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You keep the cherries - I just like the pits.

Once Tracy made the announcement about her selection, the president of the Tri-Alpha Fraternity called a meeting of the fraternity directorate to release custody of the two members. The two men were ordered to strip and kneel while Tracy signed the contract to take possession of the two naked attendants. She ordered the men to stand and cuffed their hands behind their backs. The fraternity president asked:

"Aren't you going to give them their attendant uniforms?"

"They won't be getting uniforms this year. We'll give 'em clothing for going on campus, but this year the attendants will be naked whenever they're in the house."

"Well, would you at least like an escort to get them back to the Four-Beta House?"

"That'd be nice."

A few minutes later President Tracy, her Sergeant-at-Arms left the fraternity, accompanied by the two naked attendants and an escort of eight dressed fraternity members. The escort formed a circle around the two naked attendants to shield them from public view, although in reality that was not necessary. There was very little traffic on the street and chances were the two naked men would not have been noticed by too many passers-by. However, better safe than sorry...

Once Ken and his fellow attendant were safely in the Four-Beta house, their fellow fraternity members from the escort took off their clothing and jumped in the pool to play around with some of the Four-Betas. Meanwhile, Shannon took the two naked men into the basement. After un-cuffing them she recited the basic rules about serving as attendants. She ordered the attendants to shave their pubic hair, waxed their bottoms, and ordered them to shower. Finally she took them to the sitting room to take their ID pictures.

The attendants would have their own room next to the president's bedroom and sleep in normal beds. Each had his own desk and would have shelves to store his textbooks and school supplies. An added benefit was that each had his own computer with an Internet connection. In exchange for their servitude to President Tracy, they would live in relative comfort and were assured of constant sex.

Also in the room was a pager for the chapter president, who had the right to page either or both of her attendants at any time. As soon as they were settled in, Tracy paged her two attendants. She told them to set up her massage table and then undress her. She lay on the table for a night of massages, orgasms, spankings, and finally, yet more orgasms. She had worked hard all summer and faced a difficult year ahead, but at least she could enjoy some of the privileges that accompanied her position as the new leader of her chapter.


Friday afternoon the final list of pledges was ready, with 38 pledge invitations (because two of the fall spots already were taken by Brittany and Erin) and 10 alternates. If any aspirant dropped out of the pledge program over the fall semester, the Four-Beta chapter would select an alternate to replace her, which assured the sorority of 40 new members in December, regardless of the attrition rate among the pledges. Even if not taken in that fall, the alternates had a benefit from being on the list. If they still wanted to join the sorority the following year, they would receive priority over new candidates. As Tracy put it:

"If you can wait two semesters and come back next summer, I'd consider that a test of your determination to join our community and it'll automatically move you to the front of the line."

By Friday at 6:00 the final list of 38 pledge candidates was compiled and given to Bernadette. The freshman class president left with Pledge Brittany to deliver 19 invitations. Cherine and Erin were tasked with delivering the other 19. The notes read:

Congratulations Pledge Candidate ____

The directorate of the Four-Beta Sorority has selected you as eligible to join our community and share our journey in life, pending completion

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