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Double your pleasure, double your fun.

Jo continued nudging her until she gave in.

She started to circle Jo's clit with her finger again. When she pinched it between her thumb and index finger, Jo let out a little moan. Barely audible but the young man looked up from his books. He studied them for a few seconds and then resumed reading. Emily hoped he just imagined that.

Jo urged her on. She opened her legs a bit wider and Emily pushed two fingers into her tight hole. Jo tried to keep her face a blank mask but she new she was not succeeding.

Emily started to finger fuck Jo harder and faster. Jo could not help it her cheeks were reddening under Emily's touches. Her moaning was getting louder and louder. Emily could not stop even though the guy was staring right at them. When Jo came all over Emily's hand, she sighed in pleasure.

The guy looked at them and moved one of his hands to his lap. Jo saw his movement, grabbed a piece of paper, wrote something on it, and handed it to the guy.

The note said; WAIT! Come join us in our room, the number is 129.

The guy dropped his jaw in shock. Jo waited for a response when she did not get one she got up and Emily followed and went to there room.

When Emily and Jo got in there room they stripped to nothing. Then Emily noticed there was a package on her bed. She reached for it and opened it. Inside of the box was a double-headed dildo. She grabbed it and showed Jo. They smiled in glee.

They arranged themselves on the floor and plunged each other on the fake cock, waiting for a knock on the door from their guest.

The guy couldn't believe this, two very sexy girls invited him to there room after he just witnessed one of them cumming. He shook his head in disbelief. What would he find when he went to room 129, would he find them laughing or waiting for him naked, he hoped that they were naked.

He walked down the hallway adjusting him self-making sure he looked good for this little thing that was going to happen. He reached there door and just stood there waiting for a noise from the inside. Then he heard it the sounds of moaning from two girls. He hoped that would happen to him a chance to fuck two beautiful girls. He didn't knock he just walked in and what he saw shocked him to his core. The two girls were facing away from each other on there hands and knees with a dildo in between them fucking each other senseless.

He stepped forward and said, "You couldn't have waited for me."

The two girls turned and faced him and laughed. Emily said, "We were just warming up for you."

Emily and Jo stood up with the dildo sliding from there wet holes with an audible noise to greet him. Jo reached him first. She gave him the once over and then just leaned in and kissed him. He reacted immediately by pulling her naked body into his. Feeling her tits push into his chest. He moved his hand to her butt squeezing it he moved it a little lower feeling the wetness leaking from her hole.

Jo released him from her grasp so she could undress him. When he was completely naked, Jo went down on her knees and took his seven-inch cock into her mouth. The guy was in heaven he had one girl pleasing his cock and the other girl kissing him while he played with her tits.

They eventually landed on the floor with Jo still sucking him and Emily riding his face. The guy was in seventh heaven.

Jo didn't want him to cum in her mouth she wanted him to cum in her pussy. She moved around so she could sit on him. He felt something different on his cock he felt his cock sliding into Jo's pussy feeling the tightness of it. He thought he was going to cum now but he held him self off for a bit longer he wanted this to be good. Jo couldn't believe how good his cock felt inside of her better then any dildo.

He started to thrust into her with an ever-increasing rhythm while still eating Emily's pussy. He couldn't count on how many times Emily's has cum all over his face but he didn't care.

He was very close to cumming when he did come he gently bit Emily's clit until she sc

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