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Elsie finds pleasure, but leaving after is difficult.

My poor dick is hard as a rock and he won't go down."

"I don't care, baby. I just wish I could help you with it."

"Yeah, me too!" he laughed, giving her meaty butt a little, playful slap. "I'd wear this sweet thing out!" Dan added with a laugh and they started towards the waterfall.

Becky heard the tone in Dan's voice and knew that he was going insane with need. "Whoa big boy, try and remember that I'm your sister," she said and his words echoed through her mind, thinking of letting her handsome, young brother, be her first man and just how special it would be.

"I know, silly girl. How in the hell could I ever forget that?"

"As horny as you are...I just wanta make sure!"

"Don't worry hot stuff, you're safe." Dan replied as he draped his arm over her shoulders. "But, if you weren''d be in for it, babe!" he laughed more and had to give her butt another playful slap.

"Ouch, you fuck head! You gotta thing for my butt or what?" Becky teased rubbing her stinging butt-cheek.

He smiled and had to help Becky rub her ass. "Yeah, I love nice, full asses like yours and the way your jeans look, is why I've been so hard."

She loved the feel of Dan's big hand on her butt and when his words filled her ears, she felt so bad. "Why haven't you said anything? I could have found something else to wear."

"Nah, I love seeing your ass and if it means a constant hard-on, I do not care!"

"God, you're a freakin' retard!"

"Why, because I love looking at your ass?"

"No, for being in so much damn pain and not saying something about it, Dan!"

"Like I said before, you're worth it." Dan said and he couldn't help but hug Becky a little tighter, wishing that there was a way they could enjoy each other.


Dan started to pull off his jeans and he turned to Becky and said. "Remember, I can't help that I'm this hard, so get mad at me," he smiled, pulled down his jeans and hoped that his hard-on would stay in his boxers.

Oh my fucking God! It's so gorgeous! Becky screamed to herself when Dan turned and she saw his swollen cock. How do you ever get that thing inside a girl! She thought, trying to imagine it slipping up her virgin pussy and if it would hurt.

"Jesus Dan, you need a fucking leash for that thing!" Becky laughed as she fought to keep her eyes on his and not the big cock pointing right at her. She could see that his shorts were making it bend and Becky said. "If those shorts are hurting you...pull them off, but you best behave and I mean it!"

He just laughed with her and replied. "I told you that he's hard twenty-four, seven! Yes, my shorts are killing me." Dan said and quickly jerked off the tight shorts.

Becky watched and she could not believe how nice he looked. His cock was close to nine-inches and it had a nice, upward curve that would satisfy any girl and her needs. "Wow, no wonder why you have so many girls after you all of the time!" Becky said as she looked at Dan's face, but she could still see his massive cock.

"What can I say? They love me and my big, ol' cock." Dan smiled as he stood tall and proud, even for his pretty, big sister and he stepped into the water.

Becky could feel her pussy tingling and she did her best not to think about it. Dan was her little brother and he could not make love to her, but it did sound like a wonderful idea. Becky heard of a girl in school that made it with her big brother, but he was on his deathbed and the girl fulfilled his dying wish.

"I bet they do!" she giggled and watched him swimming around the pool, wondering if Dan was thinking about doing it with her. "Do you remember that real, pretty girl in school that did it with her brother?" she asked and felt like a damn fool. Now Dan would think she wanted to do him.

"Yeah, her name was, Holly. She was my friend and she did it because he had cancer and he didn't want to die a virgin."

"Oh really, that was so sweet and the poor girl got so much shit about it!" Becky said as she remembered how badly Holly got treated around school.

"I know, but she told one of her 'so called' frie

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