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Stacey recaps her hot affair with co-worker.

"Glor!" the satyr grunted. "This is a lovely wet and soft one you've got here, sir!"

It wasn't the sort of compliment I had any experience taking. "Um, thanks ... I'm pretty fond of her myself."

He laughed, while Leyna turned her head toward Yndicir.

"May I fill my other end now, Madam Arbiter?"

"By all means!"

I felt the eyes of the entire clearing full of mythic creatures, all focused on Leyna's mouth as her lips parted and her hand tugged me toward her. But I didn't actually see them staring, because I could no more look away from her perfect face than they could. Even Loonce darting down on his moth-wings to watch from two feet away didn't divert me - though the change in lighting did make me blink.

One knee after another, I inched forward at the urging of Leyna's grasp. Simultaneously, she leaned toward our connection, lips reaching, then brushing, then pursing into a kiss at my very tip. She took in the domed front of my cockhead, just enough to draw a circle around its tiny opening with her tongue. I swelled in response, and she tongue-tipped the resulting bead of precum away.

Her hand drew me forward again, closing our distance and letting the wet, cloud-soft ring of her mouth slip past the rim of my glans to the shaft behind it.

Then her eyes closed and she lunged forward, bringing gasps from me and Mordwith both as my erection vanished within her and his was revealed. With her lips flush around my root, she circled her hand around to my ass, carrying me with her as she swayed back to envelop the satyr's girthful rod once more.

Appreciative murmurs and mumbles sounded from our audience. Mordwith needed no further encouragement to grip Leyna's waist tighter and begin driving his hips. Without hesitation, she put her whole lower spine into motion, rolling her ass in time to his thrusts and using the impetus to bump her nose deep into my pubic hair. She still hadn't let even a centimeter of my dick out of her mouth, but the sweep and curl of her tongue side-to-side then front-to-back, then side-to-side again had me groaning with pleasure.

"Horns and pipes!" Mordwith gasped, his face an open book of carnal delight. "Ungh! This will not take long!"

"Mind the lady's interests, Mordwith," the dryad cautioned.

"If you could feel ... what she's doing - ah! - you wouldn't assume ... I had much choice!"

I felt the vibration of Leyna's chuckle through my hard-on and saw her plunge and rock her pelvis with even more abandon. Mordwith bleated. The fervor of her movements, coupled with a helpless increase in the force of the goat-man's strokes, now slid her mouth on and off of me in a sweetness of quivering suction.

"Leyna - oh, god -"

Her free hand, the one she wasn't using to support herself, left my ass and snaked beneath her to that little bulb of bliss right below the opening Mordwith so eagerly plowed. In time to our surging, thrusting oscillations she began to grunt. From the furrow of her brow, I could tell that the combination of thick-cocked fucking and masturbatory clit action had her speeding toward the "interests" Yndicir demanded, even as she kept up her masterful mouthwork all around me.

"Uhllgh! If the seed's supposed to hit our hindaur," Mordwith said, powering my lover forward against my crotch with his plunging, "she'd best get over here quick!"

I opened my mouth and agreed with him, although I'm not sure what came out had any intelligible meaning. The combination of raw, animal rutting and sexual collaboration blew my mind - and the way Leyna made herself the centerpiece so wildly, so naturally, and so adeptly - never in my life had I expected to see or be part of anything like this.

Yilma Greenwarden trotted over on her graceful little hooves and knelt and nestled forward until the taut flesh of her belly hovered against Leyna's waist and brushed the satyr's hand where he grasped and pulled at her in his humping.

"Gah! Uah .

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