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"Twink on the Dancefloor" Cory's hips don't lie.

As there would be no one at home I told Pam to go upstairs get her underwear off and short spanking skirt on that covered nothing and meet me in the garden.

After a few minutes she emerged looking around and I said it is ok they have gone. I said she should bend over the wooden garden table and I would tie her ankles to each leg meaning her legs would be open about 30 inches at the ankles therefore showing everything when she bent over and got her ass in the air. I tied her ankles and told her I was going into the garage to find a piece of wood to paddle her with. I came back with a piece of wood that would do and asked her how many swats she thought was appropriate for losing the sat nav. Six, she said hopefully. Two dozen I said. WHAT she said then I added on each cheek, but I could increase it if she wanted. She said no and can we break after the first dozen on each cheek for a drink.

I started to smack her ass, thwack, thwack two quick ones on each cheek then a rub with my hand then a further three in rapid succession on each cheek this had her squealing a little. Then three quite slow ones so she could feel the warmth on her rear. I rubbed my hand over her ass and felt how warm she was I let one finger trail down her ass crack over her ass hole down to her pussy which was wet with her juices. I said you're enjoying this too much, she just muttered. I then gave her four hard strokes on each cheek which once again had her squealing a little.

I untied her ankles and we sat down for a drink. I told her not to squeal as loud as anyone walking by the wall would hear and she said it's nothing to what they may see if they try to look through the gaps in the fence and investigate the noise. Pam then said did you see the blinds in Sue's house just moved I said no, I saw them all go out in the car. I said don't change the subject get back over the table and keep your voice down, she said don't spank so hard then.

I tied her ankles off again and there was no need to lift her skirt as it covered nothing when she bent over. I said seeing as we stopped we have to start again with a fresh two dozen on each cheek. No way she said, but as I pointed out she was in no position to negotiate.

The first four on each side went down quickly followed by four slower so she would feel each stroke. Then the next four went across her ass at the bottom in the crease where her legs join on the fleshy part she jumped and yelped. In told her to stick her ass out and up then told her we were going to have some really dirty sex afterwards she turned and looked at me and said get on with it then.

At this point we heard voices down the side of the path over the wall and I said keep still and quiet till they go. I then ran my hand over her ass and felt the warmth she flinched a little but I didn't squeeze I let my fingers trail down the crack of her ass running round her bum hole. All the time the voices were getting nearer Pam's juices were now running from her pussy down between her legs, I rubbed her pussy and she moaned I said SHUSSH. She pushed her ass back and I slipped 2 fingers in her pussy and she was soaking wet.

The voices were now getting level with us over the wall. I whispered to her to be Quiet and still. I then took my fingers from her pussy used my other hand to spread her ass cheeks as wide as I could with my fingers then started to push one lubricated finger up her ass hole and worked it in then withdrew and pushed two fingers in her ass she then gave out a high pitch whine and you could hear the people over the wall talking, it sounded like male and female, one said did you hear something cry just then? We both froze staying still but I carried on teasing her ass pushing and twisting my fingers in and out. The people then sounded as though they started walking away down to the end of the garden. If they were nosy enough to peep through the fence they would see everything.

I whispered to Pam

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