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His wife gets more than a snack!


"I see. Uh, would you consider staying with me? It might not be safe for you to stay there by yourself. We could protect you more easily here, I have weapons and research materials here."

"I was hoping you'd offer." She smiled sheepishly. Not wanting to sit around herself, scared silly. *******

As the sun set, Willow watched Giles fill a satchel with an impressive array of weaponry. She was curious, though. "Giles, if the Slayer is supposed to kill the demons. . .why are you patrolling at night?"

"Normally, they would. But my Slayers. . .Faith and Buffy. . .they're dead. The new Slayer lives in Cleveland, it has a lot of demonic activity." He sighed. "I was put in charge of the Hellmouth. The Slayer comes here often enough though, to quell particularly difficult situations." There was a wistfulness in his voice. He obviously missed his Slayers. Poor guy.

He changed gears rapidly. "I'm going out for a quick patrol. I want you to stay here, don't go outside and don't invite anyone in." She nodded. "Willow?" He asked hesitantly. "How do you feel about research?"

"I like it." She said. "I love to find things out."

"Then why don't you go over the Watcher's diaries while I'm gone?" He pulled some books from the shelf. "See if there are any weaknesses that Spike might have, or something that might be helpful."

"I'm on it." She said, grateful to have something to do.

A half an hour later, her eyes were starting to blur. Goddess, Watchers were a long winded. And pretentious.

"Willow!" A voice said from outside of Giles door as a knock sounded.

Willow flew to the small window by the Watcher's door. "Who's there?"

"Wills, its me. . Xander!"

In the darkness, Willow couldn't see, but the voice was familiar. She flicked on the light and opened the door a crack. Xander stood on the other side, goofy grin on his face -- just like she remembered. "Xander Harris!" She shouted, a grin spreading across her face. "How've you been?"

"Just fine, Wills, and you? How's uh. . .Oxford, right?"

"Great. College is going well. How's Sunnydale?"

"You know. Chock full of crazy, lots of vamps."

"I believe that! Hey, do you remember the Ascension when we were all fighting them?"

"Not like I could forget. Wasn't that the weirdest? Staked quite a few vampires that night." He laughed "Most people just hang out with their family on graduation day, take a few pics. Not in Sunnydale though. What's a big life event without a demons showing up?"

She laughed, she missed Xander's humor. "It's so good to see you again."

Just then, a figure came out of the darkness. A cold arm snaked around Xander's waist and a vampiric face appeared by his shoulder. Another hand settled over Xander's startled mouth. "Spike!"

"Hello, pet. Did you get the flowers?" He asked, as if they were talking over coffee in stead of the struggling body of her best friend.

"Yes." She said through clenched teeth. "Don't hurt him."

"Alright. I'll let him go, if you come outside."

"What? No! Don't do this." She cried.

"I play to win, pet. Now, come out here or you're little friend might need a transfusion."

Willow felt tears begin to flow as she put herself through the invisible barrier. Spike shoved Xander out of the way and grabbed her up into his eager arms "Run Xander!" She screamed. " Tell Mr. Giles, he'll help us."

Her dark haired friend smiled as he stood up from the ground. He dusted off his pants. "'Fraid not, Wills." His face morphed into its true state. He was a vampire.

"No!" She whispered.

"Yes!" He countered.

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