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Young man goes on a quest for the unthinkable: a hot date.

He showed Jenna in. She looked upset. Harry was beaming and told her not to worry. "All bullies get what's coming to them." He said and winked at her.

Jenna was a beautiful young lady. About 5'7", tall for her age and with incredible features. A striking, but soft featured face, amazing blue eyes and thin lips. A lean and athletic body; you could see her collar bone under her crop top creating attractive lines which complemented her perfectly formed breasts. Small but firm and beautifully shaped. Below her washboard tummy and slender but athletic legs. She was the girl all the lads wanted, but didn't try because they were all too scared to be rejected.

Harry was laid in bed and reached out, touching her waist. "Can I call you my girlfriend now?" he asked.

"Why would you even ask?" She said.

"Well, I, I, thought..."

"Don't be so daft. After that, I want much more of you, only you." Then she reached down, lifted the covers held his manhood and kissed it. His eyes nearly turned inside out. "I've never had someone fight over me before." She said, with a beaming, cheeky smile.

"It was hardly a fight. Just be careful of him. I'll be up and around tomorrow. Can't wait for next time."

Jenna herself was a confident young lady. She knew she was the one the guys wanted and could take her pick, but she was plagued by the bully. Luckily she was a strong character. It kept her safe, but not the lads she spoke or flirted with.

Part 2 - The French Teacher

Harry had recovered well from the beating and in the 2 visits he'd had from Jenna she had given him two amazing wanks. It's true to say she had a gift. An amazingly tender touch, that almost immediately got him hard and made his balls tingle with anticipation. He knew that once they managed to get some time together they would actually have sex. Something he couldn't wait to do with his sexy girlfriend. He couldn't imagine doing it with anyone else. She was so sexy he found himself thinking about her many times every day. Her blow jobs surely couldn't be beaten by anyone else? Well could they?

Two weeks after the cinema and a full on beating Harry was back in 6th form. One class he was surprised he'd chosen was French, especially as the tutor was a right bastard. Not someone you'd associate with teaching anyone. Harry was seriously thinking about giving up the subject.

Harry arrived at his first French lesson since his meeting with the bully and noticed that there was a new tutor. "Wow!", he thought. She was about 27 years old, 5'2", brunette, petite and totally stunning. He was transfixed. He didn't hear a single word in that first lesson. He did however, position himself in the front row directly in front of Miss Bernards' desk. He wasn't sure, but he thought she kept giving him a look?

Harry was looking forward to his next French lesson. After another 3 amazing blowjobs with Jenna, he felt he was in control of his manhood. A typical young lad with hormones going mad. In this lesson he had to do a double take. He was sat directly in front of Miss Bernard. She was dressed in a work suit; a lace blouse, with a black jacket and short (very short) skirt and court shoes. His double take was because once given their written task for the lesson he looked up and in his eye line, was Miss Bernards legs. He looked up and she looked around, saw the other students were looking at their papers, then she opened her legs to show him she had no knickers on. On a second glance, he saw she was perfectly shaven.

Harry had to shake his head and wipe his eyes, thinking he was seeing things. He looked again and she looked him directly in the eye. Directed him to look down. Her hand was between her legs and she was playing with herself. Her legs widened and she inserted her finger into herself. She smiled at him and winked. Then closed her legs and carried on with the lesson.

The lesson ended and she dismissed the class, calling back Harry.

"Harry, you seem to have to real prospect in French and I think I can help you develop.

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