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You and your wife relent to a taboo fantasy, and love it.

My bra and underwear are blue. It's his favorite, but he doesn't notice them. He takes one more sip and says, "You were late."

My spine shivers a little. "Yes sir, very sorry, Master."

He turns around now, casually, and leans back against the window. "You'll pay for it, don't worry about that," he says with a smirk. His eyes sweep quickly up and down, he nods slightly, and jerks his head toward the bed. I hop on it quickly, and stretch my legs out, my eyes alternating between down at me or up at him.

He comes to the edge of the bed, and grabs onto my ankles. Not hard, almost playful as he pulls me closer to him and runs his hands up my legs and sides to my tits, rubs his thumbs over my nipples and brings them back down. He's gentle for another second, then gives my thigh a slight pinch, not enough to hurt, just enough to wake me up.

He pulls his cock out, and I have to bite my lip from moaning at the sight. In addition to having an amazing upper body, my Master has a big cock, around 8 inches and thick, but not grotesquely large. It's shaped nicely, with large veins that I like to trace with my fingertips when he lets me play with it.

Master looks at me, and laughs a little to himself at my face. He motions to indicate that I can suck it, and I all but squeal as I lean forward and take it in my mouth. It's been too long since I've had Master's cock, and I suck it like I've thought about doing for months. I take it as deep as I can- I've been practicing and I want Master to notice; I want him to be pleased with me. He groans a little, and I respond by increasing pressure and making my strokes faster. I pop it out of my mouth quickly, and lift it up, still kneading between my fingers, as I kiss my Master's balls, licking them once before returning to suck on that big cock. I make one stroke before he makes a ponytail of my hair, holding it away from my face, and then using it to push my mouth onto his cock. He's using more force now, and I'm only holding my mouth open as he fucks it, it's only his, it's only his to fuck. My mouth is his, my pussy is his, my ass is his. I need him.

He pulls out of my mouth and grabs my ankles again, but puts them up above his shoulders. He gives me a slap on the ass, nothing malicious, just what he knows I like. He puts one finger into my soaking wet pussy, laughs quietly to himself, and makes me suck it off his finger before shoving his hard cock into me. He's gentler than usual, and uses long slow strokes. Sometimes he'll shove in quickly and hard, and draw out slowly. He leans down over me, pressing my legs closer between us. He starts whispering to me.

"How's that, huh? How do you like that?" He punctuates each word with a fuck, and then says, "I know you love it, but you still need to be punished." And suddenly he stops fucking, leans back, and backs up, so I'm laying on the bed alone, craving his cock so much I almost want to cry.

Master sits on the bed and leans against the headboard, and motions to his lap. He's still not angry, still pretty amused with himself, but in more of a no-nonsense mood now.

I get on my elbows and knees over master's lap, trembling with anticipation, fear, and incredible arousal. "Play with your clit until I tell you to stop," he demands, "Every time I see your hand leave your pussy is a fuck in the ass, understand?"

I nod, but he grabs a small handful of hair and pulls my head back. "I asked a question, slut."

I murmur a half-assed "yes" and move my hand to my pussy. It's still soaking wet, between the fucking I just received and the spanking I know I'm about to get.

Master traces a vein on the back of my leg very softly, and my skin relaxes under his touch. That is, until his first smack lands on the right side of my ass. I gasp, and the hand on my pussy almost pauses. I know whining is going to get me nowhere, but I also know what Master thinks when I play with myself.

I rub my clit faster, and let out a small moan.

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