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Forget about discussin it, they finally agree to have sex.

In short, I liked him in the restaurant. Watching him, you would have never known that he was capable of the kind of proposition he made to us in the McDonald's. He kept tabs on us, but he kept tabs on all the servers the same. Yet on the Tuesday of the second week, he called the two of us into his office. "So Nancy, Felecia... Sophie says you're doing well; and I agree, good job! If you decide you don't want to go to college, I'll keep you as long as I can."
I replied, "Why thank you, sir! Would we be able to work without any further, Um... additional 'duties'?"

Mark chuckled and leaned forward, "This restaurant comes first, girls, everything else is extra-curricular."

"I'll say this, Mr. Mark Bradley, if you're as passionate at fucking as you are when I watch you run this restaurant, I believe we're going to have a fun time!"

"Nancy, you put your all into our fun time together, and I promise you won't be disappointed. May I make one other point though? This is NOT about fulfilling any kind of financial obligation; I hope this is about the three of us having some fun. The way you girls work, I think you'll make your money for college."

Felecia looked so mature as she added, "Don't worry, Mr. Bradley, Nance and I take our sex VERY seriously!" Even Mark laughed at that one!

"Okay then," Dani will be out of town for the next week; what if you girls come over on Saturday night around 6:00." He handed us both a slip of paper. "These are the directions to my house; my cell phone number is on it as well. We'll have dinner too; but I wouldn't plan on eating too much!"

Good thing we were working hard that week, Nicole. If I had had time to think about it, I might have stressed. It felt a whole lot like some kind of tryout and I didn't like that feeling. Yet there we were after work on Friday discussing what we should wear. I decided on my cutest sandals and tight blue jeans. Then I put on a white cotton tank with no bra. Looking in the mirror, my hair was flowing freely around my shoulders...I loved this look! Felecia wore a white, clingy mini-skirt with a purple bandeau top. She was braless as well and later on I found panties! Mmm...we pinched each other's nipples lightly to see what the total effect would be! You can only imagine; we were fucking hot!

She pulled the car away from the curb while I took out the directions. "Nance, there's something we haven't really discussed."

"What's that, Love?"

"I'm cheating on Teddy, and I'm doing it for money; God, that sounds so sleazy!"

"That's because it IS sleazy, silly girl! But at this point, I'm not sure we can get out of it."

Felecia glanced at me "You want to hear something crazy? I don't want to get out of it; I want to go there and completely lose myself in the fun. I wouldn't feel this way, except you're going with me!"

God, Nicole, I so loved her! "So, you're saying we should go there...and try to make it the most fun we've ever had!"

"Yep, you ready?"

"I was border-line disturbed with this whole thing, sweetie...until just now! When you put it this way, I can easily make our fun first...and the sleaziness second! It's sex...with you...I'll love it!

We were stopped at a light and Felecia leaned over to kiss me; her lips and tongue lingered on mine for a moment, so much so that a car behind us had to beep the horn to get us going. "I love you, Nance...I'll never have another friend like you!" All I could do was lay my hand on her thigh and squeeze it gently.

Five minutes later Felecia slowed the car and began watching mailboxes. "Here it is," she declared, turning the car down a 100 yard driveway.

"Wow, look at this!" In front of us was a huge, low-slung ranch house on a four or five acre lot. God, Felecia, if we weren't a little late, I would like to spend some time outside here."

Mark answered the door quickly and we stepped inside.

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