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The tragic ending.

"Sorry if I disturbed you..." Karen said, waving the vibrator around. Laura immediately went even more bright red and started to mumble some excuse but the words died on her lips as Karen ran her tongue up the length of the damp toy. The sour but still slightly warm girl-spunk tingling the tip of her tongue.

"Tastes good..." Karen whispered, her excitement and need for her friend reaching new levels.

"Karen...what...what are you doing?" Laura asked as she took a couple of steps towards Karen. Much to Karen's joy Laura was clearly now very excited too. Her breath turning heavy, a dark twinkle in her eye. As Laura took another step both her hard nipples slipped, unnoticed, out of the top of her tiny green t-shirt.

"Tasting you." Karen answered before licking the length of the sex toy again, "Though I'd much rather just taste your pussy."

The once again bold and excited Laura didn't need another incite. She took the last step towards Karen and fiercely kissed her friend. The pair embraced, breasts grinding against one another, Laura's large tits rubbing fiercely against Karen's own pert boobs. Tongues started exploring each other's mouths as their red lips crushed together. Laura's hands quickly dropped to grasp Karen's pert butt, her fingers kneading the ripe flesh through her jeans. In response Karen placed a hand on Laura's soft thigh, quickly slipping it up her short skirt. Her palm brushed against her trimmed pubic hair then around, pushing against Laura's warm and very wet cunt.

Groaning a little Laura broke their embrace and dropped to the floor, on her knees in front of Karen. She then bent down to the ground. Her tongue darted out and she began to lick the black leather of Karen's boot. Up and down Laura went, tasting the material, flipping from boot to boot. She then began to lick around the stiletto heels, wrapping each spike in her tongue.

Karen looked down and smiled as Laura continued to draw a trail of saliva over her high heeled boots. Aroused by this fetishistic display she pushed her hand against her still jeans covered clit, groaning a little as she applied more and more pressure.

Laura then lifted Karen's foot up, sucking at the tip of the heel before pulling the boot off. She then sucked Karen's toe into her mouth, licking the sweat off her flesh. Laura then did the same with the other foot, pulling the boot before sucking on Karen's cute and pedicured toes. Once done she returned Karen's, now saliva damp, foot to the ground and then eagerly tugged down Karen's jeans to reveal her half shaved pussy, already glistening with juices.

"You look good Karen, very good" Laura said as she stared up at her friend and slid her short skirt round her legs and off her feet, tossing it into the corner of the room.

Karen, panting in excitement reached out and pulled Laura's head into her groin. The brunette knew exactly what to do and ran her tongue the entire length of Karen's hole.

"Taste me....please Laura....taste me..." Karen groaned as Laura continued her licking, up and down the dripping opening.

"Urrghhhh.....urrgghhh...." was now all Karen could say, her whole body shaking in arousal as her best friend kept licking away at her pussy. All the torment of the day now seemed worth it as Laura gave her pleasure like nothing she'd ever felt.

In one of the brief gaps in her assault on Karen's cunt Laura tugged off her t-shirt, her large breasts bouncing free. One with hand now grasping Karen's pert bum she used the other to start tugging at her own nipples. Karen seeing this then tore off her own top so that both girls were quite naked. Karen's tanned skin and Laura's paler flesh slowly dampening with sweat.

"Urrghhhh.....urrgghhh...." Karen moaned, close to orgasm but not wanting to peak yet she gently pushed back Laura's head "wait....oh god wait.....I want to lick you too! Please let me?"

"Umm, I need that.

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