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Chen and Holly make new allies on Mars.

Oh, and on the walls and racks behind were more clothes, and assorted dildos, masks and other things I'd only ever seen in fetish porn or my imagination.

"This one mistress" I squeaked as I pointed to a purple PVC dress with laced up fuck-me boots.

"Oh, you're one of those are you" you she giggled with delight. "That's a new purchase, and I think it'll fit you perfectly."

She was right, it did -after she fitted the fake breasts and before she applied some bright red lipstick, makeup, and a Mia Wallace wig straight out of Pulp Fiction.

"Look in the mirror" she commanded. I must point out that even though she commanded me, it was with erotic understanding of what I was going through, and felt like she was giving just the right amount of assertion that I needed.

"Wow" I muttered as I awkwardly walked toward the mirror on the 5 inch heels. By the time she told me to feel the clothes I'd already started rubbing my hands up the dress and was caressing my new-found tits, swaying my hips and looking in my eyes in the full-wall mirror and basically finding myself wanting to fuck me.

"Walk around the room" she instructed, adding that I had to do some twirls on the stripper poles positioned in strategic spots. The first twirl was shaky, the second was not great but tried hard, but by the time I got to the third I'd given up worrying and was in the moment. I lifted my right hand high, brought my left knee up to my midriff and gave a spin that for a moment made me feel like I was on stage with a room full of horny people watching and cheering.

After a few more lessons on how to walk and hold myself I was then given a challenge. I had to achieve an 8 out of 10 or more to progress. "An 8 out of 10 mistress?" I innocently asked, as she turned around wearing a thick black strap-on cock.

"Suck my cock sissy" she commanded, "and make it wet and noisy."

So here was this (admittedly fake) cock, attached to this goddess clad in a leather corset with beautiful eyes telling me to do this. I lowered my mouth gently, licking around the head as I like having done to me, then briefly taking the glans in my mouth and out again.

"That's really good" she said, "now get in down your mouth, I want to hear wetness" she commanded.

I went to work on that fake rubber cock. I could feel the fake veins on my lips, and she was thrusting in and out of my mouth. A moan escaped my lips, and I sealed it by lowering my head and taking it deep in my throat. I was almost going to be sick until I remembered something I'd heard years ago that I once told a girlfriend - if you smile it reduces the gag reflex. Well it worked, and by the time I surfaced she told me that I'd passed. Just. But she wasn't happy, and I needed to make up for it.

I was told to lie down on the table, and lift my knees in the air. She positioned herself at the end of the table, applied a dollop of lube to the thick black cock between her legs, and slowly pressed it between my butt cheeks.

"Relax and breath" she told me in that commanding but sexy and caring voice. I tried as she inched it into my nervously waiting body. "It might hurt in a minute" she said just as the large head at the top of her shaft penetrated my arse and I was briefly in a contradictory world of pain and intense pleasure, wanting it to stop but craving it to go deeper and harder.

"How's that my little sissy slut" she asked. I couldn't say much except that it felt so good. She started rubbing my rock-hard cock as she slid hers in and out of me. I was in heaven, my cock being expertly handled, with a rock-hard cock in my arse and a busty beautiful woman looking in my made-up eyes clearly enjoying the pleasure she was dishing out to me.

I couldn't handle it much longer. "I think I'm going to come mistress" I said. She immediately stopped and said "no sissy, you can't come until you tell me what you want me to do."

I assumed she wanted me to tell her that I wanted her to fuck me harder.

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