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WoD Masquerade Vampire Erotica with Orgy scene.

Today her hair fell just to her shoulders, and it looked soft and shiny in the failing light. She had always been tall and fit, with the most gorgeously tone body Dan had ever seen. Her perfectly round breasts were the perfect size to fill each hand, and her ass was firm and tight.

She was sitting at the poker table with the same old crew. One girl was topless, trying to keep her nipples covered with her cards, which Dan could see was probably going to help her end up totally naked. Brittany was dressed in tight, form fitting jeans that hugged her perfect ass in all the right places. She was wearing the same faded and scuffed cowboy boots she had worn all through high school. Her perfect breasts were being held by a lacey red bra that Dan was dying to touch. Her shirt must have been in the pile of clothes that were currently serving as an ante.

Dan headed in her direction, standing just off to her right when he said hello to the group at the table. She smiled and stood when he came over, wrapping him in a hug, despite her lack of shirt. After all, he supposed, this was nothing he hadn't seen in high school. She invited him to join the game, but he declined. He told her he'd catch up with her later, and he headed off into the house to see who else was inside. At least that's what he said. He really just needed to adjust his hard on, which had sprung up immediately when Brittany had pushed her nearly bare body against his.

He walked through the familiar house again, stopping to chat occasionally with someone here or there. Eventually, he found himself standing in front of the door that led to the basement. In the old days, this door had always been left open so that couples could sneak up and down the stairs. Dan still wondered if the room was set up the way it had been so many years ago, so with a glance over his shoulder, he pulled the door open and headed down the steps. He flipped the light on at the bottom of the stairs and looked around. He wasn't used to seeing the room filled with light, and he was surprised to see how cluttered the room was. He walked to the middle of the room and stared around him. Boxes and crates were stacked in awkward rows, giving the appearance of small cubicles in between them. The blue rug had paled so much by now that it was nearly white, however there were still many spots that were absolutely undeniably stains from nights long past.

"Hello?" a voice called down the stairs. Dan heard footsteps on the stairs and was suddenly embarrassed. How could he explain why he was just standing here, in the middle of this room where he had long ago had sex. Dan was even more embarrassed when he realized it was Brittany who had come down the stairs. "Dan? I thought I saw the light on, so I came to check it out. What are you doing down here?"

Dan fumbled for words. He didn't know what to say. "Uhh...I suppose I was just being nostalgic," he stammered, trying to grin. He was embarrassed enough to not be able to think, but the fact that she had come down the stairs still wearing only that red lace bra had really thrown him off. She smiled sweetly at him.

"A lot of crazy things happened down here," she giggled, "I'm sure a lot more happened down here than I want to know about". She pause for a moment, as if lost and thought. "You and I were down here once or twice." She said, pretending to punch him in the arm. He smiled, not sure how to answer that. He was consciously aware of the swelling in his pants. She continued, "remember that time we were down here, and that girl, Mary Ellen, the one who had a huge crush on you, kept calling your name upstairs, looking for you?"

Dan laughed.

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