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The next night's antics.

My hands moved to the waistband of her slacks, easily releasing the string cord before easing under the material to pull them down her legs. Heather eased up slightly from the seat, enabling me to draw them over her hips. No panties gave me an unobstructed view of her soft red pubic bush as the material fell away. The lady was clearly prepared!

As Heather kicked off her slacks, my hands returned to her hips, my fingers tracing a line from each, down the valley above her thighs to rest each side of her mound. I slipped from the couch and moved quickly between her thighs which opened to receive me.

My first glance at her pussy showed me just how much this lovely woman had enjoyed my initial caresses. Traces of wetness glistened on her fine re hair as my fingers moved further to slowly caress each side of her opening. This simple touch was enough to stimulate their opening, revealing the soft pink inner lips which to my surprise and delight were large, much larger in fact than any I had seen or touched before. I bent my head; my tongue moving over each one, tasting her sweet musky juices for the first time.

As my tongue circled them, the lips seemed to grow, opening like a flower to reveal her hot moist centre and the little hood at the top. I blew my warm breath over them, she moaned, her head now thrown back as she revelled in her own erotic dreamlike state. I moved closer and drew a pussy lip between my own lips, sucking the juice from her. Those incredible lips grew more, the rush of blood turning them a darker shade of pink than her portal. My mouth moved to the other, sucking a little harder this time so that I could draw the soft flesh between my teeth.

"God help me Yessssssssss ....." the voice from above trailed off as she tried to ease herself off the couch to press herself against my mouth. I nibbled her flesh before moving upwards. A flick of my tongue was enough to spring her clit from its hiding place. What a clitoris it was; Heather was adorned with a clit of generous proportions, matching those wonderful pussy lips to perfection. I was in heaven as my tongue pressed against this beautiful appendage, before flicking upwards to leave it standing proud. As my lips bent to capture it, my fingers moved to hold her ample lips apart, easing into her body to release a generous amount of juice which ran over my fingers and down between her rear cheeks.

"Oh please, please, please don't stop" again her voice faded away into a long ecstatic moan as my mouth drew her clit inside and my tongue started to flick easily over her. Heather was squirming now and only the pressure from my arms pushing down on her thighs kept me in contact with her succulent pussy. My tongue now started to move quickly over the end of her clit, strumming her flesh as she started to writhe beneath my face. I knew she was close to cumming but the speed and force with which it came surprised me.

Suddenly she arched herself upwards, forcing her pussy against my face, her hands clenching the fabric of the couch. "Ahhhhhhhhhh..." the moan now near a scream as her whole body went rigid. I felt something splash against my chin, then again. Surprised at first, I realised that Heather was ejaculating her pussy juice as she came. Another new experience for me, but one I delightfully received as I moved my mouth lower to catch her third and final offering. Her hot sweet nectar splashed into my mouth as her body, as quickly as she had cum, went limp falling back against the soft fabric of the couch.

My tongue moved slowly and gently to lap up more of her juice, but as it flicked over her engorged clit, I felt her wince. I moved lower then, concentrating on a lighter, feather-like touch on each pussy lip as she struggled for composure. "Mmmmmm Oh that was so good". Heather's voice was soft and low "It has been a long time" she added simply, as if she needed an excuse.

Slowly I moved up her naked body, planting small kisses a

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