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A different ending.

The only blip on his record is the harassment complaint in his file." You think I'd get hired? That is what you hung around my neck. Was I pissed? You're damned right I was and I swore that I would get back at you for doing it to me and I did! But I also got it out of my system. I always liked you and I'm sure that you knew that. I'm not sorry for what I did, but I am sorry that you are in the spot you are in. I will help you if you need it."

She stared at me for several seconds and then she said, "Unreal. You are fucking unreal" and she got in her car, started it up and drove away. But she didn't toss my piece of paper away. I saw her put it in her pocket just before she got in her car.


She called me three days later. "Did you mean it? About helping me?"

"Yes, I meant it."

"I need to buy a Christmas tree and put it up. I can't wrestle with one in my condition. Will you go with me to help look for a tree and then help me put it up?"

Jennifer was very picky when it came to the tree she wanted. We hit four lots before she found one that was the right height and right shape. When we got back to her place she took me down into the basement and showed me where the stand and decorations were stored and I hauled it all upstairs and into her living room. I set the tree in the stand; put the star on top and then the two of us started stringing the lights. As I worked the lights around the tree I asked her if she thought her husband might come back.

"Not if the bastard knows what's good for him."

I raised an eyebrow at that and she noticed and said, "I wasn't quite truthful when I said he walked out on me. I mean, as far as I was concerned he walked out, but he didn't leave of his own accord. I threw his ass out."

"You are pregnant, not far from your due date, and you kicked the father of your child out?"

"I caught him screwing his secretary. He hadn't made love to me since I started showing, but he could screw that bitch on his desk in his office. I was downtown and I decided to stop in and surprise him and take him to lunch. I surprised him all right. I told him not to bother coming home because I wouldn't let him in. I threw all of his clothes out into the snow in the front yard and served him with divorce papers three days later."

"With no husband and no other children but the one you are carrying why are you even bothering to put up a tree?"

"Because my baby is due the 23rd and it will be her first Christmas and I want a brightly lit and decorated tree here for her when I bring her home from the hospital."

As we finished decorating the tree I watched her and I had a hard time believing that her husband, or about to be ex-husband, stopped making love to her when she started getting big in the belly. She was sexy as hell before she got pregnant and if anything, pregnancy made her seem even sexier. If I were him I wouldn't have been able to keep my hands off her. She caught me looking at her and asked me why I was looking at her like that and I told her.

"Really? Too bad you weren't around earlier."

"Why do you say that?"

"Pregnancy scrambles your hormones. Right about the time I started showing I entered into a state of perpetual horniness and that was right when Rory decided that I didn't appeal to him anymore."

"How did you handle it?"

"I masturbated a lot. If I'd known Rory was cheating on me I might have taken on a lover of my own."

She saw the expression on my face and said, "No, I don't usually talk like this to men, but since that night in the Wal-Mart parking lot I don't figure I need to pussyfoot around with you."

"Well, for what it is worth, if you had decided to take a lover I would have volunteered in a heart beat."

She gave me an odd look and we finished the tree without anymore talk. When it was done she thanked me for my help and I said goodnight and headed home.


Two days later Jennifer called me at work, told me she could use my help again and asked me if I could stop by her place on my way home from work.

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