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She kept giving him a peek

"What would you do, if someone threatened you with exposure?" Silvia asked.

"I guess that would depend on how serous the threat was and how far I was willing to go to keep my secret," Miles said. "Are you comfortable enough to share your problem yet. You can start with who is threatening you and what they want."

"Don't you want to know what I did and why," Silvia said.

"Silvia is someone trying to extort money from you?" Miles asked bluntly.

"Yes," she said.

"Is it for a current event, or something in your past," Miles asked.

"It was a series of stupid mistakes eight years ago. I was a teacher in a public school." Silvia began.

Miles cut her off with, "I can guess the rest. I am going to guess it was not a parent who is threatening you." She nodded. "So one of the kids grew up and is a stone junkie or some suck. He needs money, so he contacted you, right?" Miles asked.

"Yes that is pretty much it," Silvia said.

"Was it only the one kid?" Miles asked.

"Yes I thought it was love. He pursued me the whole year and I was flattered. He was one of those glib, older than his years teens. I know it's no excuse but I didn't feel that I was a pervert. It just felt good. He was almost eighteen and when he graduated and left me, I was heart broken. He told some of his friends who hit on me the next school year. I resigned immediately and took the job with QE2." She informed Miles.

What dose he want, I am assuming it is not justice he seeks," Miles asked.

"No he wants ten thousand dollars to start some kind of business. I do know from our shows that once I pay it will never end," Silvia said.

"You are exactly right. If you pay you are setting yourself up to be the bank of Silvia," Miles suggested.

"You have considerable resources have you put them to finding his address," Miles asked.

"It wasn't hard. He is on Facebook, Pictures and everything," she informed him.

"Got to love that shit, it makes things so much easier," Miles said.

Miles removed his old fashioned pocket notebook and slipped it and a ballpoint pen across the table. Write it down for me. Name, address, place of employment anything else you know about him," Miles said. "Also Silvia is there any hard evidence he might have. If you are perfectly straight with me, maybe I can find you a way out this with minimum damage. You might have to call his bluff. If you do, I can assure you that you wont do any time. You might need a lawyer to work out a probation sentence, but you won't need F Lee Bailey or anything. I doubt a prosecutor would even consider it worthwhile pursuing."

"If he can find someone to bother with it at all, then we will slap him with an extortion charge and blow his credibility out of the water. Most of how we react to him is going to be based on what you have said to me. Some of it will be based on what that he might have recorded," Miles said. "So anything you want to change?"

"I tried to have a reasonable conversation with him, but he might have been baiting me. I should have denied it, but I didn't. I probably said somewhere during the conversation that I loved him back then.

When he asked for the money I told him I didn't have that kind of money. He said he would give me two weeks to raise it, so I arranged this meeting."

"How are you supposed to contact him when you have the money?" Miles asked.

"When I have it I'm to call him at work," Silvia said.

"Okay here is what we are going to do. You call him and tell him an associate will deliver the money. Tell him you don't trust him and you want someone you do trust to make the delivery. We are not going to pay him off, but I am going to get it all on tape. Then if he wants to call our bluff, be ready to make a full confession and deliver the tape to the DA. He will in all likelihood want to investigate the incident. It will be a couple of months of hell, but go in with a lawyer for any interview with the police period. Even if they call you into make an identification or something equally harmless sounding, go with a lawyer.

The kid most likely will fold like a

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