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The question of Jonathan's sanity.

During this entire time you haven't noticed a faint yet familiar tingling in your loins. As the chat continues you start to think, "what if?"

"Well Steve, I will tell Clint you were looking for him. I am off to take a bath."

"Now there is something I would like to see!"

The sensation growing in your loins is undeniable now. After pausing a long moment, you decide, what the hell.

"Ok" you quietly type. "Give me a minute to set it up."

Taking the computer into the bathroom you gently place it on the counter. You plug in the webcam and click it on. You take care to position is just right. You hear the familiar ding of notice that your webcam is now being viewed. Thinking to yourself that you can't believe you are about to this, you light and place some scented candles around the tub. You slowly bend over, reach into the tub, and turn on the water. The hot water begins to slowly fill the tub. You leave the room and turn on some slow sensual music.

Returning to the bathroom you can now see steam rising from the filling pool of bath water. Expanding your webcam box to fill the entire screen, you can now clearly see what Steve will be seeing. With one final deep breathe you move back in front of the webcam.

You slowly begin to sway and dance keeping one eye on the webcam to make sure you are in frame. It doesn't take long before you completely give into the music and forget about the camera. Swaying sexually you run your hands over your entire body, caressing your legs up to your breasts. Squeezing your breasts only serves to ignite the passion within you.

You immediately slide you hands down your torso and grasp the bottom of your shirt. Slowly you pull the thin material up exposing your shiny playboy belly button ring resting against your toned abdomen. Continuing to raise the shirt higher you expose the just the bottoms of your lace covered breasts. A quick twirl hides your perfect breasts as you finally remove your shirt and toss it seductively over your left shoulder onto the floor. Slyly you peer over your right shoulder as you reach your beautifully sculpted arms behind your back; you deftly unclasp the hook on your bra. As you let the two ends fall away you wink at the camera.

Twirling once again you face the camera; your perfect breasts concealed by a thin layer of fine lace. You continue your sensual swaying as you move your hands to the front of your tight jeans. Flirtatiously you begin to work on undoing the top button of your button down jeans. The thought that in a few minutes for the first time in nearly 10 years a new man is about to see you naked. This single thought is like a live wire being held against your skin. It urges you on, driving you to complete your striptease.

Finishing unbuttoning your jeans, you turn sideways to give the camera a profile view. As you begin to slide your jeans off, your unfettered bra hangs down exposing the entire side of your breast up to your erect nipple. You push the jeans to the floor and at the same time allow your arms to hang down. This simple action causes in your lacey bra to slide off your arms and land gently on the floor.

There is no turning back now! You straighten up and face the camera blowing a kiss. Your perfect bosom is now completely exposed and on display for this new man. You turn once again and bend over leaning into the tub. Now you toned tight thong-clad ass is in full view as you turn off the running water. Once again you straighten up and continue to sway rhythmically to the sexually charged music. Your hands now roam freely over your mostly nude form.

With eyes shut you hook your thumbs into the waistband of your tiny lace thong. Painfully slow you begin to pull them downward, enjoying the sensation of the material sliding across your flesh. You peel the material down like a second skin and soon let it drop to the floor. Once again you turn and saunter closer to the camera giving Steve a closer look.

Your hands take advantage of nude skin by exploring every inch.

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