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The love is shared.

This one was no exception.

"I finally got up and made my way to the bathroom to brush my teeth, and all of a sudden I was bent over the sink and JB was taking me from behind. I yelled at him to stop but it started getting good was really good. Damn, I think I am walking funny this morning. We showered together and I had to clean his dick with my mouth and soap and water. He better bring me a nice present from Chicago."

That's Kathy, always up to something naughty, which for someone married so long is really great to hear. Her honeymoon continued long after the wedding vows were exchanged.

Of course, I'd had a few of the same kind of situations. Lin was always doing naughty things that could embarrass the hell out of me.

Still, the situational embarrassment could go a long way toward making a tough day of work a whole lot better to deal with.

One of the bad things about having an improper relationship with your former boss is that you have to keep it quiet from your friends. I mean, how would it look if, say, my boyfriend and I were at a party with Carrie and her boyfriend and she inadvertently asked how my lover was doing. Not cool.

Carrle did know that Lin and I had been in a relationship at one point --- she counseled me it was not good to sleep with your boss. She thought that Lin and I stopped seeing us years before, but she knew I had done some serious head bobbing with him in the past.

That was apparent when during one of our ESOW revelations years before I mentioned that Lin and I had been observed by a hiker down at the railroad trail. We had left the trail, were over by the river, and I had my jacket on the ground and was kneeling on it. Why, I had to do something in that position, so I was sucking Lin's dick.

There had not been many people on the trail, hardly anyone. And we were way off the main trail, and we had only been there for a few minutes. Yet somehow there I was feverously sucking cock in nature when we heard a gasp. A young guy on a bike had come down the trail and stumbled upon us mid-blow job.

He was in his 20s, a young guy with big eyes. The scramble that ensued was priceless. I pulled away and fell over trying to jump to my feet, while Lin maneuvered his cock into his pants. All this happened with the guy stunned. I mean, he didn't move. I swear his mouth was gaping open at what he stumbled onto.

"I, uh, I am so sorry," he stammered. "I didn't know you were back here. I just wanted to see the river."

Lin and I looked at each other, both with the reddest of red faces, and began to laugh. Lin pointed, "It's over there." Then the kid started laughing.

Lin held me close as the guy turned around. "I can stay down at the front of the trail and watch out for you if you like."

The kid was pretty smart. But Lin lamented he wasn't up to the task, and we instead walked out while the guy sped away. Carrie got a good laugh at that one.

During one of the spans where Lin and I broke off our relationship I told Carrie and she even set me up on a couple dates. I never told her that Lin and I started seeing each other again.

It was great having friends like Carrie. She was always leaving me on a positive note, built up my confidence and helped me when I was down. In many respects she was a perfect complement to Lin, who was always positive, helped me when I was short on the rent money and had an incredible knack of making me feel like the most attractive, smart and fun-loving girl around. Oh, and we made magical sex together as well.

@ @ @ @

A week later, on a Tuesday morning I was in the midst of applying makeup when my cell rung. It was Lin.

"Good morning, Sweetie, can you talk?"

"Of course, handsome. How's your morning?"

Lin spoke of a harried morning, but a good one. He was seeing some clients today, so was already at work. He complained a little about a stain on his precious pool table after one of the kid's parties over the weekend "Damn, I was pissed, but it needed resurfacing anyway."

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