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Wife seeks salvation in God and he is left without?

"You loved having my cock in your ass, didn't you?" Tony asked before pressing his open mouth against her neck again.

Liz felt herself blushing again and refused to answer his query.

Tony moved his hips, sliding the tip of his cock against her clit. His fingertips still pinching and flicking her nipples. He lifted his mouth to her ear, whispering, "Come on, baby, tell me how much you enjoyed the feel of my cock stretching your ass."

His hips began sliding back and forth along the warm moistening lips of her pussy. She could feel the day's growth of his beard along her neck and earlobe as he said again, "Tell me baby..."

Her only response was a soft moan as she arched her back, pressing her nipples against his fingers and allowing his cock greater access to her now very wet pussy.

Tony resumed the teasing of her neck and shoulder with his mouth and tongue. His left hand moved down her belly until his fingertips were just above her clit.

Liz moaned louder, moving her hips, wanting his fingers right on her swollen clit.

Tony chuckled, lifting his hand, "No baby, you have to tell me. Did you like it?" His teeth softly nipped her earlobe.

She moaned loudly, a combination of frustration and embarrassment, but Tony was insistent.

"Tell me baby...tell me," he demanded, pinching one nipple and running fingers through the hair of her cleft with a butterfly touch before his teeth nipped at that sexy place where her neck and shoulder met.

Liz wiggled and moaned again, determined to be silent and gain her pleasure. Then she felt tip of Tony's cock at the opening of her pussy, his fingers a breath away from her clit, and his teeth deepening their hold on her neck. She felt her pussy dripping with want, and whispered a fractured, "Ye-yesss," as her body shuddered with desire.

Tony lifted his mouth from her neck, chuckling again, wanting her full surrender, "Yes what, baby?"

"God, Tony...fuck me," Liz moaned, moving her hips, reaching for fingers and cock.

But even though Tony's cock was wet with her pussy juices, and his fingers were itching to rub the engorged clit that was peeking through her warm, red lips, he repeated, "Yes what, baby?" this time in a tone that brooked no refusal.

Liz could feel tears of frustration slip from her eyes. Her body tensed with indecision so strongly that her belly and thighs quivered. She tried one last time, saying, "Tony," in her soft pleading voice.

"You know you want to say it, baby," he whispered, his voice deep and tempting.

Liz shuddered again, repeating, "Yesss..."

Her body softened, opening and relaxing. Her voice was full of sweet femininity and submission as she said, "Yes Tony, I love having your cock in my ass."

He growled with pleasure and felt her gasp as he drove his cock deep into her pussy, his fingers rubbing over her hardened clit.

Liz screamed and felt tears on her face again as she came instantly in a frenzy of hip-rocking between fingers and cock. Her back arched as the tip of his cock pressed against her cervix and she moaned loudly, wild with pleasure.

Before her orgasm had completely subsided, his cock slipped from her pussy and she felt its slippery wetness moving along her ass and over her tight little hole. She reached back a hand to spread her rounded cheeks, demonstrating her complete surrender.

"Oh God, baby, yes," he hissed, pressing the tip against pink pucker.

She breathed in, deliberately softening as she felt the pressure, then a small pop as his cock entered her. She turned her head, opening her mouth for Tony's kiss, feeling his tongue move into her mouth as his cock slid deep into her ass.

The soreness of the night before made his cock seem enormous-it was the trunk of an elephant, the body of a python, the tongue of a giant-a hard, inescapable force. She could feel his hips tight against her bottom, his balls resting in the wetness of her pussy. She whimpered softly.

Tony stilled, panting.

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