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Two twins are born.

Linda leaned on the counter and asked, "So big plans tonight huh?"

"No", I replied. "Just me, rum and a movie. Kind of hate spending it alone though." I said hoping she would give some sight of interest.

"I know what you mean.", she said. "Solo tonight myself. Hate it too."

My heart was pounding as I could see her nipples obviously growing in the confines of her bra. Was she hinting? Only one way to find out.

"Tell you what." I said. "Since we have the same problem and I only live a few moments from here why dont you come to my place we'll do this bottle some damage." I stroked the bottle as I looked into her eyes.

Linda smiled then as she reached out and stroked my hand. "That sounds like a plan to me. Just let me lock up and we will head out.", she said.

A few moments later we left the store and she follwed me home. I could not help but reach under my sweat shirt to rub my hard tits. "Don't get to excited", I tried to tell myself. "You don't even know if she's interested that way.

When we arrived at my apartment I unlocked the door and led Linda in.

"Wow..nice place", she commented as she walked past. I could not take my eys off her ass confined by a short denim skirt.

I placed the bottle on the table and told her I was going to get more comfortable.

"You know I probably should have went home and showered before coming over", she called to me from the living room.

I put on a short see through green lace robe before walking back out. I could see here eyes drawn to my nipples and heard her emit a little gasp.

"You can shower here if you like. I know how the end of a work day is. Go place is yours." I assured her. "I will lay you out something to relax in for the evening.

Linda took me up on the offer as I made us both rum and cokes. I then went to the bedroom and deliberately laid out a black lace robe.

"Honey I am going to sit your drink on the counter", I called out to her as walked in the bathroom. "Robe is on the bed when you are ready." I said.

Through the clear shower curtain I could see her well shaped body. I thought a second about stripping and jumping in the tub with her. I would have loved to licked her pussy as water poured over us but gained self control yet again.

"Thanks sweetie", she called out.

I went into the living room and put on some soft music. Looking over at my couck I could almost envision us in a 69 and hoped it would happen. Her voice broke my silence.

"Umm nice robe..I like this", she said. "I don't have many robes myself. I usually go nude when home alone." Linda walked in the living room. Her breasts barely concealed and I could see the robe was hardly tied as she walked toward me.

Her statement almost made me orgasm right there. My mind was racing. Then I decided to see how far I could push my luck. I undid the knot on my robe letting it fall open.

"Well, isn't that a coincidence. I usually do as well and since it's just us girls why change our ways." I said looking her in the eyes as I allowed the robe to fall to the floor.

Linda gave a little gasp. Then raised an eyebrow. "Well now", she cleared her throat. "You certainly have a georgeous body."

Linda then followed my lead. Her eyes never left my tits as she undid her robe. I could not help but moan as I laid eyes on the most beautiful breasts I had ever seen. Her nipples were very hard and seemed to be as large around as the tips of my thumbs. I allowed my eyes to travel downward and could see her navel was pierced and her pussy was trim except for a small patch above her clit.

We stood for a moment transfixed on each other before Linda walked to me. Grasping my nipples in her fingers she kissed me and our toungues intertwined. Pinching them she pulled upwards and said, "I hope you want this as bad as I do."

I moaned loundly and responded by taking her tits in my hands, rubbing the nipples with my palms causing her to groan.

"Very, very much.

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