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Two young bulls met head to head.

First stop and ultimate lingerie department - Fraser's of Glasgow. Air-conditioned. Palatial. Up the sweeping front stairs like I'm in 'Gone With the Wind' I browse the bras, pick up a few lacy numbers in greens and blues - being very pale skinned and brunette, I think they work better with my skin tones - not like anyone else is ever going to see them, anyway. I don't have to queue for the changing room and nod at the petite blonde who shows me to a curtained room with a small wicker chair and Pot Pourri on a shelf by the full-length mirror. Left to my own devices, I strip to the waist and stand for a moment by the rotating fan, lifting my arms above my head to dry the sweat; I turn and let the air hit my back. As I thought, none of the bras fit very well and I poke my head around the curtain to beckon the changing room assistant. She smiles and walks over lazily. I explain that I think I need a smaller cup size.

'Well, we better measure you up...put your bra back on and I'll get a tape measure.'

She returns with the tape measure and asks me to lift my arms. The tape encircles me and she asks what size I'm currently wearing,


'Hmmm. I make you a 36D, turn around.'

I do so. She pulls at the back of my bra,

''s riding up at the back. Definitely a 36'. It's warm in the changing room but I shiver at her touch and turn around with a start. She doesn't move away, but glances down at my left breast. The bra I am wearing is sheer black and more or less completely see-through 'Do you only have one nipple pierced?' she asks. I nod. Unable to find my voice, I clear my throat,

'Ummm. Yes...' she reaches out a hand and looks me straight in the eye.

'How does it feel when someone takes your nipple in their mouth?'

'I...Ummm. ' I can hear my breath quickening as I try to reply, 'Ummm...good?' It's more of a question than a matter of fact. I've only had the nipple pierced for a number of months and haven't slept with anyone since. She moves her hand to the strap on my left shoulder and pulls it slowly down. She looks me in the eye and I nod almost imperceptibly. Her head lowers and she gently sucks at the nipple that she has freed. My hands move to her head and wind in her short dirty blonde spiked hair as she bites and releases, her hand working the other nipple. I think I might fall over. Her hands travel towards the waistband of my skirt and as I feel my cunt grow wetter, she gently propels me towards the chair. I sit gratefully, light-headed as she unbuttons her blouse and looks at me,

'I think the bra was too loose. Are your panties too tight?'

'They're wet. My pants are wet.'

She kneels between my legs and runs her hands from knee to thigh.

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