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Abnormal Psychology 1A.

I would never take advantage of Lola."

"You've got a lot to learn," Emmy chuckled, "Just don't learn too much too fast."

"Yes maam. We won't have that much time anyway what with the state championship coming and all. I really like Lola. I would never hurt her."

Herman accepted the offered soda and all four of them chatted for half an hour or so. He excused himself and left for home. Lola went to the bathroom.

"Well Emmy, what do you think?" Fred asked.

"Did you see the way she looked at him? They'll be breeding like bunnies before the fourth of July."

"I'm afraid you're right. Better get her some birth control pills right away," Fred agreed.

Herman and Lola were both straight "A" students and both received academic scholarships to UCLA. Herman was offered an athletic scholarship but he turned it down. He did accept an invitation to join the basketball team. The state tournament concluded and, as expected, Herman's team won the championship and he was voted MVP. A couple of pro scouts talked to him but he was set on a college degree.

"Talk to me in four years," he told them.

"What are we gonna do this summer?" Lola asked.

"Well part of it will be taken up by basketball. The rest of the time we can do whatever we want," he replied.

Lola was worried about the time between high school graduation and the start of college. She decided to talk to her mom about it.

"Mama what are we gonna do this summer? I don't want to waste it. I want to spend the whole summer with Herman."

"Go ahead. You are eighteen now. You can do what you want."

"Yeah, well I know that. I don't want to get Herman in trouble with daddy. On the other hand, I don't think I can make it through the summer as a virgin."

She had expected her mother to get upset at this revelation. Her mother just chuckled and hugged her.

"Oh, honey, nobody expects you to tough it out all summer. I saw the way you looked at Herman. I told your daddy that you two would be breeding like bunnies by the fourth of July. All he said was 'Get some birth control pills'. You're only young once. We'll go to the doctor this week and get you some pills. I know you don't want the burden of a baby through college. Just be careful. In college the girls will be on him like a pack of wolves. They'll know he is gonna be a star some day. Treat him right and don't get upset by the actions of other people."

"Mama, I love him. Do you think he will want to marry me? I'm not exactly your trophy wife."

"If he loves you none of that will matter. Find out how he feels about you. Use your good judgment."

"I don't have any judgment when I'm with him. I just get weak."

"Don't worry about that. Just go to him and love him and let love run its course."

Lola pondered the discussion with her mother. It sounded like she had been given permission to sleep with Herman. The longer she thought about it, the more certain she was. Now she had to see if she could get Herman to confess his love for her.

Herman dated her almost continuously for the next three weeks. He realized he was in love with her but he didn't know how to tell her. One Friday they went to the movies. Herman was in the habit of kissing her every chance he got. As long as she was in his arms he felt good.

The next Saturday he took her to the beach. They spread out their blanket and rolled over under the umbrella. He took her in his arms.

"I'm gonna try something my team mates told me about," Herman said.

"What is that?' she asked.

"Well, when I kiss you, and I'm going to kiss you, open your mouth a little."

"Are you sure about this? They're not playing some kind of joke on you are they?"

"I don't think so. Let's try it."

She opened her mouth a little and Herman pressed himself to her. His mouth opened and his tongue slithered into her mouth. She was shocked. She didn't know what to do so she tried pushing his tongue back with her tongue. Soon he was sucking on her tongue and she was loving it. They played with each other.

When they broke the kiss, she looked at him and said, "

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