling on business, Lou thinks about his misfortunes.

"Charlie this is great", I said while kissing her eyes, ears and neck.

"This is only the start", she said as she spun around on the bed so she could face the TV and put her head in my lap. I felt her soft long hair fall over my legs as she lowered her head to my stiff cock.

She began to blow cool air over the head of my hot erect cock. My hand was now stroking her wet shaved pussy and she was getting wetter and wetter. I ran my finger through her slit and sucked her juices off my finger.

Charlie was now licking my pre-cum and as she heard the girl on the TV slurping with a hard cock in her mouth, her hand jerking the cock further into it, Charlie whispered, "Would you like me to do that Daddy?"

"Oh Baby, that would be fucking great!", I said as I felt more pre-cum escape, recoating the head of my cock.

Charlie opened her mouth and sucked my cock into it. As I felt the sensation of my cock in her hot little mouth I drove my tongue into her sloppy wet pussy sucking up that sweet nectar as fast as it flowed from her.

Charlie lifted her mouth from my cock . "Daddy please make me cum", she whimpered.

"Oh honey, let me have your cum. Don't hold back, give me all that you have."

With that said, Charlie pushed her wet cunt back into my face and started wiggling it on my mouth. Her juices were coming faster as I continued to suck and lick at her tiny slit. She bucked her hips and with a final push against my face cried out, "You're getting my cum, Daddy!" As she came she was holding my cock so hard I thought she would break it. Still sucking and licking the last drops of her sweet cum, she said, "No more, Dad. I can't take it!"

I let my tongue rest on her hot pussy, and then said, "I need a drink" .

Charlie said, "I think I need one too!"

I offered her my glass of brandy, she took a small sip and said, "I'd rather have the soda, Dad."

We both laid back on the bed and took a short break while we watched the action on the screen. Charlie then took one more gulp of her soda and announced, "Lie back, Dad. Dow it's your turn." She now was paying attention to my cock. "Look more pre-cum for me", she said as she greedily licked it up. "You enjoy the movie, Dad. I'm going to be busy", as she sucked my cock back into her mouth.

"Watching a blowjob on the screen while getting one from your daughter has to be the ultimate high", I thought to myself.

Charlie, her mouth wet from saliva and my pre-cum, was pumping my cock into her mouth. She would go so far then stop, then start again. She kept up this technique until I tensed, knowing that I was about to cum .

"Baby I'm ready to cum", I panted.

"Give it to me like you did last night", she said hoarsely.

"Ok Honey, but this time you control how much you want. Just squeeze off my cock to stop the spurting until you're ready for the next one", I told her.

"Grab it, Charlie", I hollered, "I'm cumming!".

She grasped my cock and let the first spurt shoot into her mouth. She held my cock tight and swallowed the first shot. then she let the second shot follow the first, again swallowing the sticky cream. The third shot she held in her mouth. She brought her mouth up to mine and as we kissed she let my cum flow back into my mouth. "Suck up your cum, Daddy", she ordered and I obliged her.

"That was fucking fabulous", I told her.

"But it's not over yet, Dad. I want to suck you off again. Don't forget we have all night!"

"Oh my dear Charlie. First I have to recover before I can get hard again. Lets take a breather", I told her.

"Ok Dad", and she got off the bed, went to the TV and turned the volume up slightly so we could hear the tape better. As she returned she swayed back and forth in her new teddy! "You like?", she said as she did a little dance exposing her shiny pussy.

I could not believe what I was feeling.

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