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Cassandra is arrested after a traffic stop.

She lowered her head and engulfed the head of my cock in one swoop circling the gland with her tongue, I now had my mouth buried in her soaking cunt slurping away at her juices and using my tongue as a spoon as the fluid oozed out of her and my nose nudged her anus as my head moved up and down.

It didn't take her long to adjust so that my whole shaft was now buried in her mouth and throat and she used her throat muscles to begin the process of milking my cock for her prize. I knew it wouldn't take her long to make me cum but I wanted to make her orgasm at the same time, so I twisted and turned until she was underneath holding and fondling my bloated balls and the whole of my cock in her mouth so that I was partly in control of the blow job, this new position allowed me to suck her clit in my mouth and at the same time stick three fingers in her cunt while saliva and juice trickled to her arse hole thereby lubricating it enough for me to push to fingers past her sphincter, now I entered into a rhythm my cock slowly fucking her throat, while my tongue licked her labia and then lashed at her clit and my fingers fucked her in unison, I knew she loved this and probably the reason she loved it was it was so close to her fantasy of having all her sex holes filled at once. Her renewed efforts at sucking my cock and her moaning and threshing about on the bed let me know that her orgasm was imminent and it only took a few more strokes and she swamped the bed sheets with her warm musky sex juice, her pleasure tipped me over the edge and I released my load straight down her throat and begun withdrawing my cock so that she wouldn't choke.

We turned to our sides and lay there next to each other my cock in her mouth semi erect still, she was ready for more, I was amazed as she took my entire cock all the way in and then sucked a ball in to accompany it and suckled and pecked with her lips on what of my genitals were still attached to my body that she couldn't manage to suck in her mouth. With all this going on it didn't take me long to recover and my cock slowly begun to inflate once again until it was as stiff as when I had arrived at her door, she let the ball slip out of her mouth and concentrated on sucking and licking my cock, then she pulled me on top of her and spread my arse cheeks and begun licking and sucking my scrotum and the area leading to my arse, she then stuck her tongue out and begun caressing my hole, spreading the cheeks of my arse further to gain better access, she pushed in further with her tongue trying to obtain entry passed my sphincter and eventually managed to stick her tongue in. She continued with her efforts until she was sure my cock was fully erect, then to be on the safe side she grasped the shaft and pulled it down to her mouth licking the head and the gland and then under the gland and the area between the foreskin, when its pulled back, and the gland itself, once she was fully satisfied with her work she took the head out of her mouth and said in almost a pleading way, "I want you to fuck my arse as I don't think we have time for both my cunt and arse before Alison comes home."

"Okay, do you want me to rim you or do you want to use some of that lubricant in your drawer?" I found myself saying almost casually as if I was asking whether she wanted one lump of sugar or two in her coffee, I felt so sexually relaxed with this wanton woman. "You lick me so nicely that when here I will always prefer your tongue to any lub and I've had a clean down there especially for the occasion."

We changed positions and she bent her body forward so that her fantastic tits were now flat on the bed, I made a mental note that next time I would have to spend much more time sucking those beauties with those exquisite and unique nipples of hers, her knees bent and her arse sticking out and up high, what a magni

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