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Husband confronts his cheating wife.


At his suggestion, Nancy's reality shifted to the described scenario. Danny was gone and in his place was that young store clerk from Victoria's Secret. She was no longer in her house, she was in the store. Alone with the horny young guy. Oh my God.

As she stood frozen in place, the teenager walked up to her and began to unbutton her blouse. Panicked, she tried to move, to shout, anything to avoid what she knew was coming. One button. Two. Three. He could now see her bra.

"Nice. This is gonna be fun," he whispered.

He left her field of view for a second and she felt her bra release from behind. Oh no. Oh no. His hands slipped around her ribcage to cup her naked breasts as he kissed her neck just below the ear. A shiver ran up her skin as her excitement notched higher. She shouldn't be enjoying this, but she was. It was so exciting to be out of control like this.
Danny squeezed her breasts and pinched her stiff nipples between his thumb and forefinger. By now she would be freaking out, thinking that it was that store clerk. He also knew that she would be excited beyond anything in her prior experience. God he was hard.

As he continued to strip off her clothing, Danny was amazed at how much moisture had seeped into her pants. It was clear that she was tremendously excited. Her entire crotch was glistening with her moisture. He slipped a finger in and pumped three times before pulling it out and circling her clit.

After fingering her sopping pussy and diddling her throbbing clit, the clerk began to reposition her. Oh this was bad. This was really bad. He had seated her in a chair. Knees wide spread. One elbow on one thigh, the opposite hand on her other knee. Bent forward looking directly ahead. Her breasts dangling freely from her chest. When he began to adjust her mouth, she feared she knew what was coming.

Standing between her spread legs, Danny opened his zipper and extracted his rigid cock. Her wide open mouth was positioned perfectly and as he stepped forward his cock slipped inside. Pushing right to the back of her throat.

As he slowly stroked himself in and out of her mouth Danny imagined that he was that young clerk taking advantage of the frozen woman he had served earlier. That thought was too much for him and he shot his wad all over her frozen face.

Unable to move to either resist or assist, Nancy sat frozen in her obscene pose as the young clerk pressed his long cock between her lips. Equal measures of humiliation and excitement swarmed her brain. This couldn't be real. Where was Danny? How was she ever going to escape? Trapped and used as a sexual plaything. It was intensely arousing. Then she heard him grunt, and thick streams of his goo shot into her mouth and over her face. With that, her excitement peaked and she too had a strong orgasm. Unable to move or speak, she simply sat there frozen in place while the waves of pleasure washed over her body and mind.

Suddenly she was back in her own living room with Danny. The taste of his cum still fresh in her mouth.

"Oh my God. You bastard."

"Tell me," Danny instructed. "Tell me about it."

"I was so scared and yet so excited. I was certain that I actually was being molested by that young guy from the store. I still can't believe that you can change my reality so much. When I came, it was stranger still. Even though my body was being wracked by a huge orgasm, I could not move. Locked in my pose, all I could do was ride it out. Kind of like being tied up, but so much more intense because I couldn't even squirm around. It was the strangest orgasm I ever had."

"You had an orgasm? I would never have known," Danny gasped, incredulous. "You never moved a muscle the entire time."

"I couldn't. I wanted to move so badly, but I had no control over myself. My brain was on fire as my orgasm wracked me but my body simply wouldn't move. I don't even know how to describe the emotional tornado that roared around my mind. It was incredibly erotic and yet terrifying all at once."

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