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Our little slut prepares to give her Dad a show.

After protocol, I introduced myself as Troy, his handle was Mike; I told him I had someone here that wanted to talk to him.

Jan took the mic and said, "Hi dad,"

She talked to her dad and her mom Rita for about fifteen minutes and made arrangements to talk at 8:30 every night.

A couple of weeks have gone by. I couldn't believe how well things are going, in the morning I've been working on the road the minor's use, after ten years it was practically gone. It needed four new bridges and a lot of Cat work. In the evening, I cleaned the fish, package and froze them for shipment.

This part of the country needed an aircraft repeating station to help relay messages between the planes and town, so I put in a repeater.

Flying supplies in by air is very expensive. And the road is still very rough. On one trip to town, I went over and talked to my old boss. He had an army 6 x 6 out back that he hadn't used in a couple of years. I asked him about it, and he said they didn't have any more use for it. It was just too slow for the highway. I picked it up for a good price, as soon as I finished one more bridge with the 6-wheel drive, I could probably make it up to the lodge.

Jan and I work very well together, and we enjoyed each other's company. On the weekends when we didn't have any guests, she would ride with me into town, I really like being with her.

With the fishing season over, we were getting ready for the hunting season and to bring the game out of the woods; I would need a quad and a sled. And when the snows came I would need a snowmobile. When the game started coming out, I found that the old mine shaft was the perfect place for them to cool and air out, it had steel doors and other animals couldn't get in. The meat that the hunters didn't take or couldn't use went to the food bank. As the season was closing Eric went home and two weeks later Jan said she guessed she would be going to. She was here 6 1/2 months, and that's it was time. I hadn't thought about it too much, but I didn't want her to go. But then she didn't say anything, so I guess it was time for her to go. We had a bad front coming; in a couple of days, we would probably be getting a lot of snow; she made arrangements with Bill to be flown out. With the Storm Coming On Bill was very busy and called one of his friends to pick her up. Gene radioed and said he was ten minutes out and be ready to go. He was in a hurry to get to the other village and back to the base as soon as possible.

As he was landing I just looked at Jan, and couldn't say anything. She gave me a kiss on the cheek. I carried her things down to the plane, and told her good-bye as she climbed on board. It was starting to snow by this time, as Gene gunned his engine. I saw Jan looking out the window. All I could think of was why did I let her get on that plane and leave me? I wanted her, and it hurt to see her go. I was walking back to the lodge as the plane disappeared out of sight. As I opened the door, I was hearing Mayday, Mayday on the radio, I recognized the voice as Gene's and my heart sunk. The tower was talking to him.

He said he was not quite to Moose Jaw Pass, and his carburetor was icing up.

"Were losing altitude I don't think we're going to make it. We're going in, Oh! Sh..."

Silence, the tower was calling, but there was no answer. I called the tower. They said they were socked in from the storm and there would be no help coming. It was snowing heavily by now. I guess I was the only help, there was; I brought up the snowmobile and hooked on the sled loaded a sleeping bag, extra blankets and some gas, first-aid kit and shovel. I put on my heavy clothes; grab two flashlights, my GPS and my handheld radio. I called the tower told them I would be on the repeater station, and I was going to look for them.

It was dark, by the time I made it to the upper end of the lake.

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