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A couple decide to try swinging.

She took her drink and placed her hand high up on his thigh and gave it a little squeeze.

"Mama said you have a big one," she said batting her eyes. "Can I see it?"

"In good time girl. First we have to get to know each other better and take a shower. That's where you'll see it and learn how to handle it." He put his arm around her and held her tightly.

She felt his muscles rippling under the shirt. Her heart was beating faster. "Can we shower now?" she asked.

"Let's talk a little first. How much experience have you had with boys?"

"I have kissed a few. I let one of them squeeze my boob. It was kind of nice, but scary. Like now."

"Look at me," Bobby whispered and he leaned down and kissed her gently on the lips.

She grabbed his head and held him to her as she parted her lips and licked his mouth. He parted his lips and sucked her tongue into his mouth. They stroked each other's tongues as the kiss deepened. Finally coming up for air, Bobby announced, "Shower time!"

She knew he was strong, but she didn't expect him to be able to lift her so effortlessly. He carried her to his bedroom and sat her down on the bed. She slid her tank top off and unfastened her bra revealing two little breasts that were identical to her mother's. He immediately took one in his hand and the other in his mouth. She tasted a little salty from her jogging, but it still tasted really good. She stood up and dropped her skirt. All that was left was her panties.

He peeled his shirt off and dropped his shorts. His boxers hit the floor right behind them.

"Mama was right!" she exclaimed. "You've got the biggest cock I ever saw in person!"

He knelt before her and grabbed her panties, gently lowering them to the floor. Her pussy was a younger version of her mother's pussy. Small, bald, perfect. He leaned in and licked it gently. She shuddered. He stood up, took her hand and led her to the shower. The stinging spray of the shower was cold. Slowly, it warmed up. By the time it did, her nipples were sticking right straight out and were harder than diamonds. He got the soap and started lathering her body. He rubbed her little ass and then her legs. She thought she was going to pee when he started rubbing her pussy with his soapy hand. He thoroughly cleaned her tits and then moved up to her throat and face. She was moaning lightly by the time he got to her hair. He made sure she was completely clean and then washed her snatch again. Not because it was still sweaty, but because it was fun to watch her twitch when her touched her nether lips. He made sure he rinsed all the soap from her and then announced, "Your turn!"

She had never washed a man before so she was a little hesitant about what to do first. "There is no way to screw up a shower," Bobby informed her, "so just do whatever you want."

She nervously soaped her hands and started washing his big body. She soon realized that there was a lot more of him to wash than she thought. She knelt and washed his feet and legs, carefully avoiding his dick. She moved around behind him and washed his butt and back. Spinning him around, the chest and neck were next. Then his face. "You forgot something," he said with a smile.

"I thought you would do that yourself," she shyly answered.

"Not a chance! You do me like I did you."

She soaped her hands and started washing his nuts. Then she grasped his cock. Looking uncertainly up to him, she had questions in her eyes. He just nodded and she slowly started stroking it. She felt it grow in her hands. She watched, amazed, as it slowly gained its maximum proportions. "Oh my God!" she exclaimed. "That'll never fit in my little pussy. You'll tear me apart."

"Rinse me off and we'll go test your theory," Bobby answered.

She had an unfamiliar feeling between her legs as they dried each other off and headed for the bedroom.

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