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He learns sex from his brother's mother-in-law.

I thought maybe you had run off for a little bit, that I had pushed things too far. But I thought you would be back. I was all set to 'forgive you' and hope that everything would somehow return to normal. You didn't come back and you didn't come back. Then I got the divorce decree." He snorted. "The clerk never even told anyone she had filed it. I had never even dreamed you would do that, I never thought to inquire. The whole thing was another stick to keep you from seeing what was really going on."

"By the way, when I realized what you had done I rushed to Lynn. I confessed the whole scheme to her. She didn't know all of what I had done. She might have the morals of an alley cat, but she was horrified by my actions. She threw me out of her house and has never spoken to me since. About me I'm sure. I'm avoided by the women as thought I have the plague. Not that I don't deserve it."

I said bitterly, "I can agree with that. But I didn't leave because I had taken all I could. I would have taken more, a lot more. I'm the old school 'stand by your man' woman. I left because I was pregnant." Ivan's jaw dropped. "Your set-up made me sure that David was the father. I know better now. I SHOULD have known better then. David is too much of the real 'man about town' that you wanted to be for him to be having sex with a passed out housewife. He never would have wanted me at all, at least not back then, anyway."

Ivan looked puzzled at my last comment before returning to the first revelation. "You mean, you mean we have a child?"

"I have a son," I retorted. "You, I don't know what you have. As far as I'm concerned your participation in Cliff's birth was that of a donor, no more than I could have accomplished with a tube of refrigerated sperm and a turkey baster."

Ivan was so excited that my words went right past him. "Don't you see, Marie? This changes everything. You can come home now. It will be just like it was before."

I looked at him, contempt oozing from every pore of my body. "You mean, now that Laura has dumped you, you want someone like me back? Well let me tell you something buster. If you think I'm still the woman that you set up, that you almost destroyed so that you could continue a sordid affair, well, you're wrong."

I was wound up now. As big as Ivan was, he flinched and retreated into the couch cushions as my voice rose to glass-shattering decibels. "Now then," I continued, "You sit down, shut up and listen to what I have to say."

"You abused me. You abused the love I felt for you. Physical abuse wouldn't have hurt as much as the anguish you put me through. Fortunately I was able to get some pay back earlier this afternoon before coming here."

"What do you mean?" Ivan's voice shook as he stared at me.

I smiled sweetly, leaning back in the chair and stretching my legs out. "Haven't you figured it out yet, Ivan? I told you that before I came to see you, I stopped to talk to David. And a wonderful talk it was, although I do confess there weren't many words exchanged."

Ivan's eyes were bugging out. He gave me a look filled with disbelief, which turned to horror as I continued.

"You know Ivan, hell, if you had wanted me to have an affair, you should have arranged David for real. Do you have any idea how hung that man is? 'Twelve inches of prime Mississippi Blacksnake' is what he boasts, but I've never seen a snake as thick as his." My legs had parted and my hand had slipped between them. Ivan watched in growing astonishment as I began to rub myself.

"He told me he never, ever would have believed that I could have wrapped my lips around that cock. But I did. When I was deep throating that hot black cock he kept moaning and telling me that if he had known what a cocksucking slut you had for a wife, he would have taken me away from you long ago. He never dreamed a plain old white housewife could blow him like that." By now I was shifting back and forth in the chair as I continued to press my hand between my legs.

"Of course he liked it even better when he fucked me.

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