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The Captain gets to know his crew intimately.

.." Lady Hypnotica teased, her hot breath on Futa-Girl's thick shaft. Looking up to Futa-Girl, Hypnotica issued another command. "Futa-Girl, first, stop touching your nose, and second, you will not cum until I say so. Reply with 'yes, mistress.'"

"Yes, mistress," Futa-Girl replied. No! Hypnotica, you dastardly bitch! I can't believe she is controlling me! I have to find a way to fight it!

"Now, Futa-Girl," Lady Hypnotica grinned, "start jerking off that fat cock of yours. Remember, you cannot cum until I say so!"

Powerless to stop her hands, Futa-Girl watched in horror as she began jerking off, both hands rubbing up and down her hard shaft. Futa-Girl moaned as her cock began to leak precum, which ran down the shaft, helping to lubricate her throbbing cock.

Oh god... Futa-Girl thought as she jacked off her massive cock, I shouldn't be liking this, being forced to jerk off in front of Hypnotica...but this feels so good!

"That's right, Futa-Girl, stroke that fat cock for me," Hypnotica purred, still on her knees, her face right up close to Futa-Girl's cock.

Oh god...I'm going to...I'm going to...

I'm going to...

Going to...

Futa-Girl's eyes went wide as she madly stroked her cock, the pressure built up to levels the heroine had never experienced before.

C-can't cum, Futa-Girl panicked. I can't cum!

"I can see the frustration building up in your eyes, Futa-Girl," Lady Hypnotica purred, watching deviously as Futa-Girl stroked her shaft harder and harder, unable to reach orgasm. "All right, Futa-Girl, that's enough. Stop masturbating."

Futa-Girl wordlessly obeyed Lady Hypnotica, immediately removing her hands from around her throbbing cock, so close to and yet so far from release. Fuck, Futa-Girl thought, her heart racing as Lady Hypnotica pondered her next move, I'm so fucking close to cumming. I have to break free from Lady Hypnotica's control!

"Mmm, I have the perfect idea," Lady Hypnotica purred, standing back up. Walking away from the helpless Futa-Girl, Lady Hypnotica picked up a chair and sat in it, legs splayed. Futa-Girl watched on as Lady Hypnotica moved her singlet to the side, exposing a dripping, clean-shaven pussy.

"Watching you stroke that magnificent cock of yours really turned me on," Lady Hypnotica said sultrily. "Futa-Girl, be a dear and eat me out. I want to see how good of a rug muncher you can be."

Futa-Girl was powerless to not obey Lady Hypnotica's command, the hung heroine robotically moving forward, walking to where Lady Hypnotica was seated.

I know I should be resisting this every chance I can, Futa-Girl thought, but damn, her pussy looks delicious! No! Focus, Futa-Girl, focus! You've got to break free!

Futa-Girl knelt down, her mouth inches away from Lady Hypnotica's damnp pussy, her hot breath exciting the horny supervillain.

"Let's see what you can do, Futa-Girl. Start eating me out and do not stop until I have cum three times," Lady Hypnotica commanded. Futa-Girl pressed her lips to Lady Hypnotica's slit and began licking at the wet folds.

"Ooh, that's it," Lady Hypnotica moaned. "It's been too long."

Futa-Girl continued eating Lady Hypnotica out, sucking on Lady Hypnotica's engorged clit, the supervillain moaning in pleasure.

"Ohhh, yesssss, I'm already about to cum," Lady Hypnotica groaned. "You're not too bad at this, Futa-Girl!"

Futa-Girl's tongue snaked into Lady Hypnotica's pussy, roaming around, Futa-Girl listening for Lady Hypnotica's moans, stopping when she had found the spot that the villain liked the most, focusing her cunnilingus on that one spot.

"Oh fuck!" Lady Hypnotica moaned, her hands gripping Futa-Girl's head as her most sensitive spot was expertly stimulated by the heroine's tongue. "I'm cumming!"

Futa-Girl moaned into Lady Hypnotica's pussy as it gushed sweet nectar all over her face, the heroine greedily swallowing all of the pussy juice she could.

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