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"You can call me Ellie." She stared back at him, his eyes were hazel and his member was protruding through his shorts.

Trent wrapped a towel around his neck "Ellie, I was wondering if..." He paused again "If you would join me for dinner tonight."

Ellie smiled back at him "Uh sure."

"Great, I'll meet you in the dining area around..."

Ellie thought at her day's schedule "Eight, eight would be good."

Trent nodded "At eight." Trent helped her with her bag before he started with his next class.

Ellie was sweating, but soon she's be wet again. She refused to miss more of this morning's show by riding the elevator down before she went to her art class. Ted was there at his usual place, at the front desk. He was bending the brunette over placing his cock head at the entrance of her ass.

He had only been able to squeeze the head in before he caught sight of Ellie and waved. "Morning Miss Stevens, going to art class?" He asked.

Ellie nodded "Modeling." With another push his cock was lodged up her ass.

"Ahhh." The woman gripped against the desk as Ted pushed his cock higher into her ass.

"It's a great class." Ted told her "The models are very patient."

"Oh have you taken the class before?" She asked. Ted pumped harder into the woman.

"No, but I visited once during my break."

"Do you ever take a break?" Ellie smiled pointing at the woman he was thrusting into. Ted smiled.

"I mean it's hard for me to relax when beautiful gems always enter the lobby. I assure you I do take a break for about twenty minutes."

"So you can't last the entire day?" Ellie shifted her eyebrow up.

Ted laugh "No, have you been talking to Trent?"

"You know Trent?"

Ted nodded "Kind of hard not to when everyone comes in for staff meetings, we often run into one another. And then there's that other thing."

"Other thing?"

"He's my older brother." Ted said continue to grind into the brunette who was groaning loudly.

Ellie blinked again "Seriously?"

"Seriously." Ted picked the woman up and bent her down onto the floor, sitting in his chair he penetrated her rampantly.

"Hey, that class starts in another five minutes. If you get there early you can see the models get into place." Ted winked.

"Thanks for the heads up." Ellie started walking down the hall.

"You're welcome Miss Stevens enjoy the rest of your morning!" Ted called as he came deeply inside the brunette.

"You are so uptight Miss Landry." Ted bent down and pushed his cock up and down her cum filled anus.

"Just keep fucking me, Ted. I want to be on a limp by the time you're done." She breathed.

"No problem." Ted grinned.

Ellie had made her way down the hall. She was the third person who made it to class. She sat on a stood near an easel and soon enough a woman and man, completely in the buff made their way into the room.

"Looks like we have new students today." The woman said, the man only nodded. The woman smiled "I'm Mrs. Hinds and this is my husband Mr. Hinds, we teach the modeling class together. This is an hour class, but try not to rush, details are important."

"Honey, lets get locked so that they can get started. Today you sketch." Mrs. Hinds smiled "Me and my husband, his genitals, by genitals, anywhere you think you can get the most detail from."

Mr. Hinds bent his wife over and started fondling her ass cheeks before placing the tip of his cock into her swatch.

"Ohhh." She groaned as he kept descending until he hit a small wall. "That's good."

Soon enough more guests entered the room looking at them, they didn't move but stayed completely still or as still as they could be.

Ellie focused on Mr. Hind's balls rubbing against his wife's ass cheeks. She like many other had to walk around to get a better view some taking their sketching pads with them to draw in the details. After an entire hour passed everyone walked around the room staring at the drawings.

"This is very good." A man muttered about Ellie's drawing, but some of them had more advanced details, the folds and wrinkles, the divots and creases.


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