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I wanted to be perfect. I wanted his jaw to drop on the floor the minute I opened the door.

And it did. When I opened the door, he was flushed. I smiled as he stumbled to find words to say. I grabbed my purse and asked if he was ready to go out for drinks. As much as I'm sure he wanted to stay and just fuck the ever living hell out of me and as much as I wanted his large shaft sliding in my ass, I decided at the last minute to play the coquette. I wanted to tease him. I wanted him to earn this girls ass and mouth.

We went to a place not far from my place. I wanted to be able to get back to my place as fast as possible if we couldn't wait. When I'm horny and want it, I don't want to wait to get my mans cock. Although now I'm thinking how hot it would be to suck his cock while Steve was driving.

After a couple of drinks and some even smaller conversation, he asked me if I was seeing anyone. I blushed and shook my head a little. I mean if I play coy it's cute but I'm sure he doesn't want to hear about the men who've fucked me.

He wasn't buying it and found it hard that I haven't found another man since we last met. I tried to be coy again but decided to be honest, to a point. I told him I dated a couple of guys since we last were together and he seemed truly jealous.

I asked him about his dating life. He talked about a girl he saw right after we dated but he couldn't really make a commitment to her. Inside I was dancing but didn't want to show that he had the same effect on me. I wanted to be as aloof as I could.

As we snacked and had another drink, everything flooded my mind. Not just the emotional feelings but I felt a yearning. A yearning to have him in an intimate way, one that I haven't truly had since we last saw each other.

Of the men I have been with, the men that fulfilled their desires with me, the men who were amazing and those that were OK, I never had the intimacy I was needing right at this moment. As we shared smiles and laughs, my body and mind required, needed him.

As I was seated next to him rather than across from him, I sat so that I faced him. I made sure that when my legs crossed he would be able to see the top of my stockings and the garter used to hold them. I wore his favorite perfume. I wanted him to know that I wanted him. When he placed his hand on my stocking covered thigh, slowly moving it up, I knew he was ready. I uncrossed my legs as a silent way to say I wanted him.

It didn't take long when we finally walked into my condo. Already sliding our tongues deep into our mouths, his kiss was familiar but felt so new. So invigorating. My blood rushed all over my body and I couldn't wait.

I was his obedient slut. His sissy. He made me the woman I have grown into. While he caught me by accident, he never treated me less than a woman he loved. Tonight I'm going to show him how much he meant to me.

I had his pants off in record time and I'm on my knees. His warm and fleshy 9 inches stands engorged and erect and mere inches from my mouth. My warm and wet mouth knows the surface of his penis. I've mapped it out and can navigate it perfectly. My full and red lipstick painted lips open and I slide him him. I take him deep in my mouth and close my lips, his balls touching my chin. I slowly pull my head back and feel every vein run along my tongue as his swilled head parts my lips.

I make a small slurping sound and smack my lips as I lift his hard dick up and let my tongue bathe the underside of his cock. I lick him from tip to taint. I grab his hard and thick cock softly with my hands and take him deep down my throat. I love how his cock almost makes me gag.

I build a steady momentum of deep throating him and I can feel my own cock getting hard. It struggles in my panties so with my free hand, I slid the waist of my panties down and release my own cock.

I bob my head faster and faster, knowing that I want to edge him.

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