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Mary finally takes her son, but on her terms.

I could not believe the position I had gotten myself into. And I got very nervous very quickly.

"Wait. This isn't fair. You shouldn't be doing this!" My voice started to shake with fear. "You have to stop!" I demanded. "I'll scream." I could feel the nerves in my body becoming alive close to the surface of my skin. He positioned me over his lap so that he had perfect aim at my creamy white cheeks.

"Wait. Pleeeease." I begged as he slowly lifted my pleated skirt up towards my waist revealing my baby blue satin panties encasing my bottom.

A low growl escaped from his lips at seeing what lay helpless and vulnerable across his lap.

"You can't do this." I protested. "You have no right!" But I did nothing to move from my position. Somehow I knew this was going to happen no matter how much I protested.

I gasped as I felt his left hand cross over the small of my back. He held me securely in position with his arm as his right hand began to gently stroke in one long motion from my waist, down, over across one cheek, lingering for a moment at the tender flesh, then down along my inner thigh.

His hand moved to my other thigh, teasing his fingertips up until they were between my legs and I involuntarily tilted my bottom up to him in response. He mockingly laughed in a deep voice and drew his hand up over my other cheek, making circles with the palm of his hand. Around...and around....feeling each cheek, scraping his nails along my tender flesh.

I felt a quiver go through my body and goosebumps rising on my skin. I was embarrassed at my response.

"Enjoying this, young lady?" he asked.

I didn't say anything at first and he repeated his question in a tone that expected a response.

Answering in the most quiet of voices I said yes. I didn't want to admit it, but I knew this was exciting to me - and the moisture forming between my legs attested to that. I hoped he wouldn't found out.

I started to relax with his touch, thinking that he had just been scaring me by saying he would spank me when smack! across one cheek making me jump with the surprise of his hand. And again! on the other cheek. This was real. He was spanking me. I cried out at the surprised sharpness of his bare hand against my cheeks.

His hands rhythmically spanked my bottom with a medium pressure, alternating between cheeks. I moved around his lap with each smack, feeling the warmth spread across my tender skin. How funny that the warmth was also spreading between my legs.

As his hand landed on my inner thigh I had begun to desire to feel his hand move higher, touching my clit, which by this time was excited and craving proper attention.

Oh my god, I thought. His spanking is making me hot....craving, wanting his touch.

I couldn't believe it. This was so embarrassing and I became very self-conscious.

With every swat of his hand I felt my mound rubbing against his stiff cock, still hidden within his slacks, teasing me, creating a fire deep within me.

I tried desperately not to respond.

He varied the placement of his hand, sometimes on one cheek, sometimes underneath the cheek, and there were some spanks to my inner thighs. A low moan spilled from my mouth. Actually, it sounded more like a purrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

"Do you have something to say, young lady?" he asked in a commanding voice that clearly expected me to answer.

"No. But I am not liking this and suggest you stop right now." I answered in a shaking voice. "I hate this." and tears filled my eyes.

And he took his right hand and s l o w l y slid my panties down until they were resting below my knees. It was apparent that I was aroused from the spanking by the big wet spot soaking into the thin fabric.

"Your panties are wet, young lady. It seems your pussy is betraying you." he said. And he took a finger, swiping it across my clit and brought it up glistening with my feminine juices. His finger wet with my honey was in front of my face and he firmly told me to lick his finger clean.

I hesitated for a moment.

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